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Vacuous threats of legal action

This is a list of the promised, threatened and supposedly ongoing legal actions being taken against web sites in the RatbagsDotCom Empire. Following each entry is the number of days since the threat was made. As Mr William P O'Neill and his companion The Gutless Anonymous Liar both died on March 31, 2013, I don't expect any further communication from them so I stopped the counters.

A talk I gave at SkeptiCamp in Sydney about people lawyering up to fight criticism. Keeping your skepticism out of court
An article I wrote for The Skeptic about these tactics. How to attack freedom of speech
More in the October 2014 edition of Australasian Science magazine
A talk I gave at SkeptiCamp in Melbourne in 2016. Better get a lawyer, son.
  • In September 2012 the then President of the Australian Vaccination Network attempted to abuse the legal process by applying for an Apprehended Violence Order (known as "Restraining Order" in some places) against me in order to stop me talking about her vile activities. She lost. She cried. To drag things out to more than a year she appealed the decision. And ran away before the court date. (376 days and not counting any more)
  • Someone I've never heard of who sells something I've never heard of complains that I write stuff on a blog I've never heard of. Then lawyers. See this mystery here. ( days)
  • Apparently the crooks at Doctors Data are going to seize my domain name and close this site down. According to Tim Bolen I will be like a fart in an elevator. See the failed prediction here. ( days)
  • Dr Burzynski sacked the PR person who had been making threats and then reiterated that people were going to be sued. This counts as a separate legal threat so it gets its own entry in the list. See the dribbles of micturition here. ( days)
  • It took eleven years for anyone to notice, but cancer quack Stan Burzynski has decided to complain about my opinion of him and his activities. Burzynski used to extract his cure from urine. You can see him pissing into the wind here. ( days)
  • In a blast from the past, someone who accused me of buggering young boys is now claiming that I am damaging his trademark (which is his name) by publishing his idiocy here. He previously threatened to sue me in both 2001 and 2003 but now claims that he has never heard of me. I have added this threat to the list and you can read the latest chapter in the saga here. ( days)
  • Someone who must have won a Nobel Prize because he can cure the common cold doesn't like the fact that I doubt his success. ( days)
  • Representatives of someone who spouts the most amazing drivel about homeopathy have threatened to throw lawyers at me. Do they argue the facts? Of course not, they want to hide in the old "copyright" cave. ( days)
  • When I gleefully published the death certificate of superquack Hulda Clark I was informed that I "will face both civil and criminal complaints" if I published the death certificate. As I had already posted the certificate before the threat came in I'm not really worried. ( days)
  • The lawyers at Mannatech seem to think that when I say that their product is a useless fraud I really mean that it has some health benefits. They need to be told the truth several times. ( days)
  • It's been a while, but the threats have started again. This time it's Tim Bolen, spokesturd for cancer quacks and other lowlife, who said: You too, peter, are in trouble – for you, through your stupidity, made yourself liable under US Court jurisdiction when you joined the "anti- quackery webring..." based in Ashland, Oregon. ( days)
  • A doctor who appended a degree she didn't have to her name when she pseudonymously wrote books and backed this up by saying on her web site that she got the fake degree from a university she didn't attend and which doesn't have a medical school became upset at me pointing out the facts. She whined to the web hosting organisation about how mentioning her name infringed her trademark rights, but as she had already stopped claiming the fake degree by that time I counted it as a win for me. Still, I suppose it was a sort of legal threat.
  • Someone who told me in January 2004 that he was going to leave me alone has forgotten his promise and started making threats again. You can see the complete saga from Day 1 here. ( days)
  • I commented about a judge who was so obviously in need of psychiatric treatment that he ruled that a quack offering fraudulent psychiatric "medicine" had an obligation to ignore the law. A not-really-anonymous threat came in. You can look inside the asylum here. ( days)
  • Someone who thinks that I am "mr. satan evil back stabbing bitch" has threatened to "take you to court and sue you're little hiney". You can see this literary masterpiece here. ( days)
  • An "old friend" of baby slaughterer Alan Yurko mentioned the possibility of action for slander (sic) for truthfully saying that her "old friend" had come to the law's attention for some more crimes. You can see the story here. ( days)
  • Someone who exploits her sick children to deceive parents about the dangers of vaccination thinks that I am exploiting her children by mentioning how she exploits them. See this emetic here. ( days)
  • During 2005 I upset a company which appeared to be running a pyramid scheme. When they were found by the Federal Court of Australia to be doing just that they sued me for reporting the fact, claiming that I was maliciously damaging their business. As they had demonstrated that committing perjury (by an employee) didn't worry them and because they actually said to my barrister "We have unlimited funds to spend on this. Can your client say the same?" we finally settled with each side bearing its own costs. You can read the saga here. (154 days and not counting any more)
  • The "pathology laboratory" owned by the person in the item immediately below has encouraged another lawyer to threaten me. As this is a different lawyer in a different state, I have treated it as a different threat. See the latest chapter here. ( days)
  • A person who sells medical procedures with no scientific validity became upset because I said that she sells medical procedures with no scientific validity. Real lawyers were briefed and a real legal threat resulted. This has all been put under the microscope here. ( days)
  • A seller of fraudulent magnetic cures (using magnets which defy the laws of physics) is going to organise a class action against me. He will be twice as successful at that as he will be at winning a Nobel prize, because two times zero is still zero. Read the attractive story of this foolery here. ( days)
  • Someone who said that a government advisory authority had changed its mind when its own words show that it has not done so does not like having this inconsistency pointed out. You can see the dentist's attempt at retraction extraction here. ( days)
  • A vague threat has arrived from a non-medical doctor with some magic machines which seem to imply eligibility for more than one Nobel Prize. ( days)
  • Patrick Stewart as Dixon HillThe character Dixon Hill from Star Trek: the Next Generation contacted the people at my ISP and gave them five working days to close this site down. As Captain Picard's alter ego appeared to be writing from Canada, reasonable assumptions could be made as to "Dixon Hill's" real identity. (3569 days and not counting any more)
  • Lawyers acting for a multi-level marketing company accused me of trademark infringement by simply mentioning the name of the company. This intriguing interpretation of intellectual property law would be of interest to people in the media and the advertising and public relations industries. The scamsters have subsequently gone broke. (163 days and not counting any more)
  • On 7 January 2003, Mr William P O'Neill warned the ISP hosting this site that the site was to be closed within 24 hours or terrible things would happen to the ISP and its suppliers. Government authorities and law enforcement bodies were to be involved. The CEO of the ISP advised Mr O'Neill of the futility of micturition to windward. (3736 days and not counting any more)
  • The first threat of 2003 turned up on New Year's Day, when the Gutless Anonymous Liar said "January is going to be a great month for you! We are advised criminal charges will laid against you and you will be served in an unusual civil action". The unusuality part is intriguing, and I can hardly wait to see the law being taken in new and unexpected directions. (3742 days and not counting any more)
  • It's all over.After 260 days of lawyers doing nothing, Nuremberg 2001 was dismissed. This was the case where a large number of desperate criminals (and some mailing lists and domain names) were charged with a mass of malodorous misdemeanours. You can join in the fun and read all about it here. (260 days and not counting any more)
  • After I accused some child abusers of abusing children, one of their defenders issued vague promises to get courts somewhere in the world to tell me to remove material from this site. You can see the story of this sorry saga here. ( days)
  • Someone claiming to be a doctor has said that he will sue my "demented ass" if I mention his name. His name is Dr Robert Underhill. Have I mentioned his name? It's "Dr Robert Underhill". (4062 days and not counting any more)
  • Almost immediately after musician George Harrison died in November 2001, a sleazy promoter of a fraudulent cancer "cure" started exploiting George's death. I commented at the time about how My confused but not really demented ass.these vermin who prey on the desperate keep surprising me by the depths to which they will go to peddle their snake oil. The "curer" was not pleased with what I wrote and has told me: "You will be hearing from my lawyers". See my comments here. ( days)
  • Mr William P O'Neill said that he had lodged claims against me in a court, but of course nothing has ever turned up. He has also made many announcements about legal action or my criminal record. (4296 days and not counting any more)
  • September, 2000, started off with someone threatening to sue me if I didn't stop saying nasty things about a Dr Sam Chachoua. I hadn't actually said anything about Dr Chachoua at the time, but I am prepared to declare him an outrageous quack any time that anyone wants me to. He has a cure for cancer. Except that it doesn't cure cancer. ( days)
  • In another place, Quintessence of the Loon upset someone who claims that he did not claim that the technology for transistors came from aliens despite claiming it several times. Pretend lawyers issued threats and demands. Equally false lawyers issued rebuttals. You can read the transcript here. ( days)
    The litigator reappeared later with one of the most wonderful pieces of hate mail I have ever seen. You can read it here.
    Not satisfied, the complainer rearranged his web site in May 2003 so that it strongly threatened me with large legal bills. I am counting this as a separate threat. ( days)
  • In more Quintessentiality, someone who doesn't believe in laws wants to use laws to make me pay her some money. She also demanded that the entire site be closed down. Read about her disappointment here. ( days)
  • A threat from a lawyerSomeone who writes incoherently about nonsense and who believes that I should be impressed by the fact that another site listed in Quintessence of the Loon likes his site is claiming some protection under the Australian Constitution against the disparagement of fruitcakes. He called my site "Quintessence of a Loon" but there are many more loons there than just him of course. Now that I've stopped laughing, you can read the initial correspondence here.
    - lawyers have been alerted!
    More updating! On January 31, 2004, I was notified of the discontinuance of "any further consideration of legal action in the matter of [my] infraction of liberty of citizenship". (534 days and not counting any more)
  • Someone who is richer and smarter than me and knows more about computers has decided to set me straight about why he isn't a loon. His method was to write to me in a style reminiscent of an unhinged nutcase. He has free lawyers. You can see his cogent argument here. ( days)
  • I am accused of working for the CIA. Of course I can neither confirm nor deny this. The secret is revealed here. ( days)
  • In an even anotherer place, Full Canvas Jacket has been threatened by someone who has an astrology that works every time. It seems that he has promised legal action against others in the past but nothing has ever come of it except amusement. One of his complaints is that people call him "Peat". Someone suggested calling him "Sod" instead. See the murky details here. ( days)


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