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Paul Kangas

You would think that with all the vile rubbish I have seen while assembling this site I would have become so shell-backed that almost nothing could surprise me, but I have to admit that I am continually amazed at new ways that vermin can think up to disgust normal people. The following appeared on this site with a guaranteed cure for cancer within about 48 hours of the death of George Harrison. Need it really be said that this parasite would have no access to any autopsy report of Harrison, even assuming that such a report existed? Note that not only are you asked to pay $5 for this fabrication, but you even have to pay your own postage.

The job of science is to simplify life so we can see the answer to questions like: "Why did Linus Pauling live to 94, while millionaires like George Harrison, died at 58 of radiation poisoning?" He had lung, brain & throat cancer. The "best" MD's in the world tried to cure him, but all they could do was keep giving him more & more radiation. Radiation killed Harrison, not the cancer. Read the autopsy. The doctors killed Harrison, not the cancer. Radiation will not "cure" cancer. Radiation should never be used to treat any cancer. If you would like a copy of the autopsy of Beatles George Harrison, please send $5. & a large 8 x 11, SASE. Read the official report. It shows he died of radiation poisoning, not the cancer.

Mr Kangas was not pleased with what I had to say, and wrote to me in the following terms:

Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 17:27:55 EST
Subject: Geo. Harrison

In California, death records are public, Paul Kangas, private investigator. Do you know how to spell liable? You will be hearing from my lawyers.

I certainly know how to spell "liable", and I would spell it correctly if that were the word I was trying to use. Death records may very well be public in California, but only a liar would claim that a death certificate that gave the cause of death as "metastatic non-small lung cancer" could be called an autopsy report that showed someone "died of radiation poisoning, not the cancer".

By the way, it costs $11 to get a copy of a death certificate out of the California bureaucracy and it takes 10 to 12 weeks, according to the relevant web site. This is further evidence that anyone claiming to have an autopsy report for sale for $5 two days after the death is a lying thief.

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