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No truth. No Courage. No value.
The GAL Chronicles
A story of a gutless anonymous liar

Someone has been writing to me using an anonymiser service so that they can hide who they are and so that I cannot reply. It is difficult for me to express the degree of contempt I have for people who behave like this, but it must be obvious to all that anybody who is too cowardly to use their real name can have nothing worthwhile to say.

It is always possible that the nonsense reproduced here is the work of more than one person. Any fool can go to an anonymous remailing service and start spewing forth drivel. This doesn't really matter, because anonymous liars are alike. The use of anonymising services to send email tells me three things about the senders. The first is that they are prepared to lie, because they are already indisputably lying about their names. The second is that whatever they have to say is worthless, because they do not even believe in it enough themselves to put their names to it. The third is that, because it is impossible to reply to the messages, they show that they are frightened of engaging in debate.

While it might be possible that someone else wrote this stuff, the probability of it being Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group is almost exactly 1. For a long time I pretended that I didn't know where these messages came from and maintained a separate collection in the GAL Chronicles. When Mr O'Neill commented on the birth of my grandson with the words "kill it quick and kill it good before it multiplies", I decided that it was time to stop pretending. I will still maintain the two collections – the CCRG Correspondence File for identifiable messages and the GAL Chronicles for anonymous, cowardly attacks – but nobody needs to be in any doubt about the source of the messages.

As the not-so-anonymous person hiding behind the Gutless Anonymous Liar mask died on March 31, 2013 I don't expect any more correspondence. I had hoped that Mr William P O'Neill's son might have continued the tradition (as he continued his father's tradition of lying to and stealing from sick people) but alas he didn't.

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Hmmm. It goes away for just over 90 days, and then posts the following to a blog belonging to a friend of mine:

Your reference to Bowditch (known diabetic pederast) says volumes about your inability to distinguish bewteen good thinking and buggery. Bowditch will soon join his pretend friend James Randi where we can only hope and pray both will nod off with painfully terminal post surgical infections.

Then it tells the Web Wrangler for Australian Skeptics (who happens to be me):

I win! Bowditch found guilty! Now he faces damages and costs, not to mention hsi recently self-stress induced diabetes. Funny? Whats comes around, goes around!

And back again at my friend's blog:

Bowditch, known locally as BowFuck, recently lost his bid to libel and defame [XYZ]. [XYZ] beat his sorry ass in court, won a retraction, damages and costs. Bowfuck has filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying his debts to society....

From: Nomen Nescio <>
Subject: Thank You!
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 01:10:02 +0100

Loved your recent loss to [XYZ]! I've hired their counsel to sue you!

More libel, more defamation.....

And it shows its gutless face on Usenet again.

From: Nomen Nescio <>
Subject: Peter Bowditch Back in Court?
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 01:40:01 +0200 (CEST)

Convicted liar Peter Bowditch of Gebesse Consultants has been served again by [XYZ].

As part of therecent [XYZ] settlement with wacko-Bowditch, an Australian court ordered Bowditch to effectively cease and desist in his campaign of lies, libel, and defamation. Bowditch was ordered to remove all internet materials under his illiterate penmanship. Bowditch forgot his blogs!

[XYZ] and the court were recently made aware of this omission and the court has allowed [XYZ]'s claim to remain active. [XYZ] has given Bowditch 24 hours to comply.

From: Anonyma <>
Subject: Peter Bowditch: Convicted Liar and...?
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 17:51:23 -0400 (EDT)

Seems the great news of Idiot-Liar Peter Bowditch, known libelist and defamor, recent court-ordered retraction and apology, damages and fees in favour of complainant [XYZ], have caused a mud slide of new complaints and new law suits. Idiot-Liar Bowditch, known locally as Convicted-Idiot-Liar has been featured in local newpapers as the only Australian who didn't make money from [XYZ]. But Bowditch isn't it for the money! He's in it for the principle.

[XYZ] lawyers report that nailing Idiot-Liar Bowditch in court was easier than finding an Aussie who doesn't beat their sheila.

From: Nomen Nescio <>
Subject: BowSucker (Peter Bowditch) finally in compliance?
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 01:10:06 +0200 (CEST)

Loser convict, Peter Bowditch, of recent loss to [XYZ] in his bid to libel and defame has been put on notice by his ISP Destra, host to Bowditch's dog-fucking sites, has had it with all the threats from various sources concerning Idiot-Bowditch's lack of decorum and truth on the internet. The great Australian, convicted liar and buggerer of the truth, has been put on notice by his last chance ISP.

Destra was copied with the recent court-ordered DimDitch retraction and note that Bowditch wasn't smart enough to comply. Not wanting to be named as defendant in the next action, Destra put Dog-Ditch on notice.

In a published statement on his underwear and website SkankDicth boasts nobody nowhere nohow made him do nothin'. By his own wherewithall he took down his blog 'cause he felt like it? The buttplugg also noted that his organ known as the Greenlight Project (fuckin' arrogant cunt) has been nuked. If only his poor dreary wife and shovel-faced kids would nuke him and put us all out of the misery of having to tolerate his diabetic ass on the internet.

The "organ known as the Greenlight Project (fuckin' arrogant cunt) has been nuked" so badly that you can see it right here. Still, if a fact got into something GAL dribbled it would be lost. And nobody who knows destra uses a capital "d".

From: Anonyma <>
Subject: Just a reminder to mha Peter Bowditch is a Convicted Liar!
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 19:13:34 -0400 (EDT)

Don't forget when reading LiarDicth's posts, Peter Bowditch is a convicted liar!

He is also a convicted hooligan! See Australian Federal Court homepage and query Bowditch. Seems besides beating his wife and kids, Peter Bowditch of Gebesse Computer Consultants? likes to beat fans at football games!

You can see my comments about this piece of drivel here.

From: Borked Pseudo Mailed <>
Subject: Bowditch served again!
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 12:20:10 -0600 (MDT)

It appears as no surprise to anyone that Peter Bowditch, Australian convicted harassor, libelist and hooligan has appeared on ACH's radar a second time. [XYZ] recently beat the hell out of Bowditch in court winning a full retraction and apology from the Idiot. Just like Bowditch, he couldn't keep his mouth shut, couldn't tell the truth about what happened and [XYZ], willing to forget the legal fees, has now requested the court to tax all the fees to the defendant, a Peter "Convicted-Liar" Bowditch as penance for his inability to shut the fuck up.

Bowditch, who you may recall spent some time in jail in '80's for drunken and disorderly conduct and aggravated assault. Seems if the great Australian is unable to pay [XYZ]'s legal fees, it's off to prison again where Peter Bowditch: A great Australian doing great things...

From: Borked Pseudo Mailed <>
Subject: In reading.....
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 15:45:19 -0600

your websites one can conclude that only you have the answer for everything....tell me then great sage... why is your wife such an ugly cunt!?....rhetorical eh?

The moron writes to a tennis club. Everyone had a good laugh and then passed his email on to me so that I could put it here. Notice how it addresses it to the club secretary and then tells the secretary that my wife is the secretary. What an idiot!

From: Nomen Nescio []
Sent: Tuesday, 18 July 2006 4:30 AM
To: secretary @ parratennis net au
Subject: Notice to all participants concerning Mr. Peter Bowditch

Mr. Peter Bowidtch of Parramatta operates a number of hate-base internet sites. His wife, Virgina Bowditch is secretary for the Parramatta Tennis Club.

Both Mr. & Mrs. Bowditch have been implicated in number of illegal internet activities including libel, fraud, defamation and harassment. Mr. Bowditch has a criminal past that includes aggravated assault and battery forwhich he spent time incarcerated.

Should you or any club member be concerned about the presence of the Bowditchs in or about the club, or suspicious of their activities, you are advised to immediately call the NSW POlice at 1800 333 000.

Thank You

From: Anonymous Sender <>
Subject: You won't be working with us anymore....
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 13:35:06 +0000

We thought you were a pompous asshole when we first hired you. Your websites were recently brought to my attention. You won't be working here anymore.

I'm also spreading the word.

Spread it, idiot!

From: "Anonymous Remailer (austria)" <>
Subject: Parramatta Pedophile on the Loose!
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 22:42:02 +0200

There are so many email addresses in and about Parramatta that we couldn't resist in compiling them and sending off the goods on you. Ain't the internet great for spreading the truth!

From: George Orwell <>
Subject: Love your websites!
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 18:24:30 +0200

Hello HateFul Opinionated Little Fuck!

I tried to find facts, any facts that might support the shotgun blast of lies, hate, deceit, and fraud you propagate. Guess what I came up with? Not a fucking thing.

You, your sites, are the worst kind of hate mongering masquerading as pseudo intellectual crap seen in a long time. It will be no surpise that your tragic useless life comes to a tragic end. No doubt your family (god forbid you might have one) will breath a sigh of relief.

I note you tried to publically kill yourself with homeopathic doses of belladonna. Please do everyone a favour. Stop fucking around with the stuff you know doesn't work and go for arsenic. Please broadcast that attempt. I can hardly wait! Thanking you in advance.

From: Anonymous via Panta Rhei <>
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 14:49:20 +0000
Subject: Facts?

I note your report on TrueHope is riddled with erros.

You couldn't report a fact even if it bit you in the arse.

Here's a fact:

Now that TrueHope has a judgement, they are sueing Polevoy (Liar/Charlatan/Molester) Barrett (Liar/Not-A-Doctor) and Bowditch (Liar/Unemployed/Convict) for Libel and Defamation.

Seems the three of you have no assests so the suit will be just for fun.

I know it's anonymous and I know who wrote it, but is a threat so -

* As Mr O'Neill died on March 31, 2013, I don't expect any further communication from him so I stopped the counter.

From: Anonymous via the Cypherpunks Tonga Remailer <>
Subject: Good Read!
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 14:55:47 +0200

In reading materials on your site it becomes increasingly clear that you have an uninformed opinion about nearly everything. Your single myopic perspective appears hateful, ignorant, and without grounds other than your pathologies. I suggest help but that might change you.

It's good to know that evil uninformed little pricks like you get to wallow in their own feces. I'm sure you have great life and that everyone who knows you wants something tragic to happen to you. One can only hope it happens slowly and painfully.

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 23:11:37 +0000
Subject: Time to pull off the gloves..

hey ratfuck!

you published stuff on your site from and about my wife.

get it off now!

From its wife? About its wife?

From: Anonymous via the Cypherpunks Tonga Remailer <>
Subject: Terrific Site!
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 14:22:30 +0200

Your sites remind of of a time in college when I drank too much and puked. Looks just like it!

And your debating skills? Wow! You're a fucking genius!

From: TwistyCreek <anon@comments.header>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 19:51:03 +0000
Subject: Great site!

Surfing can take one just about any place. And as luck would have it as I surfed for information about aboriginal law your site popped or should I say was shit out by google.

What an embarassment! What stupidity! You must be told to shut the fuck up all the time. People must want to just pound the living shit out of you. I know I do.

Fucking arrogant cunt....

From: Anonyma <>
Subject: QuackBusters a Threat?
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 17:13:29 -0500 (EST)

C'mon...let's look at the facts:

Stephen Barrett:

Demented incontinent old fart. Never a doctor anywhere. Never won a law suit. Lost to a women (Rosenthal). Always thrown out of court when he prentends to be expert witness. Fails to disclose reasons for refusal of board certification. (Apparently Barrett loves to touch little boys).

CrazyTerry Polevoy:

Conditionally registered with CPSO (can not see children in his pimple busisness). Has never practiced medicine in Canada (Pimple popping is not medicine). Killed his wife. Caused attempted suicide of his pimply-faced kid (accutane and zoloft). Has lost every legal action he has initiated (mostly to women i.e Ilena Rosenthal). Is the subject of current libel and defamtion actions and criminal harassment investigations. Lost to TrueHope and is about to lose again....Libel and Defamation Action. Has declared personal bankrupcty no less than 8 times. Charged with gross indency while exposing himself in a public place in 1994.

Peter Bowditch:

Ex-convict (assault and battery) aging diabetic (fat alcoholic), unemployed (useless) computer hack. Sucessfully sued by [XYZ] for Libel and Defamation. Has been visited numerous times by NSW Police....Bowditch likes to drink alot and beat the shit of his dog-faced wife and shovel-faced spawn.

These idiots are not a threat-they are entertainment!

From: Anonymous <>
Subject: Peter Bowditch..........Criminal Liar
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 22:06:11 -0000

Intrigued by Bowditch's preoccupation with O'Neill and CCRG and few googles later and the facts surface:

Bowditch is an ex-conivct. He was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to 18 months incarceration. He was successfully sued for libel and defamation by a telephone company in Australia.

CCRG and O'Neill have sued CTV News and W-Five for libel and defamation. The news program on CCRG and O'Neill has been removed from the CTV website. As a matter of example, CCRG has published peer-reviewed results of their findings prior to the W-Five show and operates a fully licenced clinic and laboratory with qualified personnel. Perhaps CTV and W-Five failed to do the homework and report these or any facts. Perhaps CTV and W-Five were hopping on the bandwagon with the internet crazies.

How could CTV and W-Five get this so wrong? Did they rely on materials published by criminals like Bowditch? Known liars and stalkers like Terry Polevoy? Or known pretend doctors like Stephen Barrett?

The news program might have been removed, but it was soon back. See GAL's disappointment here.

From: George Orwell <>
Subject: A Bowditch Reminder...
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 23:26:47 +0100 (CET)

For those who have forgotten or those new to the group, Peter Bowditch is:

1. A convicted felon. Convicted and incarcerated in 1988 for aggravated assault.

2. Lost his defence in a libel and defamation action against a telephone company.

3. Has been visited numerous times by local police to investigate complaints of spousal and child abuse, and stalking.

4. Is the subject of a restraining order by his eldest daughter.

5. Has advanced diabetes and heart disease from a lifetime of abuse and alcholism.

6. Is chronically unemployed.

From: Nomen Nescio <>
Subject: Peter Bowditch aka Blowditch?
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 02:00:11 +0100 (CET)

Isn't BlowDitch just an expression?
Shouldn't it be SuckDitch?

From: Nomen Nescio <>
Subject: An Open Letter to Peter FuckWit
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 01:20:07 +0100 (CET)

I'm I meant Bowditch.

You are a:

Convicted Felon.
Convicted Libelist.
Court ordered to stay away from your eldest daughter.
Regularly beat your shovel-faced wife.
Known by the NSW Police as "pond scum".

From: Borked Pseudo Mailed <>
Subject: So soory to hear about an illness in the family..
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 12:47:36 -0600

Not really :>).....Hope it's you! "pre-existing"? Congenital and life limiting and soon! What's that great song make famous by the Iraqi War? Die motherfucker! Die motherfucker!

As is the usual policy around here, this message was forwarded to for evaluation.

From: Anonymous <>
Subject: Barrett's ButtPlugg Defender: PeterPhile Bowditch
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 20:03:07 +0000 (GMT)

As Barrett's Empire of NaySaying and Silicone ButtPlugg manufacturing spirals anti-clockwise down the loo, the only one to rush to his defence is a Peter Bowditch of Australia. A quick, but thorough Google shows Bowditch to be a convicted liar, libelist, defamor and pedophile. In fact Bowditch has apparently even spent time in prison: 18 months for aggravated assault.......

From: Anonymous <>
Subject: Stephen Barrett's Organ Still Limp?
Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 21:50:48 -0500 (EST)

Stephen Barrett's Quackwatch Healthfraud List continues to be retracted! Much like Barrett's testicles: retracted into his chest cavity..... Supporters of Barrett, namely ex-con PeterPhile Bowditch continue to protest that Barrett's list is still up when it's not. Could this mean that both Barrett and Bowditch can't tell the difference between a fully erect website and a flacid website?

From: Borked Pseudo Mailed <>
Subject: Bowditch on the Run!
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 11:35:48 -0700 (MST)

PeterPhile Bowditch, known convict, liar, fraud, and molester has announced that he is abandoning his rental tenement in "lovely Parramatta" and moving to another rental in Grenfell, NSW. (Why rental?)

Do the lovely and unsuspecting people of Grenfell know about the monster moving into their community? They do now.....

Grenfell has a number of clubs and directories with accessible sites that allow posters to update, comment and inform. Update, comment, and inform we have. Notable response from a local tennis club president..."They won't be playing here!"....

Hmmm. I have never lived in Parramatta, and the only places I have ever rented there were offices. I am well aware of the clubs and societies in Grenfell, and I am so aware of the "accessible sites" that I even manage one of them.

From: Anonymous <>
Subject: Bowditch takes the Bait
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 12:58:47 -0400 (EDT)

Every time Tim Bolen posts facts about CrazyTerry Polevoy, IncontinentStephen Barrett, Or CrankyBobby Baratz, poor unfortunate PeterPhile Bowditch (having recently moved from one rental in the city to another rental in the middle of nowhere,and now can truly boast that he is the backwoodsass- countryfuck he is known to be)jumps in with usual bullshit pretending he actually knows something. Most recent is his response to Bolen's query of Ilena Rosenthal concerning payments she has received from Barrett as part of her settlement in her court victory.

Like most things, Bowditch pretends he actually knows what's going on. And of course in most instances he lies...He lies about Ilena Rosenthal, he lies about the safety of vaccines, he lies about his criminal record, he lies about restraining orders his children have filed against him.....everything that comes out of his piehole is a lie.....

And of course BlowDitch will respond with more lies..and his usual buttplugg aupporters will line up to defend his greatness.....

From: George Orwell <>
Subject: Challenge to QuackFucker Bowditch & Moron
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 19:15:38 +0100 (CET)

Produce any evidence to refute Dr. Holt's Claims. Can't? Didn't think you could....

Bowditch...self-proclaimed sceptic...."I don't believe him" Moron...disgraced ex-physician............................

Dr Holt claims to be able to cure all sorts of cancer using microwaves. If Dr Holt is correct, GAL should inform Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group that Mr O'Neill's research is wrong. Dr Moran is a retired surgeon (not physician) who talks sense and is therefore vilified by quacks.

From: Nomen Nescio <>
Newsgroups: aus.politics
Subject: Ex-Convict Peter Bowditch moves to Grenfell.
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 23:20:02 +0100 (CET)


Peter Bowditch, formerly of Parramatta, has moved to the unsuspecting hamlet of Grenfell. Residents of Grenfell should be aware that Bowditch has served time for aggravated assault and hate crimes.

As usual, GAL is wrong. I have never lived in Parramatta and I have not moved to Grenfell. My employer rents a flat in Grenfell which I use as an office and a base for business in the region, but I live somewhere else.

From: Nomen Nescio <>
Subject: Peter Bowditch: Abuser of all Women
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 21:00:03 +0200 (CEST)

Peter Bowditch, liar, libelist, convicted felon (aggravated assault) and defamor (ACN vs Bowditch)has now resorted to calling women "prostitutes". In a recent usenet posting he accussed Ilena Rosenthal of being a prostitute because she is a healthcare advocate.

Given Bowditch's unassailable logic it would be no great stretch to suggest that his sad and dreary "wife" must be a "prostitue". Or perhaps his lovely daughters from whom he is legally restrained from visiting. Or perhaps even all women given that they too must an interest, cause or concern like Ms. Rosenthal.

From: noauth <>
Subject: Liars Bowditch & Polevoy
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 16:04:06 +0100 (CET)

Liars Bowditch & Polevoy claim to possess an authenticated copy of Dr. Hulda Clark's death certificate. Even more interesting is their collective taunt that they will be publishing it on their respective websites any moment now.

Polevoy has been boasting that Clark died of "multiple melanoma", a disease that does not exist. There is, however, "multiple myeloma" of which Dr. Clark did not die. One would think that a qualified and trained physician would know there is no disease "multiple melanoma". One would also think that if they possessed a genuine death certificate and were literate they would get it right.

Bowditch, while admiring his recently aquired "pony tail" in the mirror, failed to notice Polevoy's cock-up. (Pony Tail? How many midlife crisis has this dickhead had so far?).

In any event, should either of these giants publish an "alledged" death certificate for Dr. Clark, they will face both civil and criminal complaints....and this won't be the first time for either.

* As Mr O'Neill died on March 31, 2013, I don't expect any further communication from him so I stopped the counter.

Bowditch was charged in the '80's with aggravated assault, spent time in the slammer and a couple of years ago was found guilty of defaming ACN.

Polevoy is currently involved in 3 actions:

1. Failed SLAPP suit against Ilena Rosenthal.
2. Ontario Court judgement for SLAPP to Rosenthal.
3. Suing his own lawyer in California for failed SLAPP.

Rumour has it there is a fourth action for Polevoy on the horizon.....and apparently it's a class action from his victims.....including Adam...

Well, GAL – the death certificate is here, and what a joyous sight it is. Oh, and if you happen to speak to Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group, don't forget to tell him how Hulda Clark knew how to cure cancer but he didn't.

Towards the end of 2009 I was commissioned to write a regular column for the Yahoo!7 News web site. It didn't take long for GAL to sniff this out and start offering detailed and cogent comments about the articles.

It started off by calling itself peterwallace3370, and made this comment on an article headed "An introduction to scepticism":

September 21, 2009

Perhaps this entry might be re-titled "An Introduction to Lying"....
Mr. Bowditch, you are not a are a liar....
You have even been found out in court as a liar!
When a court found Bowditch having lied about ACN, he was ordered to remove the lies!
Bowditch contends he's only interested in the facts?
Bowditch wouldn't know a fact if it bit him in the arse....

It waited two weeks and then said this:

October 6, 2009

Oh Hello Mr. Bowditch....don't keep me waiting...I'm ready for your instant wit and sceptical retort!!! Do the good people 7News know they have such a witless and arrogant wanker such as you retorting and reporting such filth, vile and rubbish?

@peterwallace3270 (or should I call you Mr O'Neill? - you certainly write like him.)

So good of you to drop by. You do have some evidence that a court ordered me to remove something from my web site, don't you? If you don't then perhaps people might think that you are a bit loose with the truth.

Why don't you tell Yahoo! about me? Remember to use your real name, and your address would be handy for the delivery of the writs.

Apparently this frightened "peterwallace3370" into a transformation to "wigginsf35".

November 7, 2009

Don' t know if have everything right but here goes:

Bowditch appears all over the internet. He's reported to have spent time in prison, has lost numerous civil actions for defamation, and publishes some pretty controversial statements about women and children. Whoever peterwallace3270 might be, he seems to have an accurate view of this character.
My question is why would 7News engage the services of such a disreputable and dangerous person.

But before "peterwallace3370" disappeared it posted this comment on "Homeopathy: How can it be sold?":

September 21, 2009

I find it both humorous and disappointing that 7News would engage the likes of Peter Bowditch for anything beyond perhaps lavatory duties. Bowditch is likely one of the most hateful and prejudicial blights on the internet. He routinely supports abusing women and children. He lies, deceives and misguides the public with his anti-everything nonsense. There are reports throughout the internet that tell of his legal woes from aggravated assault to civil convictions for defamation.



Hello again. You will be posting evidence of my "legal woes from aggravated assault to civil convictions for defamation" shortly, I assume.

Oh, that's right – you (or someone who sounds just like you) has been saying these things for many years now. When are you going to produce the evidence? (Trick question – I know there's no evidence.)

And how could "wiggins35" resist?

November 7, 2009

The more I read about Bowditch and his Australian Skeptics, the more I'm convinced "rumours" of criminal past, lost civil actions, and abuse of women and children are more than just rumours.
7News should be ashamed of associating with such a questionable if not dispicable character.

And again a little later, with that old familiar ticking clock meme:

January 1, 2010

7News....the clock is ticking....When will you nuked the lying reprobate Peter Bowditch?
He views are ridiculous and his comments are incendiary...

Here it is commenting on "The outer limits of woowoo":

November 7, 2009

Time to nuke this loonie....

Commenting on cancer quackery as a response to "Limited only by the laws of physics":

January 1, 2010

Rest assured as Mister Bowditch manages his self-induced diabetes, heart disease and chronic infection "conventional medicine" will serve him well. Tick, tock.....

Hey, GAL, the "Tick tock" is a dead giveaway to who you are. I know you're not really anonymous, but you could at least try.

Then it read "A very profitable 'trick'" and had this to say about some crooks committing fraud:

January 1, 2010

7News and Peter GoonDitch?

Do the good people at 7News know who Bowditch is? Do they know of the multiple defamation lawsuits? Do they know he spent 18 months incarcerated for aggravated assault? Do they know he is a lying, hateful charlatan?

It's no surprise that @wigginsf35 chooses to remain anonymous. Cowards are like that. For the record, I have never been sued for defamation and I have never been in prison. The writing style tells me that @wiggins35 is very closely related to my old friend, the Gutless Anonymous Liar

From: Anne Onime <>
Subject: Dead Organs of the "QuackBusters"
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 17:44:09 +0200 (CEST)

Welcome back, Mr O'Neill. You haven't been around for some time. Where have you been?

Tragic news....The "Australian Council Against Health Fraud" is no more! According to Bowditch, the "council's" only member,

You have access to the membership list? Please email me a copy. If you can't, which you can't, you will be revealed as the liar we always knew you were.

Oh, did I just defame Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group by calling him a liar? Why, yes I did. And unlike Mr O'Neill, I am not too frightened and ashamed to use my own name.

Sue me, Mr O'Neill. Like you have promised to do on so many prior occasions.

"after eight years of successfully fighting health fraud, the ACAHF" is closing its doors. Really.. "eight years of successfully fighting health fraud"...Examples please... And where, according to the now defunct organization, are the vast sums of monies raised for ethical investment? (Bowditch wouldn't know ethical if it bit him in the arse.)

You have access to the ACAHF's bank accounts? Please email me a copy. If you can't, which you can't, you will be revealed as the liar we always knew you were.

Oh, did I just defame Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group by calling him a liar? Why, yes I did. And unlike Mr O'Neill, I am not too frightened and ashamed to use my own name.

Sue me, Mr O'Neill. Like you have promised to do on so many prior occasions.

There is no scarcity of ignorance, arrogance, lies and deception amongst the "quackbusting" movement. Setting up pretend organizations like the ACAHF is no different than Barrett's limp organ, Quackwatch or Polevoy's flaccid Healthwatcher. Barrett and Quackwatch are delightfully under siege in the well publicized law suit with Doctor's Data and Polevoy hasn't published anything new on the internet for over two years or in fact been seen anywhere since he lost his law suit against Ilena Rosenthal. Juicy rumours have it that Polevoy declared bankruptcy to avoid the Rosenthal judgement and has been forced to close the doors of his pustulating pimple spa and is now showing up at a run down walk-in clinic in downtown Waterloo plying his trademarked brand of abuse on new unsuspecting patients.

It is quite a humorous delight to witness these incredible little pricks getting everything they deserve and in a very public way. One the best parts of all of this is "The Bolen Report". Bolen reports and Barrett, Polevoy cringe while Bowditch brilliantly rebuts by calling Tim, Pat....Brilliant!

I have to say this for Tim Bolen, Mr O'Neill – unlike you, he is not frightened and ashamed to use his own name. Why do you always post anonymously, Mr O'Neill?

You truly deserve the title Gutless Anonymous Liar.

Oh, did I just defame Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group by calling him a liar? Why, yes I did. And unlike Mr O'Neill, I am not too frightened and ashamed to use my own name.

Sue me, Mr O'Neill. Like you have promised to do on so many prior occasions.

What's that smell of decay? (5/11/2011)
ApparentlyA white feather for Mr O'Neill. it was a slow day in the Canadian cancer quackery business, so Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group put on his Gutless Anonymous Liar mask and launched the following noisome piece of flatulence into the world of Usenet. What is amusing is that Burzynski is a competitor for Mr O'Neill in the cancer quackery business, and if Burzynski is 1% right (which he is not of course), then Mr O'Neill's cancer "cure" is 100% wrong. But since when has such an inconsistency bothered anyone who is in the business of stealing money from desperate people?

As usual, he was too cowardly to put his name to it and had to use a remailer which hid his identity. Cowards are like that. They say things but make sure that nobody can talk back. I replied to the newsgroup even though I know his broad yellow stripe hangs over his eyes, but my reply is meant for other people who might come across the message in the various places that archive newsgroups.

From: Nomen Nescio <>
Subject: Peter Bowditch: Convicted Felon to be sued by Burzynski
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, No truth! No courage! No value!30 Oct 2011 19:58:08 +0100 (CET)

Welcome back, Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group.

For those who came in late, you can read Mr O'Neill's acknowledged correspondence with me at

and him trying to hide at

No surprise that convicted felon ('80's charge, conviction and incarceration for aggravated assault) Peter Bowditch of Australia

Oh, I love this, and it makes me smile every time Mr O'Neill brings it up.

is soon be in front of the courts again. Bowditch has been noticed with a "Cease & Desist" order by in-house legal counsel for

There has been no "Cease and desist order".

the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas. In an unusual act of bravery (stupidity), Bowditch has boldy published the "Cease & Desist" demand letter on his hate site.

Of course I published it. The policy relating to publication of such emails has been there since 1999.

Seems he's following the good example of Stephen Barrett who is currently being sued by Doctors Data Laboratory for $10M US. Bowditch, like Barrett believe they are omnipotent in all matters of science and medicine, immune from recourse, and above the law. They are both about to find otherwise.

What was the first time you threatened me with legal action, Mr O'Neill?

Oh, that's right – February 17, 2000, when I was being dragged into the "World Court". The first of 111 such accusations.

With Barrett on the ropes and near death, Terry Polevoy bankrupt and missing, there is only Bowditch left. And no doubt Bowditch has the cash flow and reserves from his "ethical investments" of the recently defunct "dead organ" The Australian Council Against Health Fraud". But maybe not? Apparently Bowditch couldn't afford the annual upkeep of his pretend council...internet fees, filing tax returns....But then there's "Gebesse Computer Consultants"....Bowditch's pretend "employer". Certainly there are enough resources there defend the Burzynski action?

As there will be no action there will be nothing to defend.

For further information concerning development in this case see the facebook group "Burzynski vs Peter Bowditch"

It almost goes without saying that no such group or page exists at Facebook. After all, Mr O'Neill has never told the truth about anything else in all the time he has been pursuing his risible campaign against me so why should he start now?

Did I suggest that Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group does not tell the truth? I hope I did.

Look what's bobbed up (11/2/2012)
Every now and then people feel the need to mention my name in blogs and other places. A few weeks ago my name appeared in the Australian Vaccination Network blog (I was being lied about, of course) and it elicited the following comment:

No truth! No Courage! No value!Yes, that's right – Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group had donned his Gutless Anonymous Liar mask and expressed his opinion.

Now, here's the thing – all comments on this blog have to be approved by the moderator (I am blocked from commenting) and this was approved almost immediately. A friend told me that he had posted a comment several hours earlier and at least five comments had been approved after he posted but his comment had not appeared. So it seems that defaming me anonymously gets immediate release but legitimate criticism of anything in the blog gets careful attention before being made available to readers.

Mr O'Neill's message was removed after about three days of ridicule and complaints to the blog owner (not complaints by me – I didn't really care and I'm blocked from all forms of communication with the blog owner), but now we know – offensive, lying, defamatory remarks about people who support vaccination will be approved immediately without even considering whether their content might be true. I suppose, though, that this is consistent with lying about vaccines, where truth is never a consideration.

But GAL had something to say (29/9/2012)
I sometimes miss the old days when Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group used to spend a good proportion of his waking hours making ridiculous allegations about me in various Internet forums. It was always amusing to see his latest effluvium, whether posting as himself or the almost-but-not-quite-anonymous Gutless Anonymous Liar. He has taken an interest in my court case and has been offering advice to all and sundry, including announcing that he was going to attend the court to tell the magistrate what a bad person I am. He has staggered out of the pit underneath some primitive outside toilet to pen the following messages:

This was a comment on an AVN blog post titled "Interim AVOs granted against SAVN founder and member" (21 visitors have given it the "Thumbs up"):

The "criminal record" is part of a fantasy than Mr O'Neill has been having since May 2006. Ms Dorey has asked him for further information.

The following three comments were made on an article on my blog "How to attack freedom of speech".

So brave! So honest! I'm shaking, but it's with laughter, not fear. Nothing would please me more than to have Mr O'Neill appear in court, inside a garbage bag to hide his identity, screeching inanities at the magistrate (not "Justice"). The perfect witness for my defence. And, Mr O'Neill, there's no need to pack clothes for the trip. You can buy packets of these at that Officeworks place where I buy my yellow markers.

And look what else has an opinion (27/10/2012)
This comment was posted, anonymously of course although there was pretence at a name, to a blog run by a friend of mine:

Is that an address in Canada I see? Why, yes it is. And who lives in Canada and keeps lying about me being a criminal? Why, Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group, a place where people with cancer go to be lied to, have their hopes raised, and have their money stolen. Of course Mr O'Neill, being the coward he is, has resorted to his customary Gutless Anonymous Liar mode because he is just too frightened to use his real name.

And just for the record, nobody named "McLeod" has been served with anything, the case against Mr Raffaele was dismissed and as the applications were personal and not brought by the police there is no prospect of any criminal charges being laid against anyone. But why would I expect Mr O'Neill to tell the truth about anything? He has never done so in the past. And if Mr O'Neill would like to sue me for defamation he knows where to find me. Unlike him, I don't hide in the shadows behind false names.

Oh my goodness, a critic (3/11/2012)
One No truth. No courage. No value.advantage of the current legal action being attempted against me is that it has brought the mouth breathers out of their hidey holes, thus providing amusement for everyone. Tim Bolen has been ably assisting the applicant by publishing things the court might not view favourably and our old friend the Gutless Anonymous Liar has managed to find time on the computer at the GAL Home For The Terminally Ancephalic and with the assistance of someone to wipe the chin foam off the keyboard has been commenting on my blog. It has even sent me an email. I hope Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group brings nice presents when he visits GAL at the home.

I would apologise for the language, but censorship is not in my nature.

Subject: "Stupid Mother Fucker ends up in Court Again!
Sender: <>
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2012 01:01:46 +0800

Oh the humanity!? You poor poor man...hauled in front of the courts again. This must really play havoc with your declining health. To be so affronted when doing humanity's and god's work. Know that when your in front of the court on November 14th, we're all going to be rooting for you! But in a different way....

Hopefully you're sleep deprived, blood sugars all over the map, dysrhythmia, alcoholically poisoned, pissed off, dehydrated....and moments away from the myocardial infarct that's just around the corner for you and you so deserve.

This is really going to be such publish all the details on your organs... and do be truthful....we all know how you like to stretch the truth.....

And when you're gone there are so many of us committed to continue your legacy so the world won't forget what a complete useless fuckwad you were......

And one last thing … (4/5/2013)
I hoped it wasn't someone playing a cruel April Fool's joke when I saw this news in the Ottawa Citizen on April 1.

Yes, folks, the beloved William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group and its descendants has gone to the great cesspit in the sky, taking the Gutless Anonymous Liar with him. Sadly, he died quickly and not of cancer. I posted a message to his memorial guest book, but unfortunately some technical glitch prevented it from being published.

I will maintain my own memorial to him here by archiving his correspondence with me and also the wonderful messages he sent wearing his Gutless Anonymous Liar mask. It would be a tragedy for this valuable collection of literature to disappear.

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