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CCRG Correspondence File – The Statistics

The 111 announcements of impending legal action (either civil or criminal) or mentions of my non-existent criminal record

Mr O'Neill has threatened legal action against me many times, or claimed that the police (or someone) is pursuing me. The Gutless Anonymous Liar has often mentioned legal action or police interest too, so I have included those messages just for completeness.

As Google seem to have irrevocably broken the Usenet archive service, links have been disabled. Maybe they will come back some day.

DateJurisdiction or threat
February 17, 2000International Court of Justice (The World Court)
February 21, 2000Referred to CCRG solicitors
March 7, 2000Unspecified (presumably somewhere in Canada)Google Archive
March 7, 2000"Mr. Bowditch is in the process of being served by us. If anything Bowdicth is a righteous fucking psycho"
March 7, 2000"you're being served here in canada"Google Archive
March 9, 2000"necessary Canadian and Australian authorities"
March 10, 2000"within Canadian jurisdiction, and shall be served upon you in Australia"
March 11, 2000CCRG server logs downloaded to attorneysGoogle Archive
March 22, 2000"We have advised computer crime and fraud divisions of both the New South Wales, Police Department, in Australia, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in Canada" and "Be, absolutely certain, that in the event our demands are not met by 12:00 noon EST, Canada, March 23, 2000, we will initiate both criminal and civil proceedings"
June 5, 2000"you've had some rather official visits of late"Google Archive
June 6, 2000"We have referred all matters to the appropriate authorities for action"Google Archive
September 8, 2000"if any and all references to myself or my group are not immediately removed from your website, i will intiate a campaign to destroy your company and your reputation...."
September 8, 2000"remember, bowditch, playtime is over......i will destroy your fucking business and impale you in your local media.....take everything off your fucking site.........."Google Archive
September 10, 2000"why is it the NSW Police know you?"Google Archive
September 10, 2000"the general division of the nsw court"Google Archive
September 25, 2000"Canadian and Australian attorneys, acting on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Research Group, have instruction to initiate all avenues of civil and criminal complaint"By fax
October 3, 2000"I have been advised by Canadian and Australian authorities to file a formal complaint subject to criminal proceedings in both jurisdictions"By fax
October 24, 2000"how you coping with that recent visit from the NSW police Service?"Google Archive
October 25, 2000"mr. recidivist-ditch doesn't like to take orders, so he lost it right in front the cops....had to be restrained"Google Archive
November 1, 2000"rumour has it the New South Wales Police Service, as instructed by the Australian Federal Police Service have had enough with mr.hate-ditch, and have read him the riot act......even the prime minister's office has become involved!"Google Archive
November 2, 2000"and when you go to court..plead's not much of a stretch....and i'm sure there won't be any objections..."Google Archive
November 2, 2000"convicted felon"Google Archive
November 2, 2000"mr. pedo-ditch has been served by the nsw police service"Google Archive
November 2, 2000"attracted the interests of the australian federal police services, the new south wales police service"Google Archive
November 11, 2000"Happy to report that a quick query and $20.00 latter to the New South Wales Court and we have a "current list" of all actions against Peter Bowditch and Gebesse Computer Consulting"Google Archive
November 19, 2000"multiple libel actions in australia and abroad"Google Archive
January 7, 2001"many legal actions joining Telstra in libel and defamation actions"Google Archive
January 18, 2001GAL speaking: "I am filing complaints with the NSW"
January 29, 2001GAL speaking: "I have taken the liberty of emailing the gentleman in question and received correspondence from his counsel and copies of correspondence sent to his counsel from a variety of sources in his juridiction and yours" and "I have been solicited to provide witness to your libel and defamation of the gentleman in question"
February 2, 2001GAL speaking: "What is your liability for posting/publishing information on your site that you know is false or that you have inappropriately attributed authorship? (You're just about to find out)!!!!!"
February 3, 2001GAL speaking: "seems the AFP ... are in and out of your site almost as much as you are" (AFP=Australian Federal Police)
February 25, 2001GAL speaking: "Australian authorities advise, sites like the Millenium Project are subject to regulation under Australia's new broadcast laws as it concerns the internet......complaints have been received and action has been taken"
March 9, 2001GAL speaking: "recent correspondence offers assistance and condolences from both the Australian Computer Society and the Australian Federal Police..."
March 19, 2001GAL speaking: 'the afp considers your actions as "stalking"'
March 27, 2001GAL speaking: "I have been in contact with the gentlemen you happen to call GAl and I assure within a feew days he well be bringing up legal proceedings against your site in the New South Wales Court,and he has asked me to bear witness to your lunacy and madness!!!"
April 1, 2001GAL speaking: "I will give you 24hrs,no more,no less to delete the CCRG Correspondence ... The Australian High court has made several rulings before on this,in my favor I might add! So delete these 2 items and we will call it even.Or face severe and immediate legal retribution......."
May 12, 2001GAL speaking: "We have been instructed by the family to bring an action against you and your internet service provider, and have initiated same"
May 25, 2001"In the event these materials have not been removed from your website by the close of business on Monday May 28, 2001, we will be taking all necessary steps to have these materials removed from your website"
June 21, 2001'American attorney who told me he was going to "sue my ass"'Google Archive
June 21, 2001GAL speaking: "A few phone calls and a few questions later, we've found that you have a very unual past and criminal history that has caused you and your family quite a bit of grief"
June 25, 2001"one more libel action to paper my walls with"Google Archive
June 26, 2001"Legal action commenced on June 26, 2001, where Statements of Claim have been filed in relevant jursidictions naming Mr. Bowditch as defendant"Google Archive
June 26, 2001"I've been served!. Apparently he represents the good Dr Stephen Barrett."Google Archive
June 27, 2001"Interpol has become involved"Google Archive
June 28, 2001"We have initiated both civil and criminal action naming Mr. Bowditch"
July 31, 2001"hey bowditch, you useless piece of shit......glad to see you're being sued again and again and again...."
August 1, 2001From a tribute site: "Bowditch has missed the deadline to file a statement of defence, in which case that part of the action concerning Bowditch has been awarded to Bolen. Although enforcement of a California judgement in Australia is rare, it can be done. In fact, we have been advised that a New South Wales court in presently reviewing the judgement"Tribute site
August 28, 2001"Prove it or detract your comments. Otherwise, I will formally deal with you"Google Archive
September 10, 2001"by the way, the horwin's were so disgusted by peter-philes libel of their son Alexander, they intend on filing a statement of claim"Google Archive
September 11, 2001"The Horwin's will sue Mr. Bowditch, just as Mr. O'Neill has sued Mr. Bowditch, and jsut as Dr. Clark's people sued Mr. Bowditch, just as Visa sued Mr. Bowditch for almost $20,000.00 in deliquent cred card payments"Google Archive
September 14, 2001"Or is the part where you're held accountable for your actions and ordered to pay damages and costs by the courts?"Google Archive
September 21, 2001"and thank mr. bowditch for starting the translates to punitive damages....."Google Archive
September 25, 2001"has been recently served in civil action"Google Archive
November 7, 2001"have been advised that Mr. Bowditch has a vast history of fraud and invention, combined with a criminal record"Link
November 9, 2001"I will persue every criminal and civil action"
November 24, 2001"He is the subject of multiple civil actions and criminal investigation for his internet activites"Tribute Site
November 29, 2001"Unemployed criminal....served time for fraud!"Tribute Site
November 29, 2001"He is under investigation by the Australian Federal Police Service"Tribute Site
November 30, 2001"there's no sex like prison sex"Tribute Site
December 12, 2001"Given that Bowditch is an unemployed ex-con"Google Archive
December 26, 2001"The real is taking legal action against mister zoloft-ditch in their own quest for justice"Google Archive
December 30, 2001"he has been served"Google Archive
December 31, 2001"Bowditch has been sued numerous times and lost ... However, he now faces charges in the United States that have criminal implications for which he could be extradicted."Tribute Site
December 31, 2001"bowditch may be a convicted felon with an axe to grind"Google Archive
January 1, 2002"let's bring your $10M US libel, defamation and racketeering action into the picture"Google Archive
January 11, 2002"convict-ditch"Google Archive
January 23, 2002"Bowditch is a criminal"Google Archive
February 2, 2002"The poliec have been invovled and at our house a number of times" – Mr O'Neill pretending to be my daughter.Google Archive
February 12, 2002GAL Speaking: "we are told the kind of hate you peddle in the guise of pseudo-scepticism is a criminal offence in Australia..."
February 18, 2002"you're gonna need the money to defend yourself in your latest action?"Google Archive
February 18, 2002"multiple convictions for a variety of petty crimes. During his almost 18 years in prison"Tribute Site
February 18, 2002"your own government says your a criminal"Google Archive
February 20, 2002"18 years in prison" ... "ex-criminal"Tribute Site
February 26, 2002not only will bowditch be remembered for his other "criminal" chargesGoogle Archive
March 30, 2002GAL speaking: By the way, the hearing was convened and neither you nor your lawyers were anywhere to be seen. Guess we move onto the next step where we get our judgement in "absentia".
April 29, 2002"convicted pedophile from Australia"Google Archive
August 15, 2002"the NSW Police have charged you with stalking a lady named Christine"Google Archive
August 19, 2002GAL speaking: "Bowditch is the subject of a criminal investigation in Australia"Google Archive
August 22, 2002GAL speaking: "now not only a convicted criminal but now a criminal lair"Google Archive
September 28, 2002GAL speaking: "his multiple civil actions for libel and defamation and criminal investigations into his acts of fraud and forgery"
September 29, 2002GAL speaking: "Multiple civil actions and criminal investigations into the activities of Peter Bowditch!"Google Archive
September 29, 2002GAL speaking: "So many legal actions and criminal investigations"Google Archive
October 8, 2002GAL speaking: "being criminally investigated by the NSW Police for fraud, forgery and harassment"Google Archive
October 10, 2002GAL Speaking: "He has been charged and served"Google Archive
October 26, 2002GAL speaking: "Bowditch is being criminally investigated"Google Archive
November 5, 2002GAL reviewed this site at Alexa: "criminally investigated for fraud, forgery and crimianl harassment"
November 7, 2002"criminally charged with fraud,forgery and harassment by the NSW Police"Google Archive
November 8, 2002GAL sent me a card!Card
November 18, 2002GAL sent me another card!Card
December 27, 2002GAL speaking: "Your government people tell me they're working with the police to have you charged!"
January 1, 2003GAL speaking: "criminal charges will laid against you and you will be served in an unusual civil action"
January 8, 2003"criminal investigation by the NSW Police of Bowditch"
March 17, 2003"he is the subject of a criminal investigation by the NSW Police"
May 19, 2003"being investigated for criminal charges"
June 2, 2003GAL emailed one of my clients: "bowditch is currenlt under criminal investigation for internt fraud"
June 2, 2003GAL emailed someone else and snivelled "currently under criminal investigation for internet fraud by the NSW Police"
June 4, 2003GAL ranting: "Has failed to file a statement of defence in a recent civil action"Google Archive
June 4, 2003GAL slobbering: "charges of internet fruad, criminal harassment, stalking and indentity theft"Google Archive
December 14, 2003GAL trying to add a site to a web ring: "under criminal invetsiagtion for internet fraud"
December 16, 2003GAL squawking: "denied access to US because of pending criminal charges for internet fraud"Google Archive
December 17, 2003GAL dreaming: "he is under criminal investigation in Australia"Google Archive
December 8, 2004"Convicted Pedophile"Tribute site
February 20, 2005"a long running list criminal offences"
March 11, 2005"how many times youve been sued and criminally charged"
August 9, 2006"Liar/Unemployed/Convict"
December 15, 2006"known convict and liar Peter BowditchGoogle Archive
January 4, 2007GAL oozing: "Ex-convict (assault and battery)Google Archive
January 15, 2007GAL playing with itself: "A convicted felon. Convicted and incarcerated in 1988 for aggravated assault"Google Archive
January 20, 2007"Convicted Felon"Google Archive
December 19, 2007"18 months for aggravated assault"Google Archive
February 3, 2009"Bowditch has served time for aggravated assault and hate crimes"Google Archive

And one last thing … (4/5/2013)
I hoped it wasn't someone playing a cruel April Fool's joke when I saw this news in the Ottawa Citizen on April 1.

Yes, folks, the beloved William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group and its descendants has gone to the great cesspit in the sky, taking the Gutless Anonymous Liar with him. Sadly, he died quickly and not of cancer. I posted a message to his memorial guest book, but unfortunately some technical glitch prevented it from being published.

I will maintain my own memorial to him here by archiving his correspondence with me and also the wonderful messages he sent wearing his Gutless Anonymous Liar mask. It would be a tragedy for this valuable collection of literature to disappear.


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