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Read the CCRG Correspondence File
The GAL Chronicles

Canadian Cancer Research Group
Following the timely and welcome death of the founder of CCRG, the web site of this despicable organisation finally disappeared in late 2014.

The following was written in February 2000.

The man who owns this site has a son who was diagnosed with cancer. The son had surgery for one tumour and radiation and chemotherapy for another and now appears to be cured. His parents are suing the doctors who saved his life.

This site claims to have the best database of information about cancer in the world and also offers advice about handling cancer. There would be no problem if the database led patients and their families to qualified oncologists, hospitals specialising in handling certain types of cancer, medical researchers who were investigating new treatment methods, reports of new pharmaceutical advances or doctors specialising in treating certain rare complaints. Much of this information would be available in medical journals or through networks (both formal and informal) such as specialist colleges, seminars and conferences, but nobody can know everything so a comprehensive database of current knowledge would be an invaluable resource.

Unfortunately, the words and testimonials offered on the site suggest that the sort of advice people get leads them to expensive, unproven treatments using methods that real scientists have either rejected or see as extremely speculative.

Anyone with cancer has legitimate reasons to be concerned; anyone told that they are dying has reason to feel desperate. Meeting the concern and desperation with promises (or even suggestions) of miracle cures is a reprehensible practice and it is not made better just by having a fancy and good-looking web site.

I had written the commentary above but had not yet loaded it up to the web site when the following email came in:

From:          "CCRG" <>
To:            <>
Subject:       Canadian Cancer Research Group
Date sent:     Thu, 17 Feb 2000 08:35:54 -0500

Please be advised that in the event reference, link, or mention of the above website, group, or related individuals is not removed from your website by the close of business Friday, February 18, 2000, a libel action will be filed with the World Court seeking exemplary and punitive damages.

Please act accordingly.

William P. O'Neill
Canadian Cancer Research Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Well, it's now past the close of business on the day specified and all I can say is that I am still referring to the Canadian Cancer Research Group, I am linking to its web site, I am mentioning its web site which is at, I am mentioning that the Canadian Cancer Research Group is a group, and I am displaying the name of Mr William P. O'Neill. The amazing thing is that the legal action was threatened when the only thing on this site was the group's name and a link to its web site, without any comment. I always assumed that you made web sites to get attention, but these people must be extremely frightened of something if they think that my referring to them is a significant threat.

Mr O'Neill should possibly get some better legal advice, as I am sure the World Court (or International Court of Justice) would be a bit surprised if we turn up in The Hague with our teams of lawyers to settle a libel suit, given that the court mainly deals with disputes between nations (although it has just accepted that it can consider accusations of war crimes). As the current load at the time of writing includes a dispute between Nicaragua and Honduras over territorial waters, a charge by Pakistan that India shot down one of its planes, and a lot of cases involving Yugoslavia and the countries which were part of the recent NATO activity in that part of the world, I imagine that it might be some time before they could fit us in.

Update - March 4, 2000

You may notice how polite I was towards the Canadian Cancer Research Group in my original comments. That was before Sandra Schmirler died. Ms Schmirler was the captain of the Canadian curling team which won the gold medal at the Nagano Winter Olympics and, like most sporting champions, was somewhat of a folk hero in her native country. She died on the morning of Thursday, March 2, 2000, from cancer. She left behind her husband Shannon and her two daughters, Sara (2) and Jenna (8 months).

On February 11, Ms Schmirler held a press conference where she talked about how, in her desperation, she had turned to the Canadian Cancer Research Group for help when it seemed that there was little hope of success from the treatment she was already receiving. She talked at that press conference about her hopes for the future, about how she was about to start doing commentaries on and even participating again in the sport she loved. She talked about her joy at bathing her daughter for the first time. Three weeks later she was dead.

Sandra Schmirler's funeral will be held on Monday, March 6, and it will be televised. At first I thought that William O'Neill of CCRG might be too ashamed to watch the funeral, but then I remembered that people like him are incapable of feeling ashamed. He will probably turn up for a photo opportunity, that is if he isn't too busy giving advice or going to the bank to deposit the proceeds.

Don't bother threatening to sue me, Mr O'Neill. The money you would waste trying to frighten me on the other side of the world would be better applied to setting up an educational trust for Jenna and Sara. After all, they don't have a mother any more.

You can read Ms Schmirler's story in the book Sandra Schmirler: The Queen of Curling. by journalist Perry Lefko and Shannon England (Ms Schmirler's husband). The book is now out of print, but used copies are available through

As an indicator of Mr O'Neill's vileness, eight hours after Sandra Schmirler's death, he was searching this web site for the word "fuck". He also used an identifiable IP address in February 2002 when he wrote to me pretending to be Ms Schmirler's husband.

Mr. Bowditch:

I will ask you once and only once: remove the materials on your web site concerning my deceased wife.

Shannon England

See the CCRG Correspondence File and The GAL Chronicles for further communications from Mr O'Neill.

And here are some statistics about my relationship with Mr O'Neill.

I am building a chronological collection of everything I've written here about CCRG, Mr O'Neill, or the Gutless Anonymous Liar. You can start reading the saga up until the end of 2001 here.

The Saga of Mr William P O'Neill and CCRG
Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Sleazy cancer quack sinks to new low (19/10/2002)
Regular readers of The Millenium Project will be aware of Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group. Mr O'Neill has been writing garbage and threats directed towards me for a long time now, and he occasionally uses anonymiser services to write to me or to post messages to Usenet newsgroups. The method of transmission of these messages hides the originator and makes it impossible to reply to the messages. For a long time I pretended that I didn't know where these messages came from and maintained a separate collection in the GAL Chronicles. When Mr O'Neill commented on the birth of my grandson with the words "kill it quick and kill it good before it multiplies", I decided that it was time to stop pretending. I will still maintain the two collections - the CCRG Correspondence File for identifiable messages and the GAL Chronicles for anonymous, cowardly attacks - but nobody needs to be in any doubt about the source of the messages.

Just in case anyone wonders about my opinion of what Mr O'Neill does for a living, he is no different to the other cancer quacks like Hulda Clark, Lorraine Day, Stan Burzynski and so on who have no cures, no treatments, nothing to offer except false hope, empty wallets and full coffins. Mr O'Neill's "advice" shortened the lives of at least two people, Olympic athlete Sandra Schmirler and academic Annette Pypops. He encouraged Ms Schmirler to hold a press conference promoting his fraudulent business a few days before she died, and eight hours after her death he was searching this site for the word "fuck". He even pretended to be Ms Schmirler's husband in one of his messages to me. For almost two years after her death the CCRG web site carried a testimonial from Ms Pypops attesting to how well she was feeling. Mr O'Neill has on many occasions lied about suing me and lied about other people suing me. Now is his chance. He can tell his lawyers that I called him a liar, a fraud, and a person who would steal from the dead and dying. In fact, if he gives me the fax number of his lawyers I will tell them myself.

Speaking of charlatans and cancer ... (4/2/2006)
I finally got a chance to look at the CTV television show about Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to see someone blatantly lie and then see the lies exposed. The film crew took a hidden camera into CCRG and caught Mr O'Neill saying such things as that he had never lost a patient with prostate cancer and that he had an 80% cure rate for some other cancers. When they finally got to interview him face-to-face they asked him about these claims and he simply denied ever saying these things. When they offered to show him the tape of the earlier visit he said that it had to be cleared by his lawyer first and then ran away (well, he didn't run but he terminated the interview). When they offered him copies of written statements from CCRG he claimed that they were forgeries and, just as he used to do when he wrote to me in non-GAL mode, said that they were the subject of current criminal and civil legal action. So predictable. So crooked. You can see the four parts of the show here.

Remembering the departed (8/3/2008)
On March 2, 2000, Canadian curling champion Sandra Schmirler died of cancer. Her life was shortened significantly by a decision to reject medical treatment and to rely on snake oil and quackery. The person responsible for her early death was Mr William P O'Neill of an outfit called the Canadian Cancer Research Group. Mr O'Neill commemorated the anniversary of her death by posting the following message to Usenet. The content of the message and the fact that Mr O'Neill felt the need to post it anonymously should be sufficient evidence to demonstrate the quality of care and service that can be expected at Mr O'Neill's clinic.

Every time Tim Bolen posts facts about CrazyTerry Polevoy, IncontinentStephen Barrett, Or CrankyBobby Baratz, poor unfortunate PeterPhile Bowditch (having recently moved from one rental in the city to another rental in the middle of nowhere,and now can truly boast that he is the backwoodsass- countryfuck he is known to be)jumps in with usual bullshit pretending he actually knows something. Most recent is his response to Bolen's query of Ilena Rosenthal concerning payments she has received from Barrett as part of her settlement in her court victory.

Like most things, Bowditch pretends he actually knows what's going on. And of course in most instances he lies...He lies about Ilena Rosenthal, he lies about the safety of vaccines, he lies about his criminal record, he lies about restraining orders his children have filed against him.....everything that comes out of his piehole is a lie.....

And of course BlowDitch will respond with more lies..and his usual buttplugg aupporters will line up to defend his greatness.....

Thank you, Mr O'Neill. Your words say more about you than I ever could.

CCRG back from the dead (30/5/2009)
I haven't heard much lately from Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group. Of course, ever since he wished for the death of my grandson I haven't been worried that rats might eat out his eyes and maggots might gnaw on his genitals, even though such thoughts are pleasant. He has been leaving me alone, and that is just how I like it. It appears, however, that there has been a lull in cancer curing in Ottawa and he has found time to complain about someone else's web site, in this case one run by Dr Terry Polevoy. Following the path now so frequently used by those who want to suppress criticism but can't call on any facts, he whined to Dr Polevoy's web host about a breach of copyright. I can't check now because the ISP folded and removed Dr Polevoy's site, but I would almost bet money that there was no copyright breach.

The ISP in question is in Utah. Here is my email to them in support of Dr Polevoy's right to freedom of speech and opinion.

I have been informed that following a complaint from Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group you have disabled the web site of Dr Terry Polevoy at

Before acting on complaints made by Mr O'Neill it might be worthwhile looking at Mr O'Neill's history of complaints and the character of the man himself.

At you can see several years' worth of attacks on me and my family by Mr O'Neill. If you care to wade through the bilge you can see several obscene references to my wife and daughters.

At you can see more of the same where Mr O'Neill made anonymous comments. I used to pretend that I didn't know it was him until he commented about the birth of my grandson with the message "kill it quick and kill it good before it multiplies" to a public newsgroup. (You can see the post at health.alternative/msg/2b61b27154abec78)

It's not just Dr Polevoy and I who have a poor opinion of Mr O'Neill. You can see a television show about him at WFIVE_dr_hope_main_060127/20060131?hub=WFive in which he says that he can cure cancer and then denies saying it when presented with the evidence of the statement.

Please reinstate Dr Polevoy's web site. If you are going to act on complaints, then at least limit that action to complaints made by people whose opinions might matter.

This email will be published on my web site, The Millenium Project, and I will report your response as soon as I know what it is.

Thank you.

Look what's back! (23/7/2011)
There was a ripple on the surface of the swamp. Bubbles of methane rose from the rotting garbage at the bottom. A familiar smell of putrefaction spread across the surface. And there it was - yes, the Gutless Anonymous Liar had put in an appearance.

For those unfamiliar with GAL, it is the alter ego of Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group. Mr O'Neill has had me as a project for many years and has never tired of lying to people about me, my family and this web site. I have to give him credit for persistence as an ordinary person would have given up when faced with the level of failure that Mr O'Neill has experienced.

Previous correspondence from Mr O'Neill can be seen here, and you can see him pretending to be someone else here.

Google archiveFrom: Anne Onime <>
Subject: Dead Organs of the "QuackBusters"
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 17:44:09 +0200 (CEST)

Welcome back, Mr O'Neill. You haven't been around for some time. Where have you been?

Tragic news....The "Australian Council Against Health Fraud" is no more! According to Bowditch, the "council's" only member,

You have access to the membership list? Please email me a copy. If you can't, which you can't, you will be revealed as the liar we always knew you were.

Oh, did I just defame Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group by calling him a liar? Why, yes I did. And unlike Mr O'Neill, I am not too frightened and ashamed to use my own name.

Sue me, Mr O'Neill. Like you have promised to do on so many prior occasions.

"after eight years of successfully fighting health fraud, the ACAHF" is closing its doors. Really.. "eight years of successfully fighting health fraud"...Examples please... And where, according to the now defunct organization, are the vast sums of monies raised for ethical investment? (Bowditch wouldn't know ethical if it bit him in the arse.)

You have access to the ACAHF's bank accounts? Please email me a copy. If you can't, which you can't, you will be revealed as the liar we always knew you were.

Oh, did I just defame Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group by calling him a liar? Why, yes I did. And unlike Mr O'Neill, I am not too frightened and ashamed to use my own name.

Sue me, Mr O'Neill. Like you have promised to do on so many prior occasions.

There is no scarcity of ignorance, arrogance, lies and deception amongst the "quackbusting" movement. Setting up pretend organizations like the ACAHF is no different than Barrett's limp organ, Quackwatch or Polevoy's flaccid Healthwatcher. Barrett and Quackwatch are delightfully under siege in the well publicized law suit with Doctor's Data and Polevoy hasn't published anything new on the internet for over two years or in fact been seen anywhere since he lost his law suit against Ilena Rosenthal. Juicy rumours have it that Polevoy declared bankruptcy to avoid the Rosenthal judgement and has been forced to close the doors of his pustulating pimple spa and is now showing up at a run down walk-in clinic in downtown Waterloo plying his trademarked brand of abuse on new unsuspecting patients.

It is quite a humorous delight to witness these incredible little pricks getting everything they deserve and in a very public way. One the best parts of all of this is "The Bolen Report". Bolen reports and Barrett, Polevoy cringe while Bowditch brilliantly rebuts by calling Tim, Pat....Brilliant!

I have to say this for Tim Bolen, Mr O'Neill - unlike you, he is not frightened and ashamed to use his own name. Why do you always post anonymously, Mr O'Neill?

You truly deserve the title Gutless Anonymous Liar.

Oh, did I just defame Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group by calling him a liar? Why, yes I did. And unlike Mr O'Neill, I am not too frightened and ashamed to use my own name.

Sue me, Mr O'Neill. Like you have promised to do on so many prior occasions.

What's that smell of decay? (5/11/2011)
ApparentlyA white feather for Mr O'Neill. it was a slow day in the Canadian cancer quackery business, so Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group put on his Gutless Anonymous Liar mask and launched the following noisome piece of flatulence into the world of Usenet. What is amusing is that Burzynski is a competitor for Mr O'Neill in the cancer quackery business, and if Burzynski is 1% right (which he is not of course), then Mr O'Neill's cancer "cure" is 100% wrong. But since when has such an inconsistency bothered anyone who is in the business of stealing money from desperate people?

As usual, he was too cowardly to put his name to it and had to use a remailer which hid his identity. Cowards are like that. They say things but make sure that nobody can talk back. I replied to the newsgroup even though I know his broad yellow stripe hangs over his eyes, but my reply is meant for other people who might come across the message in the various places that archive newsgroups.

From: Nomen Nescio <>
Subject: Peter Bowditch: Convicted Felon to be sued by Burzynski
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, No truth! No courage! No value!30 Oct 2011 19:58:08 +0100 (CET)

Welcome back, Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group.

For those who came in late, you can read Mr O'Neill's acknowledged correspondence with me at

and him trying to hide at

No surprise that convicted felon ('80's charge, conviction and incarceration for aggravated assault) Peter Bowditch of Australia

Oh, I love this, and it makes me smile every time Mr O'Neill brings it up.

is soon be in front of the courts again. Bowditch has been noticed with a "Cease & Desist" order by in-house legal counsel for

There has been no "Cease and desist order".

the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas. In an unusual act of bravery (stupidity), Bowditch has boldy published the "Cease & Desist" demand letter on his hate site.

Of course I published it. The policy relating to publication of such emails has been there since 1999.

Seems he's following the good example of Stephen Barrett who is currently being sued by Doctors Data Laboratory for $10M US. Bowditch, like Barrett believe they are omnipotent in all matters of science and medicine, immune from recourse, and above the law. They are both about to find otherwise.

What was the first time you threatened me with legal action, Mr O'Neill?

Oh, that's right - February 17, 2000, when I was being dragged into the "World Court". The first of 111 such accusations.

With Barrett on the ropes and near death, Terry Polevoy bankrupt and missing, there is only Bowditch left. And no doubt Bowditch has the cash flow and reserves from his "ethical investments" of the recently defunct "dead organ" The Australian Council Against Health Fraud". But maybe not? Apparently Bowditch couldn't afford the annual upkeep of his pretend council...internet fees, filing tax returns....But then there's "Gebesse Computer Consultants"....Bowditch's pretend "employer". Certainly there are enough resources there defend the Burzynski action?

As there will be no action there will be nothing to defend.

For further information concerning development in this case see the facebook group "Burzynski vs Peter Bowditch"

It almost goes without saying that no such group or page exists at Facebook. After all, Mr O'Neill has never told the truth about anything else in all the time he has been pursuing his risible campaign against me so why should he start now?

Did I suggest that Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group does not tell the truth? I hope I did.

Look what's bobbed up (11/2/2012)
Every now and then people feel the need to mention my name in blogs and other places. A few weeks ago my name appeared in the Australian Vaccination Network blog (I was being lied about, of course) and it elicited the following comment:

No truth! No Courage! No value!Yes, that's right - Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group had donned his Gutless Anonymous Liar mask and expressed his opinion.

Now, here's the thing - all comments on this blog have to be approved by the moderator (I am blocked from commenting) and this was approved almost immediately. A friend told me that he had posted a comment several hours earlier and at least five comments had been approved after he posted but his comment had not appeared. So it seems that defaming me anonymously gets immediate release but legitimate criticism of anything in the blog gets careful attention before being made available to readers.

Mr O'Neill's message was removed after about three days of ridicule and complaints to the blog owner (not complaints by me - I didn't really care and I'm blocked from all forms of communication with the blog owner), but now we know - offensive, lying, defamatory remarks about people who support vaccination will be approved immediately without even considering whether their content might be true. I suppose, though, that this is consistent with lying about vaccines, where truth is never a consideration.

Speaking of turds ... (21/4/2012)
I was attacked on Twitter during the week by a particularly vile anti-vaccination liar named Liz Hempel. She has been allowed free rein in Australian Vaccination Network forums to defame and abuse any critics of the AVN, and as she has not been reined in even after many complaints one can only assume she speaks for the AVN and with the approval of its management..

She started on me with an anonymous account and got upset when I pointed out that anonymous critics are both worthless and also liars by definition as they don't tell people their real names. She then announced that she had blocked me, which means that neither of us can see each other's messages. As she kept attacking me and I could see the posts I pointed out that she must have been lying about blocking me. She then said that she had created a new account and it was the other account that had me blocked. As both accounts had exactly the same user name I treated this as another lie.

In one of her rancid posts she started talking about my criminal record, using words that seemed to come from the pen of Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group. It included the claim that I had been convicted of contempt of court. Yes, a contempt charge was engineered against me by the pyramid scheme operator that sued me in 2005 (and I mean engineered - they set it up). Three allegations were made and all were rejected by the court. This happened on September 23, 2005.

I wondered where she had got this information from as she seems too dumb to have invented it herself. A Google search turned up something I hadn't seen before - a blog named Dead Peter Bowditch, created in 2005 with a single post in it. The writing style is so familiar that I have absolutely no doubt who made it.

Misspelling the Judge's name once is a mistake. Misspelling it four times reflects the mental capacity of the author, as if there could be any doubt about that.

Coincidentally, someone started posting messages to Usenet groups this week using my company's name as a user ID. The anonymous person was clever enough to use a system which revealed their IP address, and it just happens to be a cable internet customer of Videotron in, guess where - Canada. That account might not be long for this world as the complaint has already been filed.

Are Canadian cancer patients safe at last? (9/6/2012)
I haven't heard much lately from Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group. For those who came in late, Mr O'Neill made me a long-standing project starting in early 2000. His first email to me was this:

From: "peter bowditch" <>
Subject: fetid dung heap
Date sent: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 01:34:47 GMT

you are such an incredibly dumb fuck...........and your wife's a real babe..........

you deserve all the lawsuits you fetid dung heap

Yes, it was posted anonymously, but I soon found out where it came from.

A few days later this attempt at writing comedy came in:

From: "CCRG" <>
Subject: Canadian Cancer Research Group
Date sent: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 08:35:54 -0500

Please be advised that in the event reference, link, or mention of the above website, group, or related individuals is not removed from your website by the close of business Friday, February 18, 2000, a libel action will be filed with the World Court seeking exemplary and punitive damages.

Please act accordingly.

William P. O'Neill
Canadian Cancer Research Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

No truth. No courage. No value.For the next several years a regular stream of lunacy from this quack was spread by email and through Usenet newsgroups. You can see the collection where he identified himself at the CCRG Correspondence File, and the anonymous stuff from the Gutless Anonymous Liar in the GAL Chronicles. Enjoy!

The 99 names of ...

Over the years, Mr O'Neill has had several obsessions. As examples, he has announced legal action against me or evidence of my criminal record on 111 occasions, has announced 71 times that I am bankrupt and, one of my personal favourites, created 141 kindergarten versions of my name. You can see the full set of statistics here. Of course, truth has never mattered much to Mr O'Neill, a trait shared with all other cancer quacks. (It was interesting to see him spring to the defence of Stanislaw Burzynski. If Burzynski is 1% right then Mr O'Neill is 100% wrong, but who cares when there is money to be made by stealing it from desperate people?)

What reminded me about Mr O'Neill this week is that I did my normal monthly check for broken links and found that the CCRG web site is totally unreachable. And I mean totally. A trace across the 'net gets as far as a server in Texas but stops there as that machine seems to be turned off. The domain name is still current, but for some reason ownership is hidden. (Doing this for a commercial site makes almost no sense. I do a similar thing for, but that is because I learnt a lesson when I was sued. In any case, I'm still too easy to find. Ownership of my commercial domains is very public, as it should be.)

And why should this matter? Well, on 63 occasions Mr O'Neill has told the world that the web site has been closed by someone, never to return. 63 times. Sixty-three! You will forgive me if I smile a little at the thought that this revolting man and his deadly business have finally gone to that great sewer in the sky. I won't break out the champagne just yet because things like CCRG have a habit of sprouting from hidden corruption like toadstools after a storm, but I'll keep the flute glasses handy.

Cancel the good news (23/6/2012)
The system I use to check for broken links and missing web sites doesn't tell me about anything until it's been returning the same error for three months. This is deliberate, and allows for temporary connection errors, people moving sites from one place to another, forgetting to pay the hosting bill (I forgot this myself once and came within a day or two of this site going dark), and other things which fix themselves after a short interruption. Last week my link checker told me that Mr William P O'Neill and the Canadian Cancer Research Group had been unreachable for the qualifying period.

Sadly, reader Karen F has detected a recrapulation of the site. It is back and as bad as ever, full of lies and promises to desperate people and with a puppy-like eagerness to steal all their money.

The CCRG site went missing once before, so I wonder why it goes into occasional hibernation. Lack of funds, legal problems, who knows. One thing you can be sure of, Mr O'Neill doesn't take it down as a gesture of good will towards cancer patients, who can only benefit by deceptive, thieving quackery sites being off the air.

And one last thing ... (4/5/2013)
I hoped it wasn't someone playing a cruel April Fool's joke when I saw this news in the Ottawa Citizen on April 1.

Yes, folks, the beloved William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group and its descendants has gone to the great cesspit in the sky, taking the Gutless Anonymous Liar with him. Sadly, he died quickly and not of cancer. I posted a message to his memorial guest book, but unfortunately some technical glitch prevented it from being published.

I will maintain my own memorial to him here by archiving his correspondence with me and also the wonderful messages he sent wearing his Gutless Anonymous Liar mask. It would be a tragedy for this valuable collection of literature to disappear.

Good news week. (13/9/2014)
The remnants of the band Queen are currently touring Australia (with the replacement for Freddie Mercury getting a surprisingly good reception from fans - he really is excellent) although I wasn't able to see them in Sydney. My disappointment has been heightened, because I would have loved to sing along with "Another One Bites The Dust". The reason for this is that my link check showed that the web site for the Canadian Cancer Research Group is no more. It is dead, has fallen off the perch, and has gone to join the sewer invisible. For those unfamiliar with CCRG, it was the web site of Mr William P O'Neill who did the world a favour by dying in March 2013. Here is the condolence message I posted on his family's memorial site.

For thirteen years this vile creature published lies about me and my family, using the foulest language known to man. He contacted businesses and organisations I could be connected to and lied to them about me. He used to pop up on almost any blog or forum where my name was mentioned and say disgusting things about me. The fact that he caused the early deaths of at least two people but used them in advertising (and at one stage pretended to be the husband of one of them when he emailed me) shows the depth of his vileness. You can see the record of his interaction with me here, including the mass of email and Usenet messages he created (many of them with a transparent anonymity).

I fully expected that the site would just wither away after he died or that someone would take over his quackery business and continue with his work of deceiving the desperate, but not only has the site gone but the domain name "" now points nowhere at all. In technical terms, it is no longer delegated. This is the result of a trace from my computer to the CCRG site:

But the news might not all be good. Here is the current Whois record for the domain name:

The registration was updated in February this year and is current until the end of January, 2015. The registrant has the email address and the web site associated with that domain name appears to be a retread of the CCRG site using the name "Immune System Management" that Mr O'Neill had been moving towards just before his timely death. It looks like the family is continuing the tradition of lying in order to steal money from desperate people. I wonder if I can get the current owners to also continue the tradition of stalking me. Perhaps I should send an email to "goneill" asking whether I should archive all the CCRG material here or expect to be able to expand it in the future.

The gift that keeps on giving (17/8/2019)
The disgusting cancer quack Mr William P O'Neill of the now extinct Canadian Cancer Research Group might have died in 2013, giving the world cause to celebrate, but his footprints are still out there like the Peluxy "dinosaur and man" tracks in Texas. The Internet never forgets.

While looking for something else this week I came across this entry at a now fossilised web site that allowed people to report spam. No footprints, but mentions of indictment (that's what the "in" means in the list of codes) are the fingerprints of the Gutless Anonymous Liar. And we all know who that really was.

I can now add Nazi to my list of qualifications and memberships, which include the CIA (which I can neither confirm nor deny), the Illuminati (I'm saying nothing), the Masons (you don't seriously want me to say anything, do you?), Mossad (perfect foil for being a Nazi), Australian Skeptics (oh, look - a hit) and a highly paid shill for Big Pharma (and I have a Monsanto hat so Big Farmer too). I'm surprised I've got time for anything else after I go to all the meetings.

A shilling with a picture of a sheeple.

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