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An angel pointing out fundamental rights.Angela Kahealani - Clairvoyant Psychic Healer and Teacher
added 5 July 2001
Here's someone who has figured out how human rights should work everywhere. Apparently, you decide what is right for you and then you live accordingly. This principle applies everywhere and overrides any pretend laws made by other people. Angela has comprehensively proved that all laws are illegal, and, if she believed in such things, would probably like a law to be passed to ban laws. I chose today to add her to the list because it is the day she is going to appear in court to argue that when she was driving without a licence she was not driving without a licence because she was not driving when the police stopped her car and they had no right to stop her car (which she was not driving) because she has no contract with them because she revoked all contracts with the government and she was not in the traffic because "traffic" has two meanings. What a lawyer! She would have got O.J. Simpson off.

The owner of the above site, listed here in July 2001, became affronted that I would advertise her site and send people to look at it. (The complaint message was also sent to my hosting ISP.)

Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 22:00:29 -1000
From: Angela Kahealani <>
Subject: CopyRight Violation

Cease and Desist on: <URL:> the use of my copyrighted image in violation of my copyright notice is hereby noticed to you as constituting damage in the amount of US$500. The image reference is: <URL:> an illegal copy of my artwork. ISP: you should terminate this abusers access to the internet in TOTO, for violation of your terms of service: <URL:> Damages are to be sent to: Angela Kahealani % 6510 Olohena Rd. Kapa`a, Kaua`i, Hawai`i, u.S.A. [96746-8712] Postal Zone Exempt Non Domestic Mail

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From: Peter Bowditch <>
Subject: Re: CopyRight Violation
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 20:49:22 +1100

I find it remarkable that someone who rejects laws feels the need to fall back on such laws. Some would call this hypocrisy. As I have entered into no contract with you, and as of this moment I revoke absolutely any implied contract with you created either now, or in the future, or in the past whether by a process of adhesion or any other construct either legal or philosophical, there is nothing further to discuss.

As the picture is only being used to refer people to your web site, its display on my site is obviously what is meant by the expression "fair use". You should not spend too much time standing by your post box waiting for payment. Should you attempt to assert copyright over the above email message you would run the risk of the exchange spilling over into public discussion forums where it would be beyond my power to prevent you being exposed to ridicule.

Your email and my reply have been added to my web site immediately below the entry pointing to your site. I forbore pointing out that it took a surprisingly long time for you to notice that your site had been mentioned, considering your claims of psychic powers.

The main page of your site does not work, probably because of an error in the JavaScript routine which runs when the page is first accessed.

Have a pleasant day.

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