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This case was dismissed on the application of not-a-medical-Dr Clark's lawyer on July 21, 2001.
See the collapse here.

The insane summonsWhen lawyers and quacks go bad ...

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On November 3, 2000, I was told that I am being sued, along with a group of other people. The set of defendants is not limited to natural persons or corporations, but includes a mailing list at Yahoo! Groups, two real domain names and a non-existent domain name. You can see the contents of this ludicrous law suit here. Defendants are drawn from at least four countries on three continents, and one of the defendants is a strong supporter of the person bringing the suit. The suit charges us with, inter alia:

Unlawful, Unfair, and Fraudulent Business Practices,
Violation of Civil Rights,
Intentional Interference With Prospective Advantage,
Negligent Interference With Prospective Advantage,
Civil Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO),
Abuse of Process,
Civil Conspiracy,
Mail Fraud,
Wire Fraud,
Subornation of Perjury,
Terrorist threats,
Filing false police reports,
Illegal lobbying,
Illegal influence of foreign government officials and/or agencies,
Invasion of Privacy,
Web site tampering,
Internet Spam,
Investigation without license,
Violation of Civil Rights & Free Speech,
Interference with Right of Free Speech and Association.

The Mad Hatter at the Court of HeartsThe entity bringing the suit is New Century Press, the publisher of works of fiction by not-a-medical-doctor Hulda Regehr Clark. Clark has a legitimate PhD degree granted in 1958 and the degree of N.D. awarded by a correspondence school. The latter degree does not seem to be recognised as a qualification for registration as a naturopath in the places where such registration matters.

You may wonder why I call Clark's books "works of fiction". The following extract is from a book called The Cure for All Diseases by Clark.

"For many years we have all believed that cancer is different from other diseases. We believed that cancer behaves like a fire, in that you can't stop it once it has started. Therefore, you have to cut it out or radiate it to death or chemically destroy every cancerous cell in the body since it can never become normal again. NOTHING COULD BE MORE WRONG! And we have believed that cancers of different types such as leukemia or breast cancer have different causes. Wrong again!

In this book you will see that all cancers are alike. They are all caused by a parasite. A single parasite! It is the human intestinal fluke. And if you kill this intestinal parasite, the cancer stops immediately. The tissue becomes normal again. In order to get cancer, you must have this parasite.

How can the human intestinal fluke cause cancer? This intestinal parasite typically lives in the intestine where it might do little harm, causing only colitis or irritable bowel syndrome, or perhaps nothing at all. But if it invades a different organ, like the uterus or kidneys or liver, it does a great deal of harm. If it establishes itself in the liver, it causes cancer!

It only establishes itself in the liver in some people. These people have propyl alcohol in their bodies. All cancer patients (100%) have both propyl alcohol and the intestinal fluke in their livers. The solvent propyl alcohol is responsible for letting the fluke establish itself in the liver. In order to get cancer, you must have both the parasite and propyl alcohol in your body".

Just consider that last paragraph – "All cancer patients (100%) have both propyl alcohol and the intestinal fluke in their livers" and "In order to get cancer, you must have both the parasite and propyl alcohol in your body". Nothing indefinite there. Anyone writing this in a book called "The Cure for All Diseases" is arrogant beyond belief, abysmally ignorant about human disease, knows nothing about the parasite in question, and cares nothing about the health of people who may take the advice in the book. Or she is mad. Or the work is an acknowledged work of fiction. I am assuming the latter. Here's some more:

"Fasciolopsis buski is the fluke (flatworm) that I find in every case of cancer, HIV infection, Alzheimer's, Crohn's disease, Kaposi's, endometriosis, and in many people without these diseases. It's life cycle involves six different stages:.."

"Note that the adult is the only stage that "normally" lives in the human (and then only in the intestine.) Fasciolopsis depends on a snail, called a secondary host, for part of it's life cycle. But when your body has solvents in it, the other five stages can develop in you!"

Fasciolopsis buskiTo see what someone who knows what they are talking about says about F. buski, click on the picture at right. These things grow to about the size of an adult thumb and only occur in parts of South East Asia. The idea that they can be found in every person with cancer is almost as idiotic as the idea that pathologists would always fail to see them when they examine the bodies of cancer patients and victims.

The following came from a (now deceased) web site that tells the "whole" story about the law suit. It says why Clark is "the most dangerous woman in America". When you read this, remember that I used the word "arrogant".

CLARK'S THEORIES, IF PROVEN, will change American Conventional Medicine (as we now know it), and change products that Americans consume.

IF SHE'S RIGHT ABOUT CANCER: (1) the $8.6 billion sales per year American chemotherapy industry is out of business. (2) Conventional Oncologists and Cancer Centers are out of business. (3) the American Cancer Society, and the Cancer Institute will lose ALL semblance of credibility.

IF SHE'S RIGHT ABOUT HIV/AIDS: (1). the huge AIDS chemotherapy industry is out of business. (2). the huge AIDS government bureaucracy which keeps tabs on HIV positive Americans is out of business. (3). the huge scientific research establishment with funding greater than cancer research, is out of business.

IF SHE'S RIGHT THAT the "Zapper" (and other similar electro-medicine and energy medicine devices) can kill viruses, harmful bacteria, and smaller parasites easily within the human body, then the immense "off-the-shelf" cold and flu industry (pharmaceuticals again) are out of business.

IF SHE'S RIGHT THAT the electronic "Syncrometer" (and other similar electro-medicine and energy medicine DETECTION devices) can analyze the human body completely, then, a new age of medicine is born..

IF SHE'S RIGHT ABOUT the effects of benzene and isopropyl alcohol; huge product bases, like women's cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, and much more, will have to find other ingredients

So, the question still remains: why is Clark suing me? If she can do 1% (or even 0.01%) of what she claims then all she has to do is produce some cured people. Awards, honours and billions of dollars will flow her way. The skeptics will be routed. She really has only two choices – produce evidence that she has cured people of cancer and AIDS or admit that her books are fiction and tasteless jokes. Anything else just reveals her as a fraud.

You can see the collapse of this farce here.


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