I am cursed by a curser.

Hail to the Chief! But which Chief?Curse of all Curses added 30 June 2000
Back in March I mentioned that there was some dispute about the succession of the Papacy. Now I find that there are serious questions about the authority of the various Presidents of the USA since Ike assumed the Oval Office. I was having a bit of trouble reading this site, but I just twiddled a dial or two on the little control panel behind my left ear and it all became clear. Just read it and judge for yourself: "This is the medieval ages as far as what goes on behind the scenes by the multi-billion dollar corporations and the others in the corporate-military-intelligence complexes of many countries. Today, 300 plus ??? are American, British and Canadian Holocaust and in several other countries. this is certain to be the case or even many more 1 or 2 generations from now." This site only tells part of the story, though. When I think back to 1953 when Eisenhower became President, I am reminded that that was the same year that the Throne of England changed hands. Yes, the reign of Queen Elizabeth (or "Elizardeth", as she is known to her friends) parallels the false presidencies. Another piece of the jigsaw falls into place. Remember you read it here first.

A holy relic - chriropidy by the CIA.[Observant visitors here may notice that I try to make all the pictures the same width. I was originally going to use the picture of a toenail for this item, but the image of the Presidential Seal was EXACTLY the right size already. There can only be one explanation - they were waiting for me! How did they know I was coming?]

When the incumbent President is a direct descendant of a previous President, there can be no doubt that secrets are being kept within the family. PB October 2003

The owner of the above site was not pleased. In his displeasure he failed to notice that I had already mentioned that the site no longer existed.

Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 16:11:00 EDT
Subject: re: Quintessence of the Loon

Dear sir:

You probably work for the CIA or Department of Defense. I am not certain. I am going to sue you someday for false accusations and slander. The Curse of All Curses you discuss was entirely deleted years ago from Internet and never returned in any form. I would like my name removed, Mr. Stephen P. Naghdi.

Why don't you delete Curse of All Curses and save yourself a large lawsuit? I can and am going to if you don't remove it. How would you know most of what the CIA andDepartment of Defense have done? What if tables were turned and the CIA scientist did things to you?

Stephen P. Naghdi
San Francisco, CA

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