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Dr Philpott Approved Magnetic Therapy Products

[Sadly, Dr Philpott and his magic magnets seemed to collapse into a black hole some time in 2008]

Caruso acting the clown, and much more entertaining than Thomas-John.A peddler of fraudulent magnetic cures for, among other things, cancer has decided that he doesn't like being listed here.

Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 12:09:22 -0700
From: Thomas Strizak
Subject: Got news for you

You are slandering my character and business. You may wish to research :QUANTUM-TRUTH-LANGUAGE-CLAIMS: You may be dealing with it in the very near future. I am going to investigate you very well. Yours appear to be very easily prosecutable crimes. Will be forming a coalition from your links to take care of this very soon. I also smell a class action suit!

PS: Thanks for the hits, great for sales! Your site has been mirrored for evidence.


:Thomas-John: Strizak

Well, Thomas-John, all I can say is sue away. It is very difficult to slander someone (it would actually be libel, as slander has to be spoken, not written) when that someone does such a good job on themself by claiming to be able to cure cancer with magnets which seem to have only a north pole. I would think that any court would rule that this person is playing a clown so successfully that saying that they were talking nonsense would just be a redundant restatement of an obvious truth.

If Thomas-John was pleased about the number of people linking to his site from here before, he will be even more pleased now. Until he whined, there was no comment here, just a link. Now there is a comment saying that he is a lying fraud who pretends to offer cures for diseases but is in reality just a thief and a charlatan.

Speaking of curing cancer with unipole magnets, Thomas-John might like to see how to get nominated for the Medicine and Physics Nobel prizes. I am sure that he, or perhaps Dr Philpott, would be able to do even better than the few people who have won multiple Nobels by winning more than one in a single year.

Coincidentally, the magnet spruiker had a page on his site which gave the details of Nuremberg 2001, that famous court case against me (and some other people and non-people). Perhaps he thought that he would have the same sort of success suing me as not-a-medical-Dr Clark did. I thought so too. I wonder why he didn't have the dismissal of that case featured. Perhaps it was because he just liked lying.

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