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Anti-vaccination Liars

It is almost beyond the comprehension of sane people that there should be organised opposition to vaccines. A special place should be reserved in Hell for people who want to kill or maim children by preventing them from receiving vaccinations.

I thought about changing the word "liars" here after investigation showed that many of these people are simply deluded, often through a lack of scientific knowledge. However, ignorance is no excuse, especially when any attempt to correct the ignorance or error is met with ridicule, spite and pride in ignorance. Something is not less wrong because you don't know it's wrong – the world was round when everyone thought it was flat and bacteria caused diseases before anyone suspected that such tiny organisms existed.

Owners of some of the sites on the pages linked from here have said that they are proud to be here. Some have asked to be added to the list (sometimes without noticing that they were already here). There have been suggestions that this page is a valuable resource and I am doing them a favour, providing perhaps the best place on the Internet for people to find their arguments for sentencing millions of children to death and disability through preventable diseases. I am pleased that they like being here, because it confirms my opinion of them. Look around the rest of the site and see the sort of people they feel comfortable being associated with. Do they feel closest to the peddlers of fake cancer cures on the Health Fraud page? Maybe the nazis, racists and Ku Klux Klan? Perhaps the child rapists at NAMBLA (who also claim to be acting in the interests of children)? Lie down with dogs; get up with fleas. So, come on anti-vaccinationists. Please let me know when your efforts to stop vaccination have been successful so I know when I can expect to see you start campaigning for the banning of sanitation, antibiotics, refrigeration and clean hands.

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You might be surprised that people could use the fact that a violent man beat a child to death as a way of discouraging parents from vaccinating their children, but nothing is too bad or evil for the anti-vaccination liars to exploit. You can read about this disgusting business here, and if you go here you can see how an official body of chiropractors even declared the killer a hero. Yes, they used the word "hero". At one stage the killer offered to sell a kidney to raise money for lawyers. As eBay won't allow the sale of human organs (or purportedly human, as in this case), an auction was conducted on this site. You can see the bids here.

The anti-vaccination liars always perform well in the annual Millenium Awards. Here are their achievements:
  • 1999 – Anus Maximus Award – Shaken Babies or Vaccine Damage?
  • 2000 – Quote of the Year – Some nameless anti-vaccination liar
  • 2001 – Anus Maximus Award – Australian Vaccination Network
  • 2001 – Quote of the Year – T. Baker
  • 2001 – Highly Commended: The "Free Yurko" Campaign
  • 2002 – Quote of the Year – Jaquelyn McCandless
  • 2003 – Highly Commended: Coalition for Safe Minds
  • 2004 – Anus Maximus Award – National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center
  • 2004 – Quote of the Year – Professor Boyd Haley
  • 2005 – Quote of the Year – Curtis Tocco, "Majusmaximum", "JB"
  • 2006 – Encouragement Award – Vaccinations Harm Psychic Abilities
  • 2009 – Anus Maximus Award – National Vaccine Information Center
  • 2009 – Quote of the Year – Jim Carrey
  • 2009 – Highly Commended – Jonathon Emord, NVIC lawyer
  • 2009 – Encouragement Award – Australian Vaccination Network
  • 2012 – Quote of the Year – Sherri Tenpenny
  • 2012 – Highly Commended – Judy Wilyman
  • 2012 – Encouragement Award – Tim O'Shea
  • 2013 – Quote of the Year – Cowardly anonymous anti-vaccination liar
  • 2013 – Encouragement Award – Australian Vaccination Network
  • 2014 – Quote of the Year – "Nutritionist" and author Cyndi O'Meara
  • 2014 – Encouragement Award – Homeopathy Plus!
  • 2014 – Encouragement Award – Eisenstein Medical Centers
  • 2015 – Anus Maximus Award – Dr Judy Wilyman, Professor Brian Martin and the University of Wollongong
  • 2015 – Encouragement Award – The entire Australian anti-vaccination liar community
  • 2016-2018 – There were no awards to anyone in these years, but don't assume that the anti-vaccination liars weren't being evil.
  • 2019 – Anus Maximus Award – Taylor Winterstein and the Tay's Way Movement.
  • 2019 – Quote of the Year – Meryl Dorey
  • 2019 – Highly Commended – Superchef Pete Evans
  • 2019 – Highly Commended – Crazy Mothers
  • 2019 – Encouragement Award – All the liars collectively
  • 2020 – Anus Maximus Award – COVID denier "Chef" Pete Evans
  • 2020 – Highly Commended – Billy DeMoss, chiropractor
  • 2020 – Encouragement Award – Jointly to Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree

Encouragement Award  2015The citation when all the Australian anti-vaccination liars won an Encouragement Award in 2015 said:

2015 was a tough year for the Australian anti-vaccination liar community. State legislatures placed restrictions on entry to childcare facilities for unvaccinated children, and the Federal Government has changed the laws about certain taxation and other benefits to make them contingent on children being vaccinated. All forms of conscientious objection, including religious, have been removed and the only exceptions to the rules are for medical reasons. This has caused eruptions of mouth foam from the anti-vaxxers the likes of which I haven't seen since I watched a firefighting demonstration at the airport. Rallies and protest meetings have been called, sometimes attracting crowds in the double figures (even without counting the children, the police or the skeptics who turned up to mock). High Court challenges are being mooted, preceded of course by the obligatory fund raising campaigns.

Huge crowd at an anti-vaccination rally in Canberra (November 2015)

This award is to encourage anti-vaccination liars to keep it up. Keep holding rallies where nobody turns up, keep recording incoherent spittle-flecked rants in Centrelink offices (yes, that really happened), keep paying lawyers to misinterpret the law, keep attacking the parents of children who have died from vaccine-preventable diseases (and keep accusing them of lying about actually having children or killing them to support a pro-vaccine agenda – yes, that really happened), … Doing all these things will reinforce in the public's mind what vile, batshit crazy wastes of oxygen you are. And if you are offended and upset by what I say about what a disgusting lot you are my response will always be "Well, that wasn't a wasted day".

Encouragement Award  2019The citation for the big win by all the anti-vaccination liars collectively in 2019 said:

Another group that should be encouraged into extinction is the vile collection of creatures who insist in the face of all science and reason that vaccines are always harmful. The get offended when I ask them how many dead children have to be in a pile in front of them to trigger a spontaneous orgasm but why should anyone have a problem with offending child killers?

Here's a suggestion for them. Find an isolated island to repeat the experiments conducted on Gruinard Island off Scotland during the 1940s, but instead of just using anthrax cover the island with a slurry of the infectious agents causing measles, pertussis, cervical cancer, polio, chicken pox, diphtheria and anything else you can think of. Make sure there's also parvovirus and feline enteritis there for pets. Then go there and live there and never come back, leaving the rest of the sane world to get on with improving the health, welfare and lifespans of the children of sane parents. Children of the anti-vaxxers should of course be left in the safety of responsible people before their parents depart for the island. We don't wish any harm to come to the children and there are plenty of people who would gladly take care of the kids and ensure they were protected from preventable diseases.

Gruinard Island

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