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Anti-vaccination Liars

The illustration is Charon and the Crossing of the Acheron from Salvador Dali's series based on The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

It is almost beyond the comprehension of sane people that there should be organised opposition to vaccines. A special place should be reserved in Hell for the people who want to kill or maim children by preventing them from receiving vaccinations. This is a special case of health fraud, because most of the other sorts at least pretend to cure something.

You can go here to see  articles I have written which are relevant to vaccination, and here to see  articles by other people.

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International Tribunal for Natural Justice
About vaccine choices – Randall Neustaedter
Affinity Laboratory/Labeling Technologies – Boyd Haley
Age of Autism
Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives – Christine Maggiore
Alliance for Human Research Protection
Alliance for Natural Health
American Life League
Animal Research TAKES Lives – Humans and Animals Both Suffer
Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying – Vernon Coleman
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
Australian Vaccination Network – Meryl Dorey
Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network – Meryl Dorey
Author - Randall Neustaedter OMD
Autism Autoimmunity Project – Raymond Gallup
Autism Research Institute – Bernard Rimland
Beyond Conformity – Hilary Butler
BioNutritionalCare – Renee Tocco
The Bolen Report – Tim Bolen
Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research
The Canary Party
Canine Health Concern – Catherine O'Driscoll
Cansurvive Centre Malaysia
Chase Truth Club – Peter Little (Graeme Little Ne Peter POPE)
Child Health Safety
Childhood Shots Vaccine Education – Mary Tocco
Children of God for Life
Children's Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination
Children's Health Defense – Robert F Kennedy Jr
Chiropractic Board of Australia
Chiropractic Ierano – Dr Joseph Ierano, Doctor of Chiropractic
The Chronicle of Chiropractic
Coalition for Safe Minds
The Commercialization of Childhood Vaccination: A Doctor's Opinion
Compulsory vaccination will kill far more children than it saves – Vernon Coleman
Conspiracy – And suppressed and hidden information – Carole Hubbard
Crazy Mothers
Cry Shame! – Martin Walker
Cutting Edge Holistic Health Catalog
Deborah Dupre' of Duprevent
DeMoss Chiropractic – Billy DeMoss
The Doctor Within – Tim O'Shea
Doctors Are Dangerous – Elaine Hollingsworth – Vaccinations
Dogs Adverse Reactions – Catherine O'Driscoll
Dr Bob Martin
Dr Garry Gordon – World leader in Oral Chelation Therapy
Dr Horowitz – Aids, Ebola, Vaccines – Leonard Horowitz
Dr Rima Reports – Rima E. Laibow
Dr Tenpenny – The ultimate guide to vaccine information, anti-pharma news, and more – Sherri Tenpenny

1-50 | 51-100 | 101-151 | 151-200 | 201-
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