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Site Map

AlphabeticalCategoriesHate MailOther
1 to 100Health FraudMain trancheAbout the site
101 to 2001 to 100CCRGHistory
201 to 300101 to 200GAL ChroniclesCommentaries
301 to 400201 to 300Benny HinnArt Collection
401 to 500301 to 400ACAHFBookshop
501 to 600401 to 500Tribute Sites
601 to 700501 to 600Back Issues
701 to 800Anti-vaccination LiarsThe Bear
801 to 9001 to 50 Great Quotes
901 to 100051 to 100
101 to 150
151 to 200
201 to 250
Hate Mail
BuffooneryAnnual Awards
Cancer 100 ChallengeMLM/Pyramid Schemes1999 Awards
1 to 1002000 Awards
The Rag Tag PosseHate Mail2001 Awards
Full Canvas JacketCommentary on MLM2002 Awards
Liars2003 Awards
Dentistry Fraud2004 Awards
Radio RatbagsCreationism2005 Awards
Video RatbagsCults2006 Awards
Speaking engagements Other2009 Awards
2010 Awards
2011 Awards
2012 Awards
2013 Awards
2014 Awards

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