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The 99 names of ...

The Saga of Mr William P O'Neill - Part 2

In February 2000 I received the following email, apparently coming from me. It originated at an IP address assigned to the network at the office of the Canadian Cancer Research Group.

From: "peter bowditch" <>
Subject: fetid dung heap
Date sent: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 01:34:47 GMT

you are such an incredibly dumb fuck...........and your wife's a real babe..........

you deserve all the lawsuits you fetid dung heap

It was the work of Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group and nonsense like this persisted until Mr O'Neill died in March 2013, with email messages to me, rants on Usenet, comments on blogs and forums where my name was mentioned, and contact with organisations that I could be connected with. You can see a collection of communications from Mr O'Neill to or about me here, and another collection where he posted anonymously as the Gutless Anonymous Liar here.

Set out on this and the following pages is a collection of editorial pieces which have appeared on The Millenium Project during the duration of Mr O'Neill's obsessive project of stalking me. While happy that his death prevented him carrying on his work of lying to desperate people in order to steal their money I have to say that he provided an enormous amount of amusement over the years. I miss him sometimes.

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Another day, another threat ... (4/10/2000)
Another CCRG faxMr O'Neill has sent me another fax demanding that I remove all mention of him from this site. Less than 24 hours before sending me the fax, he told me that "you wanna see hate...look into your fucking wife's eyes!.......". This is not a way to make someone sympathetic to your cause, so I can only say:

Speaking of Mr O'Neill ... (22/10/2000)
The Canadian Government has a new Minister of Foreign Affairs (there is no Minister of External Affairs). Perhaps Mr O'Neill should send copies of his faxes about me to the current holder of the office, the Hon John Manley, in case the originals got lost in the handover.

That court case ... (27/10/2000)
Followers of the saga at the CCRG Correspondence File may remember that Mr O'Neill claimed that I could not prove that it was him writing to me because an Australian court had ruled that IP addresses were not admissible as evidence. I have now located the relevant judgment and, while Mr O'Neill (or Mr O'Neill's lawyer) may have been mistaken about the names of the parties, the jurisdiction, and the content and intent of the judgment, at least he got the country right. You can read about Rindos v Hardwick here.

Harassment update (27/10/2000)
Mr O'Neill has returned from wherever it was that he went to and is again making unsubstantiated statements about my health and financial status and my relationships with people in positions of authority or power. As is customary around here, all this is recorded in the CCRG Correspondence File. As he has now created more than thirty kindergarten versions of my name, I am looking for someone to make mouse mats, t-shirts and coffee mugs. Mr O'Neill has also created a web site devoted to me.

Speaking of web sites ... (27/10/2000)
No Truth. No courage. No ValueMr O'Neill (using the pseudonym peterbowditch666) first said that he had created a web site for me on 26 March, but I never saw it. On 18 August, the Gutless Anonymous Liar also said that there was a tribute site to me out there somewhere. Again this has proved elusive (and I know how to use search engines). Now Mr O'Neill says there is another one. I eagerly await the discovery of the address of this site so I can feature it prominently right here on the front page. While I am waiting, I have created yet another mirror of The Millenium Project in response to yet another claim that the site is being closed down. That makes eight servers holding this site now, all out there in the major search engines.

My Tribute Web Site (3/11/2000)
A new web site has been created to tell the world about me and my perfidy. You can see it by clicking on the button:

Not here yet!!!

Oops! It looks like there is nothing there. It must be like the two previous sites that have been announced by Mr O'Neill and the Gutless Anonymous Liar.

"99 Names" update (3/11/2000)
Mr O'Neill has exceeded all expectations and has now created forty-two kindergarten versions of my name. (You can find them at various places in the CCRG Correspondence File). I had said that if he got to thirty I would think about making coffee mugs, t-shirts and mouse pads with the list of names on them. I hope he stops soon or I will have to do barrels, car covers and throw rugs instead.

Harassment update (13/11/2000)
This is fabulous! Suggestions have been made that The Millenium Project is under scrutiny from Internet hate-monitoring organisations. I received the following email, but somehow I don't think it came from Cyberwatch at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. (I have a reasonable suspicion, though.) I will email the SWC (not at the address in the message, of course) and ask them about this. If it really is SWC, they might like to explain why they use a free (and anonymous) mailing service, the true nature of the "compliants", which other "juridictions" they informed, and who they spoke to in the Australian Federal "Poice". I notice it says that some users were "mildly disturbed". I don't think "mildly" is the right word here.

Date sent: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 19:09:00 -0800
Subject: Cyber Watch Notice

Dear Webmaster:

We are a Washington based internet watch service, providing support to users who have general concerns about the internet including, but not limited to, pornography, hate, violence, stalking, and harassment. We have formalized relationships with a variety of international agencies including government and police and actively liase with users and authorities.

We have received a number of compliants concerning the website from a number of users. These compliants ranged from users being mildly disturbed through to many expressing a need for legal action. We have reviewed the site in question and communicated to those who have complained and referred them to their respective juridictions for action. Given the domicile of the website, we have also forwarded these same complaints and our communications to the federal poice agency in your jurisdiction.

In the event you are no longer the webmaster for the site in question, please disregard this notice. In the event you would like further information concerning the complaints naming your website, or require any information, kindly email us.

Thank You

Cyber Watch

Get a Free Email, 15MB of Free Disk Space, Diary and Chat @

Harassment update (18/11/2000)
The funniest thing I have received for some time has to be the claim from some anonymous clown that they were an organisation called "Cyber Watch" and were processing "compliants" about me. Join in the fun and read the nonsense on the Mailbox page. In other harassment news, Mr O'Neill has contributed a few items of drivel which can, as usual, be found in the CCRG Correspondence File.

Harassment update (23/11/2000)
Mr O'Neill has exceeded all expectations and has now created about fifty kindergarten versions of my name. (You can find them at various places in the CCRG Correspondence File).

NEWS FLASH: My tribute site (26/11/2000)
It's finally arrived! Mr O'Neill's tribute site to me has appeared, so now everyone can join in the fun. I announced it to the world's media a few minutes ago via the following media release. If you are new here and wonder what it is all about, everything is explained in the CCRG Correspondence File.

And the very next day it is gone (no, I didn't ask Tripod to remove it - it was just tooooo funny!), so it is lucky that I captured the tribute and you can see it right here.

Media Release 26 November 2000
for immediate release

Mr O'Neill Has finally delivered on one of his promises and the web site about me actually exists! That requires more exclamation points, so here they are!!!!!!!

It's at and it's fabulous. I haven't had time to read it all yet because I couldn't wait to share it with you, but if the rest is as good as the first page then I think we are looking at a masterpiece. Congratulations go to Mr O'Neill and all the CCRG web development team for the excellent effort.


Speaking of harassment ... (28/1/2001)
One of the things that some harassers do is create web sites about me. I don't think the latest one is quite as good as Mr O'Neill's last effort (that one made me blow coffee out my nose when I laughed). The spelling's still poor, but I supposed I should be used to that by now. It must be hard to be anonymous and smart at the same time. As usual, the author of these tribute sites got ashamed and took it down after a few days, but I took a copy which you can see here. A full listing of tribute sites can be found at the new Tribute Sites and Awards page.

Harassment update (1/12/2000)
Things have been quiet lately. Maybe a new shipment of medication has come in. Highlights of the last couple of weeks are:

My tribute sites (8/12/2000)
In a positive plethora of prolific praise for my personality, people have been prompted to produce pathetic pages about Peter. Please peruse this parcel of prurient prose:

Special Announcement (12/12/2000)
No truth. No courage. No value.It's full moon and it looks like GAL is back!! Another gutless anonymous liar has appeared. Only time will tell if it's the same one, the one referred to with reverence and capital letters as the Gutless Anonymous Liar. The first couple of messages don't show the dramatic literary ability which came out in episode one, but there's a glimmer there. And GAL (or is that "gal"?), tell Guillaume at to fix his software. The \\\ is annoying. And "" is not a working email address and typing it in is not breaking my site.

Date sent: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 02:11:07 +0100
Subject: Time to review your code!
From: "" <>

You are a complete sphincter! Once it was the eyes are a relection of the soul. And, now it\\\'s your web site is a reflection of your soul! You are so fucked up!

Here\\\'s the litmus test: Show your site to your kids and your wife.

By the way, your site has been broken...check the code. (how we\\\'re able to use your email address!)

Speaking of disappointments ... (31/12/2000)
I am terribly disappointed that nobody with a guaranteed cure for cancer took up the Cancer 100 Challenge. I would have thought that it would have been easy for anyone who had cured thousands of people to produce just one hundred examples, but it seems that all these humanitarians really are quacks who just lie about their "cures" and steal money from desperate people. Just as I thought, really. Another disappointment was the long-awaited tribute site to me by Mr William O'Neill. It was not the site that disappointed but the fact that it disappeared after only about one day. Luckily, I was able to download a copy of it and you can see it here.

Not up to standard ... (7/1/2001)
In a pathetic attempt to emulate the Gutless Anonymous Liar (or maybe it's just GAL trying to get back into form), some cretin has been sending me anonymous messages using an anonymiser of such abysmal quality that it keeps putting backslashes all over the place. The anonymiser is owned by someone called Guillaume, which is French for "William". There's a coincidence for you! Here's an example:

Date sent: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 21:21:18 +0100
Subject: Vaccine Injury
From: "" <>

\\\"I have never claimed....just said its very unlikely\\\" This is what is called a \\\"claim\\\".

How unlikely? You haven\\\'t a clue do you.

Tell you what you remarkable uninformed man, get the facts and we\\\'ll chat. Can you?

Didn\\\'t think you could.

Fucking wind bag!

By the way, I see from perusing your \\\"organ\\\" and the web that you have alot of detractors. Can you figure it out yet? Didn\\\'t think you could.

Harassment update (7/1/2001)
I have included this convenient phase-of-the-moon graphic so that I can be prepared for the next influx of illiterate nonsense telling me what a fool I am. Some skeptics suggest that the cycle has nothing to do with the full moon and just reflects the delivery schedule for crayons to the asylum. My response to that is to ask "Why are more crayons needed at the full moon"

Speaking of madness ... (14/1/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!Tuesday passed and the full moon came and went. In Turkey, people fired rifles at the eclipse of the moon, and in Nigeria they shot at each other. In the GAL Wing of the Bedlam Home for the Terminally Clueless all was quiet. A crayon was taken from a new box and one of the inmates wrote a single message on a rectangle of recycled cardboard. The other inmates looked away in embarrassment. Along the corridor, a fluffy white dog played sad harmonica, softly.

Date sent: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 21:49:52 +0100
Subject: The viagra is not working?
From: "" <>

The only possible reason for your \\\"great\\\" effort in your organ can be that the Viagra is not working. Otherwise you\\\'d likely be fucking your Bichon Frise instead of all these poor innocent victims.

Another tribute site (21/1/2001)
There's another web site about me! I don't think it's quite as good as Mr O'Neill's last effort (that one made me blow coffee out my nose when I laughed), but it's a lovely green colour scheme. In fact, the green slime reminded me strongly of people who make anonymous web sites and send anonymous email, but I digress. The spelling's still poor, but I supposed I should be used to that by now. It must be hard to be anonymous and smart at the same time. (I just thought - maybe they aren't spelling mistakes, maybe they're lies about how words are spelled. It's consistent with compulsive lying.) You can see the new page here, but as the author of these tribute sites gets ashamed and takes them down after a few days I have taken a copy which you can see here.

And speaking of gutless anonymous liars, my mail program tells me that there are some messages filtered into the "anonymous cretin" folder. I wonder what they say. Click! I guess I'll never know now. And it's three days now since some liar told me that the local paper had interviewed it (for four hours!) but nobody from the paper has talked to me. No surprise, really, as it was pretty safe to assume that the liar was lying about that too.

Date sent: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 22:20:23 +0100
Subject: The Sydney Morning Herald
From: "" <>

We\\\'ll see who the coward is, won\\\'t we. Spent 4 hours being interviewed today. They know you and agree your site is obscene. They have contacted the ACS which is claiming they were not aware of your activites. (Correspondence suggests otherwise.)They also plan on contacting your ISP.

Looking forward to introducing myself to you in the press!

Harassment Pathos (28/1/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!I suppose I should be grateful that smells cannot be transmitted over the Internet, otherwise I would experience something like the stench rising from the carcass of a long-dead animal whenever something from the Gutless Anonymous Liar arrived in my inbox. These messages, which would be sad if they were not so hilariously funny, are collected for your enjoyment in the GAL Chronicles. Another long-time complainer, Mr William P O'Neill, has been quiet for some time, although the sentiments he expressed have been carried on by GAL, often in the same style of language and even using the same expressions. They must know each other.

Harassment Update (18/2/2001)
No truth! No courage! No value!The Gutless Anonymous Liar decided to get involved in the baby Alan murder discussion. Proving that it is stupid as well as gutless, anonymous and a liar, it had to be told three times which murderer I was talking about. In the meantime, it told me lies about the Australian Federal Police. What a joker! It should try for a TV show - it could be called "The One Stooge". In another incident, I have been banned from the Australian Vaccination Network's mailing list. I thought they might be ashamed of what they say and don't want me to read it, but then I remembered that they are incapable of shame.

Date sent: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 21:33:34 +0100
Subject: I followed the link...but I don\\\'t understand?
From: "" <>

And?...Surely you must be Joking? Inventing? Lying? Misleading? Defrauding? Is there a pathology you\\\'d like to share? It can be used as a defence? excuse? And who did you say killed whom? Go ahead say it again. We\\\'re listening. We dare you......

Date sent: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 17:55:19 +0100
Subject: Are you a Gutless Fucking Asshole?
From: "" <>

Go ahead...gutless fucking asshole...say it...who killed whom?...go ahead publish it... remember, it\\\'s just opinion...we\\\'ll see where your fucking opinion gets you this time....

gutless coward....

Date sent: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 01:24:44 +0100
Subject: Go ahead.....say incredible fucking coward....
From: "" <>

Go ahead you self-righteous coward... Publish on your \\\"website\\\".....the murderer of baby allan...

Didn\\\'t think you could/would...better yet...let\\\'s sit down and talk about name the time and the place....

Don\\\'t think you can get of this one.....

Date sent: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 01:29:27 +0100
Subject: Get a scanner!!
From: "" <>

Hey Mr. \\\"Bowditch\\\". Why don\\\'t you scan those lovely letters you recently received from the ACS and Australian Federal Poice Service onto your web site. You certainly have been told haven\\\'t you.

By the way check AsiaBiz.....\\\"gebesse computer consultants and dildo emporium\\\" been a little dry lately...hasn\\\'t it?

Harassment Hiatus (25/2/2001)
Shhh!Shhh! They're asleep. Either the new medication is working or the modem is broken at the asylum. Maybe there will be a breakout at the next full moon.

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