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People who don't seem to like me

On many occasions certain people (or person) have promised to make a web site about me to tell the world of my perfidy. The usual pattern is that the existence of the site is announced and grandiose claims are made about how it is being pumped into hundreds of search engines and how many visitors it is getting. (See examples at the GAL Chronicles.) The truth is that nobody looks at these sites because nobody knows they are there. The site builder eventually tells me about them (using someone else's name) and then removes them within a day or so. I have always promised to feature these sites here, so to avoid the possibility that people might miss out on the pleasure of seeing these things I have adopted the practice of downloading the contents and mirroring them on this site. After all, if someone builds a site to tell people how terrible I am, it would be a waste if I were to be the only person who saw it.

Here are some sites not made by Mr O'Neill. Some of these links go to my comments, rather than the sites. You can get to the original sites from there.

I have also received a testimonial from the owners of a mailing list dedicated to spreading the word about not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark. I have been banned from the list, and you can see the evidence here. This is a great honour, as it suggests that they are frightened to talk in front of me.

Some time ago I was removed from the mailing list belonging to the Australian Vaccination Network. On 5 February, 2001, they paid me the signal honour of formally banning me (without telling me, of course). (See the evidence here.) It would be nice to think that this was because these people are ashamed of what they do and didn't want anyone to watch, but they are incapable of shame.

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