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Anus Maximus Award 2002Comment and Opinion

Benny Hinn Ministries

This site won the Anus Maximus Award in the 2002 Millenium Awards. The award citation said:

When I first wrote about faith healer Benny Hinn, I said:

Benny Hinn is evidence that there is no God. For those who have been lucky enough to avoid this creature and don't know who he is, Hinn is a faith healer who pretends to cure people by calling on help from Jesus. He goes through the same old, tired ritual that all of these charlatans seem to use – calling up people from the audience, describing their terrible ailments, pushing them over into the arms of his accomplices, bellowing "Hallelujah!", and, of course, passing the plate around. The reason that I say that this is evidence that God does not exist is that any decent God would strike Hinn into a smouldering pile of slimy ashes for blasphemy, lying, and stealing money from desperate people.

Nothing I have seen by or about him since then has changed my opinion about Hinn. Amazingly, people seem to think that by criticising this charlatan I am somehow attacking God or Jesus or religion. This is similar nonsensical thinking as that which says that criticising some outrageous health fraud is an attack on all alternative medicine. Hinn has nothing to do with religion or God. Hinn is a thief who steals people's money and hopes by pretending to be a preacher. He gives religion a bad name.

Go here to see a report of a night out trying to see Benny Hinn in action.

Go here to see some mail I have received about my comments on this page.

Amazingly, some people think I am Benny Hinn. You can see that mail here.

Here is an article about Benny Hinn by a friend of mine.

Proving how easy it is to duplicate Hinn's act, the Millenial Power
is used to heal a woman of the sin of lust in a bar
across the road from the Benny Hinn Show.

In April 2007, Hinn complained to YouTube about this original creation by Richard Saunders and claimed that it violated Hinn's copyright. He was bluffing (a polite word for it), but negotiations with YouTube were a waste of time.

Things that have been happening for far too long (21/8/2003)
Religion is not necessarily bad, although I can do without it personally. It becomes a problem when it raises the expectations of people who are desperate, in just the same way that medical quackery does. Faith healing combines the two evils. I have mentioned before that some people seem to be confused and think that I am Benny I still don't think he looks like me.Hinn, just because this site comes up on search engines when you look for his name. I am not sure how this confusion is maintained, as it should be obvious that the expression "slimy charlatan" would hardly be used to describe Hinn on his own site. Perhaps they have seen the Benny Hinn-style healing that I do as an occasional stage act.

I received an email this week intended for Hinn, and it demonstrates why the battle against the scammers  who steal money by using the name of God is important. What this lady needs is a proper doctor, not someone who will take her money, blow on her forehead, and then forget her and move on to the next mark.

I am requesting prayer for my body, I have had several TIA's ( small strokes) and consequently sugery preforned on both carotid arteries. However since the surgery, the first symptom I had has returned. My left foot goes numb and the left side of my face. Also I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalga which is arthritis of the ham strings, and sinues and muscles of the body. Any illness or trama to the body makes the Fibromyalga worse, and I am experiencing aches and pains all over. Also would you please send me the magazine Benny Hinn sends to December. Thank you very much for your prayers and your teachings

Nigerian scam foiled! (2/7/2005)
Gotcha! You thought I was talking about the Nigerian letters and that perhaps someone had done something about them. Wrong. This was a different kind of Nigerian scam altogether. In April the sleazy preacher Benny Hinn had a tour of Nigeria and was expecting to rake in some very big bucks indeed. Unfortunately for the Hinn bank account not enough people turned up to see him. The crowds were still large by the standards of some other countries, but in a place like Nigeria with a low per-capita income it takes very big crowds indeed if the expectations of someone like Hinn are to be met. What made the failure especially beautiful is that Hinn had a public melt-down at the third of his shows and started screeching to the faithful about how disappointing and unappreciative the Nigerians had been and how much money he was losing on the trip. Magic! You would pay to see it. Read all about it here.

Whine, whine, whine – Part 1 (28/4/2007)
ForThe hair in action a few years I have had a video on this site showing me performing a miraculous healing in the style of charlatan Benny Hinn. It showed me curing my friend Alynda of the sin of lust and was recorded by another friend, Richard Saunders, in a pub in Sydney. The only complaint I had ever received was from Alynda's husband David, who felt that, on principle, lust was not a sin that wives needed to be cured of. Earlier this year I loaded a copy of the video up to YouTube. On Friday, April 27, I received notification from YouTube that the video had been removed because a claim of copyright infringement had been made by Pastor Benny and his doing-business-as-some-other-name church. Here is my response to YouTube:

On April 27, 2007, I received an email from YouTube containing the following:

Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Pastor Benny Hinn and the World Healing Church d/b/a Benny Hinn Ministries claiming that this material is infringing:

Healing with the Millenial Power:

The video in question was recorded by Richard Saunders in a hotel bar in Harbour Street, Sydney, on July 7, 2002. Title and credit sequences were added by me in 2007 before the video was uploaded to YouTube.

There is not one pixel in the video which was sourced from anything created by or belonging to Benny Hinn or any organisation associated with him. There is no image of Hinn, no image of any signage referring to Hinn, no sound other than that recorded by Mr Saunders and this sound does not include any recording of Hinn's voice or any part of his stage performance, no image of any advertisement or documentation referring to Hinn. In short, neither Benny Hinn nor any organisation related to or associated with him has any legitimate claim to copyright over any part of the video.

You require me to state that I have "a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled". I not only have such a belief, I know it for a fact.

It seems to be the fashion these days for people who don't like any criticism or even comment on their activities to resort to specious claims of intellectual property infringement in order to suppress such comment. I am disappointed that YouTube were deceived into taking precipitate action based on a claim which was so easily demonstrated to be false.

I have altered the credit sequence of the video to explicitly assert Mr Saunders' and my copyright over the material. I will upload this revised video to YouTube as soon as this matter has been resolved.

Thank you.


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