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Fluorides and Fluoridation - Darlene Sherrell

Speaking of anti-fluoride loons ... (19/12/2009)
If you do a web search for "Darlene Sherrell" you get lots of pages praising her for her fight against the evil of fluoridation, plus many more crowing about how she defeated Dr Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch in a court action. She was an absolute hero to the quack medicine crowd and they couldn't sing her praises enough, especially as she had vanquished the hated Dr Barrett. Then she died. Here is her memorial website, and you can see that not one of her supporters could find the time to post even the shortest message of condolence. Even the person who created the site couldn't be bothered writing anything about her. She's dead, so everyone can move on to find a new hero to fight medicine.

Another dead quack!

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