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Paul Boulton, Psychic Therapy.

[Mr Boulton's web site disappeared in 2016. The link goes to what it used to look like. PB March 2017]

Psychic cure for what? (13/10/2012)
Sometimes I get asked why I bother complaining about "harmless" people like psychics, tarot readers and other practitioners of the mystic arts. Aren't they just entertainment? If they charge money, so what? Isn't just a form of voluntary taxation, like lotteries and casinos?

Perhaps this sign gives a partial answer. If I hung a sign outside my home offering to provide "Psychological Therapy" for the conditions mentioned here I would have regulatory authorities crawling over me like ants on a picnic sandwich. I actually have a university degree in psychology, but I assume that no training is required to hang out a shingle saying "Psychic".

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