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PAPIMI Pain/Healing Device

Where has all the AIDS gone? (1/9/2001)
Support vaccines for AIDSI am surprised at the concern around the world about AIDS. I read that a possible cure was available in 1993, and it came from the man responsible for the plague of photo processing stores that you find in every shopping mall. I mean, if someone can figure out how to get your holiday happy snaps back to you in just an hour, curing disease must be a simple problem. I will grant it that Dr Frome did not claim that his machine would cure AIDS, but as it cured cancer the next step is just a formality. I notice that Dr Frome had friends in the Nobel Prize business, so I am surprised that I can't see his name on the list of recipients since 1993. Maybe it was an oversight. Maybe the liar can't cure cancer or AIDS either.

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