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Next Armageddon

And if the rapture don't get you ... (21/5/2011)
Don't think you're safe just because you are an unbeliever. Even if some god doesn't call you home, you are facing destruction from the forces of evil right hear on Earth. This must be true, because I read it on the Internet and they wouldn't let it be there if it wasn't true. The Biggest Threat For Humanity has been identified, and I must admit it has me quaking in my shoes.

Quaking with laughter, that is. Seriously, this has to be one of the most unhinged web sites I've seen for a long time, and the truly bizarre and worrying thing is that there are people who actually believe this stuff. I'm not going to try to analyse the site and address all the insanity because there simply isn't time between now and the heat death of the sun. Click on the picture to read it for yourself, but keep some tissues handy to wipe the tears of joy from your eyes and make sure you can easily reach your asthma medication in case you laugh too much and become breathless. I take no responsibility for people who die laughing at this stuff. You have been warned. And it's called "Next Armageddon". When was the last one?

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