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November 13, 2021

November brevity (13/11/2021)
With car rallies back again after the COVID panic and me working full time on the December local council elections there's not much time left for hobby web sites, so there won't be much here during this month. Then there's December which turns into Christmas, so who knows when I'll get back to regular updates. But I will. Eventually/

Remember Pete Evans? (13/11/2021)
During 2020, celebrity "chef" Paleo Pete Evans made news everywhere - he won the extremely prestigious Anus Maximus Award right here at The Millenium Project, he won the almost as prestigious Bent Spoon award from Australian Skeptics (for the second time!), he had some very well paying TV appearances cancelled, he was ordered to stop selling a health "food", …

Now we see that he had to sell his "health studio". Could it be that even in a hotspot of woowoo like Byron Bay he couldn't generate enough business curing things to make a living? There's hope for the world yet.

I think this is an appropriate response./p>

Some polite advice (13/11/2021)

I recently built a flat pack bookcase, so … (13/11/2021)

See more about Lola here

Creatures from the sewer (13/11/2021)
If you had artist Bruno Camara's imagination, you could come up with this resident of a sewer.

You don't really need imagination, however, because you just need to look at almost any anti-vaccination liar. Here are a couple of examples from Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination-[lie, lie, lie] Network.

From the short-lived and now dead social network Parler. Note the use of Donald Trump's face as an avatar. (At a recent anti-mask protest in Melbourne people were displaying "Trump 2020" flags as if this had anything to do with restrictions to control the COVID pandemic. In Melbourne. In Australia. In 2021.)

And possibly the most offensive and disgusting thing to come out of the anti-vaccination liar cesspit is an attempt to equate measures to control an epidemic with a campaign of genocide.

I've been following the activities of these awful people for many years but even now I can be surprised at the depths of their depravity. They ignore the rules of civilised society and they don't care who they might offend in their relentless campaign to increase the number of deaths from preventable diseases. Dorey once tried to get a court to order me to stop saying things about her that she didn't like, but nothing I ever said about her exposed her venality better than her own actions in equating vaccination to rape and the Holocaust.

A well managed sewer would reject the body of an anti-vaccination liar because it would overload the sewage treatment works like a sudden influx of a million tonnes of shit.

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