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Buzz Aldrin doing what nuts say he didn'tConspiracy

The illustration shows Buzz Aldrin standing on the moon. The "moon hoax" conspiracy is a classic example of large numbers of people believing that there is a massive conspiracy to hide facts from the public. The range of conspiracy theories is almost limitless, but a really good one would have the Illuminati working through Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch to implement the policies of the Rothschilds, Jews and Bilderbergs designed to decimate the world's population through vaccination and aircraft contrails (and fluoride in the water) while simultaneously suppressing the cure for cancer so that pharmaceutical companies can continue to make disgusting profits (but not as much profit as the oil companies make from suppression of the water-powered car), and while this is going on governments are disarming the population so the citizens can't fight back when governments stop just blowing up New York office buildings and start using weapons developed from captured alien technology to enforce socialised medicine and atheism in schools. Some of these theories are also nuts.

You can go here to see  articles I have written mentioning conspiracy theories, and here to see articles by other people.

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Reality Zone
RICHPLANET.NET - The Truth is Here, UFO Truth, Crimes of Government Truth - Richard Hall
Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime and Healing
Slingshot Publications - Martin Walker
The Truth Library - Bernie Smith
Web of Evidence: What They Don't Want You To Know - Clare Swinney - John Scudamore

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