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Nexus Magazine

This site was given an Encouragement Award in the 2000 Millenium Project Awards. The award was announced in the following words:

If you wanted to find the antithesis of The Millenium Project, it would probably be Nexus Magazine. Not only is this rag full of advertisements for quack medical devices but the editorial pages only contain facts when a production or editing mistake occurs. Some of the stuff published there is relatively harmless, like the articles about UFOs and world conspiracies, but Nexus is one of the major outlets for the insanity of the anti-vaccination liars, electronic-healing-device purveyors, faith healers and any other sort of nonsense you can think of (and some you can't). I cannot imagine anything that would not get printed in Nexus (except for articles containing some truth). This award is to encourage them to improve the standard of the web site and bring it up to the level of the printed version. It will never be as useful as the paper copy, however, as it is impossible to punch a hole in the corner of a web page and hang it on a nail in the privy. (Note: The editor of Nexus Magazine told me that I am bad mannered and a fascist. This did not influence my choice for this award as my opinion of Nexus had been formed long before Mr Roads had ever heard of me.)

The editor of Nexus was not happy about my comments about a noted anti-vaccination liar.

Subject: Are you serious?
Date sent: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 21:22:08 +1100
From: nexusmagazine

"Shaken Babies or Vaccine Damage?

This site belongs to Principal Research Scientist (retired) Dr Viera Scheibner PhD. When I tell people about this site, they don't believe me and have to go and see for themselves that someone is actually claiming that brain damage, dislocated retinas, bruising and other damage observed in some young children is caused by vaccination, with almost no possibility that it might be the result of abuse. I don't know what she says about the broken bones, cigarette burns and genital injuries that some of these children exhibit, but I have no doubt she could link these to vaccines as well. It was bad enough when this evil woman just increased the distress of parents mourning the loss of children through SIDS by lying about its cause, but the venality of whoring as an expert witness for the defence of child abusers indicates a hatred of children that can only be a mystery to those of us who are sane."

The above snippet was taken from your website. I noticed considerable venom in your tone – you obviously feel strongly.

Assuming you have any integrity whatsoever, I challenge you to read the articles published by Viera. She draws only upon peer reviewed literature (something you people are incapable of it seems).

I think once you actually do some research into this subject you will find yourself eating your words.

But then, judging from the lack of any research on the rest of your site, I am sure you do not really give a stuff about abused kids at all. Otherwise you would check what you publish.

I am sure you fascists really get your jollies off by ridiculing what other people in this free, democratic society choose to believe, but the topic of babies dying from vaccine reactions is going to make you eat your words one day.

Are you aware that formaldehyde, mercury, aluminium, and other solvents are injected along with the vaccines? I bet not!

Tell you what Einstein, phone the Poisons Information Centre (want the phone number?) and ask them what is the minimum safe amount of formaldehyde to inject into babies. Or ditto for mercury, aluminium hydroxide etc.

Oh, don't take my word for it – check with the doctors administering vaccines, and ask them what adjuvant is in their batch.

Your arrogance, and ignorance is only going to help kill more kids, and jail more innocent parents. That's right – YOU are the scumbags this time.

Prove me wrong. Just look into it and try to prove me wrong.

Heck, you may even bother to read Viera's books or articles – but I think you would find the language and terminology way above your comprehension. Try reading them and see, her articles are at my website, for free.

Isn't it ironic how much you have now become the same as those you seek to ridicule.

I await a reply from someone with a braincell capable of reading Viera's article.


Duncan M. Roads
Editor, NEXUS Magazine
PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia
Tel: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381 ICQ#62399259

"The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the means. On the contrary, the means always determine the end." (Aldous Huxley)

Speaking of seasons and other cycles … (24/9/2005)
There was a full moon last Saturday. This may or may not have been a factor in the decision by Mr Duncan Roads, editor of Nexus Magazine, to write to me with some opinions about me, my work, and other things of great consequence. I regularly buy Nexus so I am aware of Mr Roads' writing ability, but this missive seemed to lack the usual coherence of his regular work, This could have been due to the lunar influence, of course, but another possibility comes to mind. Nexus is published in the state of Queensland and another famous product of that state is Bundaberg Rum. Perhaps there was some sort of harmonic convergence or synchronicity. A mystery.

I had other concerns this week which meant that my quota for reading complex and strangely-worded material was exceeded so I will have to leave a full response to Mr Road's email until later, but there are two points I would like to address immediately. The first is that Mr Roads accused me of making things up. I can only take this as a compliment, coming as it does from someone who publishes a magazine like Nexus. The second was that Mr Roads said that I am not smart enough to be a member of the Illuminati. I have certain obligations (which bind me even more strongly than court orders or sub judice rules) which prevent me from either confirming or denying any relationship with the Illuminati, so Mr Roads will just have to accept the fact that I am not at liberty to discuss this matter any further.

Unfortunately I am busy this weekend so I can't get to the Nexus conference to hear the talks on such subjects as the link between sound waves and crop circles, how gifted children interact with extraterrestrial beings, how the earth is expanding, the drug running activities of the CIA and other secret societies, or to hear Viera Scheibner tell lies about vaccination. It would have also given me an opportunity to redress another of Mr Roads' complaints, which is that when I spoke to him at a Mind Body Spirit festival six years ago I didn't introduce myself properly.

Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2012 20:53:44 +1100
From: "rogerl@Decemberxx"

I have been reading Nexus Magazine since 1993 and love it.

It is a highly amusing publication. I have a fondness for it myself.

The alternate media is a refreshing place for people to exchange ideas. It is not for the faint hearted. You have been brainwashed since childhood.

I give my brain a wash quite frequently by reading magazines like Nexus.

Go and join the skeptics....your world is black and white.

I joined the Skeptics years ago.

You are a narrow minded RATBAG.

may the farce be with you!!!!!


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