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Eisenstein Medical Centers
(This site is dead. Like its owner.)

This site was a joint winner with the Westboro Baptist Church in winning an Encouragement Award in the 2014 Millenium Awards. The citation read:

Both these organisations lost their figureheads during 2014 and need encouragement to continue with their good works. It is sometimes difficult to carry on after the death of the founder, but I am sure that someone will take up Fred Phelps's cudgel against the tidal wave of faggotry threatening civilisation and will ensure that soldiers' funerals continue to be picketed, just as I am sure that someone will step into Mayer Eisenstein's shoes to make sure that autistic children will continue to be placed at risk of sterilisation by very expensive castration medications.

The loss of these two men is a loss for us all. We all need people to look down on and despise.

Child abuser dies. Nobody cries. (24/12/2014)
Speaking of other aspects of the quackery industry, the good news continued the next day. One of the most disgusting charlatans around, Dr Mayer Eisenstein, had died. According to the report on one anti-vaccination liar web site "he was rushed to the ED and died peacefully in his sleep". Even in death, his followers had to lie about him, because being rushed to hospital is not compatible with peaceful dying while sleeping. The conspiracy theorists were immediately on the case, asking why a very healthy man who knew all the right supplements to take should die at any age:

(I assume the "MCG" was an autocorrect of "MUCH". The writer probably lives in Melbourne
and her Facebook client thought she meant "Melbourne Cricket Ground". As you do.)

And why would anti-vaccination liars be such fans of this creature? Because he was apparently the person who first thought of administering Lupron to autistic children. This drug is used for the chemical castration of sex offenders and this man thought that it was appropriate to give it to prepubescent children for no scientific reason, but certainly for the financial reason of stealing parents' life savings at a cost of several thousand dollars per month. I assume that, like the Geiers, he was submitting false insurance claims, because Lupron is not approved for the treatment of anything other than precocious puberty.

People often say that you should only say good things about the dead. Mayer Eisenstein is dead, and that is a good thing to say. Unfortunately his family is already talking about how to continue the business. We are supposed to feel sorry for his family but they knew full well what he was doing and they were happy to spend the money he stole from parents and insurance companies.

Death doesn't take a holiday (11/12/2021)
Back in 2014 a thing called Mayer Eisenstein died, making the world a better place. It claimed to be a doctor and was famous for coming up with the idea that autism could be treated (at huge expense) by a drug used for the chemical castration of rapists. The drug, Lupron, had a legitimate use in the treatment of precocious puberty so doctors prescribing it for autism were committing insurance fraud as well as medical fraud.

Unfortunately Eisenstein's ideas didn't die with it. I commented at the time that its family, who had knowingly and willingly profited from its lies, would probably continue its work. Well, finally, it looks like good news has arrived and this month's link check here showed that its web site has disappeared completely. Nobody can accidentally come across the bad advice any more.

It's not just Christmas being celebrated this month.


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