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Encouragement Award 2002Comment and Opinion

American Pie and the Armageddon Bible Prophecy

This site received an Encouragement Award in the 2002 Millenium Project Awards. The award was announced in the following words:

Who would ever have thought that an up-until-then obscure guitar player named Don McLean would have been the major prophet of his age, and would bring to us all the message that damnation was upon us if we did not mend our ways? I have seen him and he does not appear to be the harbinger of the doom that awaits us if we do not smite the heathens hip and thigh and all turn our faces towards the one true Saviour. He sits there in the spotlight, singing gentle songs about mad painters and dead pop singers (or so we thought!), all the while giving us a message from God that is as strong as the Ten Commandments. There is one true faith. There is one true belief. All else is lies and a path to damnation and perdition. (Oops! I almost said "purgatory" there! Wouldn't want to be too Catholic.)

What a load of rubbish. I hope Don McLean sues over this egregious attempt to pervert his work by conscripting it to the cause of religious bigotry.


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