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There was this podcast but it sort of went into hiatus when I was injured, and after I recovered a whole lot of family matters became very distracting. It was originally a Wordpress blog, but I decided to bring its history in house. I hope to dust off the microphone and get recording again one day, but there's a lot of other work to do first.

In any episode where I play some copyrighted music there used to be a link to Amazon where that music could be purchased and the appropriate royalties paid. Amazon have kindly changed the way that these links are structured, and the links will be restored as soon as new and correct ones can be created.

  • Episode 1 - (5/11/2011) In which I introduce myself and say how I became a skeptic, I talk about how people deceive themselves and stay deceived, and I have a laugh at some postmodernist astrology.
  • Episode 2 - (21/11/2001) Getting edited out of sense on the radio, Australian Vaccination Network in court, and Time Cube. Yes, Time Cube!
  • Episode 3 - (2/12/2011) The Burzynski fraud and "Have we outgrown religion?"
  • Bonus Episode 1 - (6/12/2011) My talk at The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas, 2004
  • Christmas Special 2011 Part 1(18/12/2011) The search for the worst Christmas carol as performed by a professed Christian or group of Christians – Part 1
  • Christmas Special 2011 Part 2(18/12/2011) The search for the worst Christmas carol as performed by a professed Christian or group of Christians – Part 2
  • Episode 4 - (5/1/2012) Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network was a speaker at the Woodford Folk Festival. Some people were concerned about this and did something about it.
  • Friday the Thirteenth - (13/1/2012) Some people look at Friday the 13th and ask "Why?" We look at it and ask "Why not?"
  • Episode 5 - (22/1/2012) In which we assess the mental states of anti-vaccination liars. Are they mad or simply bad?
  • Episode 6 - (23/2/2012) I talk at BarCamp and SkeptiCamp
  • Bonus Episode 2 - (25/2/2012) On September 20, 2010, I appeared with Tony Pitman on the Reality Check radio program on JOY 94.9FM in Melbourne. The topic was the problem of quackery receiving celebrity endorsement by Dr Kerryn Phelps, a former President of the Australian Medical Association.


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