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April 15, 2022

To keep me and everyone else amused while the site is resting, I'll post some memories each month.

Quintessence Nook (15/4/2022)
There was much fun to be had, so let's look back at some of it from April of 2002.

Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation
I was doing some light work at the weekend trying to tune up the manifestation of the empowerment of my energy construct, when the lady next door, Nada Sananda, came over to ask if she could borrow some etheric density. I was admiring her subtle body when my wife came into the garage and informed me of a potential descension of my higher self if I forgot the divine virtues. I was also warned that I could forget about maintaining my spiritual lineage because she would be giving my chakras a good channeling if I didn't get back in the house immediately, and it would be no use expecting any clearing or healing from her for at least a week.

this is - accept no limitations
What could I possibly say about Doug that would say more about Doug than what Doug says? Doug tells us about religion, science, medicine, ethnography, knowledge. Here is Doug on chemistry: "What is water? Water is actually three (3) Hydrogens coupled with Oxygen, not two. Ergo, water is actually H3O, not H2O. What causes Hydrogen and Oxygen to bind and become water (H3O)? Electricity. Three (3) volts per volume millimeter of gas mixture is all it takes to disrupt nucleic pressure and create the bond. There is a three percent tolerance (+/- 3%) for voltage measurements. Distilled water only requires Magnesium to taste good - use one part per thousand (1:1000). Magnesium needs to diffuse in the water for about ten (10) hours". And that is just a start..

ET Corn Gods Language and Game
I am fascinated by language. I also like a synthesis of ideas to explain other ideas. Here we have just such a synthesis and it reveals to us what is hidden in the language we use every day. One of the most impressive parts of this revelation is the role of the Bible. Linguists and etymologists have long recognised the influence of the Bible on English usage, but this site goes further than just looking at the stories, quotations and figures of speech that shape the way the language is used and which form, in essence, part of our shared consciousness. The breakthrough was in noticing that the number of books in the Bible has mathematical significance in understanding the true meaning of the words we use. It could not have been coincidence that the translators working for King James produced a work with exactly 66 books in it. It is surprising, however, that it took the Corn Gods to point out this fact about some other God's sacred texts. Perhaps the ET's can explain it to us one day.

Chemtrails - Contrails
There has been much upheaval in the Australian airline industry over the last year. One of the oldest and biggest airlines has disappeared into bankruptcy after a long, drawn out death process that involved many promises, false starts, finance attempts, rescue packages and large fees to accountants. To the general public it appeared to be a normal business failure brought about by changing market shares, costs exceeding income and some bad capital investment and asset acquisition decisions. The truth can now be revealed. The Ansett fleet was a bit older than its competitors' fleets, but the planes weren't crashing and the leasing costs were reasonable. The real problem with this older fleet, however, was that Ansett did not have the finances available to update to newer planes which were compatible with the government's post-September 11 contrail spraying requirements. Without a massive investment of capital, the airline could not comply with the new, secret rules for "national security". A national icon was sacrificed for political expediency. Don't get me started on why Swissair went broke!


Everyone in the world must have seen at least one movie with Sylvester Stallone in it. Sylvester has a mother. Jacqueline is an astrologer. Jacqueline also reads arse prints. Do you need to know any more?

The Discovery of a Scientific Proof of God
I'm sorry that I had to give away the formula by putting it in a picture, thus spoiling the surprise, but I thought that this breakthrough was so important that people should not be expected to wait. This is particularly interesting to me because I studied psychology at university and, even with all the work I did on the behaviour of white rats and first-year psych students, I never noticed that the brain was a three-dimensional structure. Who would have thought it? George Hammond also noticed the amazing coincidence that cars have four wheels and horses have four legs. (Some of the horses I've backed at the track have run as if they only had three legs, but we are talking general principles here.) When you add to that the facts that a magazine rejected an article and that George has written to Stephen Hawking, you just know you are looking at real science.

Mr Hammond had this to say about my comment about car wheels and horses' legs:

I don't call it a coincidence, I prove its caused by the Euclidean structure of space, your the moron who thinks its a "coincidence". Anyone calling it a "coincidence" is a certified moron. You haven't got the intelligence of a sixth grader.

And here are some comments he made in response to other things I said:

You're not only a snot nosed asinine and boring writer, you've got an ugly smelling contempt and ignorance for the higher levels of scientific ability. It's scum like you who need to be cleaned out of Science and put back in uniform where you belong. It's time that the academic community stopped mollycoddling loudmouthed yuppie scumbags like you. You're a disgrace to your family name.


No asshole.... I'll TELL YOU what the f--- is going on. Retrograde loudmouth criminal vandals and morons like you have been harassing a serious, competent and dedicated scientist on the Internet for 3 years now... and WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN because of your reckless, criminal, indefensible behavior is that somebody is going to get accidentally hurt just like when you start playing Chicken with a freight train, you stupid basteds. Someone is going to get hurt, and it ISN'T going to be me because I'm the freight train. It's going to be one of you. In this case it may be Mike Varney Keep up your criminal, vandalistic, loudmouthed, wiseass harassment and abuse of a serious and dedicated scientist trying to present a serious scientific discovery and sooner or later one of you will accidentally get himself killed, you "fuckin moron".

Something new that's actually something old

I've written a lot of short articles and news items here over the last two decades. Each month a couple of these pieces will be randomly selected. They might not always still be relevant, but that's the way history works.

"Dr" Tenpenny tour implodes (24/1/2015)
Three weeks ago I mentioned that there were plans for anti-vaccination liar "Dr" Sherri Tenpenny to tour Australia, telling the normal lies about the non-existent dangers of vaccines. A concerted effort by sensible people resulted in a media blitz, with around 50 stories about the tour appearing on television, radio and in the press. There was universal condemnation of the idea that a foreigner could come here and tell people how to put our children in danger. Venues were contacted, and was found that the bookings had been made deceptively and the venues were under the impression that they were going to host a benefit for a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome charity, not a straight out anti-vaccination liefest. Finally the good news came – all venues had cancelled the bookings.

This fantastic result was announced on a television program which was unique among all those that had commented on the tour – it had "Dr" Tenpenny on all by herself with no pretence at balance. Had there been someone sane in the studio or had the interviewer been smart enough to challenge a defamatory statement, "Dr" Tenpenny might not have got away with accusing people of being terrorists.


The mysterious GanKinMan Foundation which had been promoting the tour fell strangely silent except for a hint that the talks might still go ahead. Stephanie Mesenger, who was organising all of this, has in the past only issued the location of talks by text message shortly before events were to take place, so it is certainly possible that she will be doing the same thing again. As there has been no official announcement from the organisers that the tour has been cancelled, nobody is quite sure how you get a refund if you have already bought tickets. Luckily I hadn't bought my ticket and I am waiting to see what happens in the future. Because of this uncertainty I'll continue my appeal for donations to pay for my $100 ticket, a price which includes having my photograph taken with "Dr" Tenpenny herself. Any money collected over the cost of the ticket (or the lot if the show doesn't go ahead or they won't sell me a ticket) will be donated to the Children's Hospital at Westmead. If I manage to get a photograph taken with "Dr" Tenpenny, autographed prints will be auctioned with the proceeds going to the same place.

All donations gratefully accepted
Please help get me to a seminar.
I don't think free tickets will be forthcoming.

And you know how the anti-vaccinators have been screeching about denying "Dr" Tenpenny's freedom of speech? Here's one of the conditions that people had to accept if they wanted to buy tickets:

"No interjecting or calling out from the audience will be allowed. There will be a question time at the end of the day and only those with a microphone that the staff provide, will be allowed to ask questions. If speakers have time after each of their sessions, they may call for questions, and at that time a staff member will bring a microphone to people as time permits."

I don't think I will be allowed to ask any questions if I managed to get to one of the seminars.

See everything that appeared in 2015 here.

The barbarians are inside the gates (16/9/2006)
Last Saturday I attended a dinner function where the speaker was advertised as coming to talk about philosophy and the mind. I spent some enjoyable times studying this sort of stuff at university, so I looked forward to an entertaining evening.

Descartes wrote some real philosophyThe presentation started out with a mention of how René Descartes had proposed the still-unsolved problem of the interaction between a material body and an immaterial mind. So far, so good. The speaker then went on to solve the duality problem by simply declaring that there is no such thing as a mind. Again, an interesting, although apparently naïve, philosophical position. The next statement led into uncharted waters by declaring that as there is no such thing as a mind there can be no such thing as mental illness. Well, it was an uncharted area for anyone who hadn't met Scientology before. The first real red flag came when the speaker, who claimed extensive professional experience in the mental health treatment system, said that the terms "mental illness" and "mental disorder" are interchangeable. Not in the state of New South Wales they aren't, and anybody who has been professionally involved in the area knows this. (The terms have to do with how long patients in the system can be detained without a court order – someone declared "mentally disordered" can only be held for three days before either being released or brought before a magistrate; in the case of "mentally ill" the detention can be up to seven days. The difference is based on how dangerous the patient is to himself and to others.)

The red flags kept popping up with stories such as the one about the millions of children being prescribed Ritalin, but the turning point for me was when the speaker mentioned that anti-psychiatrist Thomas Szasz was one of his dearest friends. Szasz worked with the Scientologists to create the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a blatant anti-psychiatry Scientology front organisation. The speaker then went on with more CCHR nonsense such as the claim that ADHD was invented in 1987 simply to create a need for Ritalin. (Methylphenidate was patented in 1954, so inquiring minds want to know why it was invented 33 years before what it was supposed to treat. That is assuming that "inquiring minds" exist, of course). We were eventually told that schizophrenia is just people hearing themselves think like everybody else does and that anorexia nervosa is just girls having conscious hunger strikes to get their own way and annoy their parents. By the end of the night we were hearing the lies about government plans to drug all schoolchildren. At no stage was CCHR or Scientology mentioned.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), the forum was not the sort of place where I could hurl furniture and insults, and the question (and answer) at the end which opened the crack to allow me to introduce an exposure of the Scientology connection was declared the last question before everyone went home. I am sure that most of the audience would not have been aware of the background to what they had been told, and I am equally sure that nobody openly declaring that they wanted to promote Scientology or its principles would have ever been invited to speak there. A real psychiatrist in the audience later told me that she could not remember the last time she heard so many specious claims in such a short time.

So here are the questions I would have liked to ask the speaker:

  • If, as you claim, mental illness cannot be the result of incorrectly operating chemistry in the brain or misaligned neuronal connections, how is it more probable that mental illness is caused by memories of noises heard in the womb and by a collection of soul-like adhesions derived from the time when Xenu blew up all those billions of entities with hydrogen bombs 75 million years ago?
  • If you don't think this fairy tale is likely how can you reconcile promoting the teachings of Scientology, unless you agree with Thomas Szasz that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"?

An expanded version of this article appeared in the March 2007 edition of the Skeptic, the journal of Australian Skeptics.
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The Myth of "The Myth of Mental Illness" here.

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