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March 9, 2013

A Hiatus (9/3/2013)

The Millenium Project will be taking a short break. With the exception of a couple of months, this site has been running for fourteen years (it went live on March 14, 1999) so I think I am entitled to a holiday. Updates will resume in May, and I am taking the break for four reasons:

  1. Over the next couple of months I might be moving house. This means all that looking and being pestered by estate agents.
  2. There is a real possibility that I will be enrolling in a university course. If I do it will be done by what is quaintly known as "distance education", which we old timers used to call "correspondence".
  3. I have to do some intensive training, recertification and marketing for the software product that my business supports to pay for all this.
  4. The final court appearance in The Great AVO Absurdity is scheduled for April 26, and I need to be fully prepared for the inevitable inconsistencies, non sequiturs and ad hominems that will come from the other side.

I might still post the occasional thing here, such as links to things I written or places I've spoken at (or will be speaking at), and the email will still be working. You can stalk me on Facebook and Twitter, where I probably say too much about what I'm doing and where I'm going.

I'll see you all in May.


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