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Part 1

July 7, 2012

Public safety increased (7/7/2012)
Doing my regular check for broken and redirected links, I found that the web site for Australian Biologics consists of nothing but this:

I'm unfamiliar with the word "temorarily" but that doesn't really matter. While ever this site is unavailable the risk of sick people spending money on useless, unproven, unscientific "medical "tests is reduced. People will just have to go to real doctors and have tests done by real pathologists. Real tests, with real scientific validity, backed by real scientific research.

Oh, and if the owner of Australian Biologics wants to waste money on lawyers to threaten me again she will get the same answer as last time – supply useful citations to research published in the scientific literature that demonstrates some value to your ridiculous tests and I will apologise immediately. I'm still waiting from last time.

Found on Facebook. I'll be happy to provide credit beyond the name in the bottom right hand corner if someone tells me where it came from.

No, it's not the "God Particle" (7/7/2012)
Like thousands of other people (including, it seemed, 99% of the people I associate with on Twitter) I watched entranced at the announcement from CERN this week that the two teams working with the Large Hadron Collider had independently found better evidence for the existence of the postulated Higgs Boson than they had announced a year ago. Like thousands of other people I had no idea what the physics was all about but I trusted the scientists to be reporting facts which had been backed up by real experimental evidence.

A point overlooked by much of the lay media was that the Higgs Boson had not been isolated or explicitly detected. The theory says that there must be a particle of a particular mass to account for the way we see the structure and behaviour of the universe. This experiment closed in by showing that there is a very high probability (the famous "5 sigma") that something exists at very close to this mass, but what that is has yet to be determined. As one of the presenters said: "This is the beginning". Science is always like that. It is always a beginning, because there can never be proof, only evidence. This is how science differs from religion and other human intellectual endeavours. It is what makes science exciting - knowing that there is always more to know.

It was touching to see Peter Higgs in the audience and to see his emotional reaction to the announcement. It's been a long wait since he first suggested the existence of the particle in 1964 so he was entitled to a tear or two. There is a traditional class war between theoretical physicists who develop the theories and experimental physicists who build and use the apparatus to test the theories. The LHC is experimental physics at its peak, so it was good to hear that when someone asked for a response from the theoreticians in the audience Dr Fabiola Gianotti (who had presented the results from the ATLAS experiment) was heard to say "Peter's over there. Ask him".

In 1969 I watched as people first stood somewhere in our solar system other than Earth. I have the same feeling of excitement when I watch science head downwards into the structure of matter and backwards to the beginning of time. Anyone who is not excited by the progress of science must have a different set of emotions to me.

While it was not pleasant to see the media almost universally use the expression "god particle" (this discovery has nothing to with the existence or otherwise of any god), I do hope that they all were much more careful when reporting the story than the UK Daily Telegraph was back in 2010.

Australasian Science

There is writing ... (7/7/2012)
The latest edition of Australasian Science magazine is in the news agents' shops now or dropping into subscribers' mailboxes. Now that the weather is getting colder up here in the mountains I'm going to have to carefully consider how I dress when I write my Naked Skeptic column. I can't be as casual as I am during the warmer months, but even then I have to be careful. A parcel arrived with an eBay purchase once and I answered the knock on the door without thinking. The lady from the Post Office is still on PTSD leave and now my packets from Hong Kong just get thrown at the porch from the street.

My latest column is about the way that nonsense purveyors are impermeable to facts and just keep repeating them (sometimes with changed false details) when presented with the truth. You can read it here, but you really should subscribe to the magazine. As well as my column here's lots of good stuff in every copy.

See more Close to Home here

Dr Trademark is back (7/7/2012)
Over the last few weeks advertisements for the product at the right have been appearing on my television. I can't mention the name because a few years ago the person who sells these things got very upset and claimed that I was somehow misusing her trademark by pointing out that she was using a university degree that she didn't have in her advertising and on books. The unearned degree has disappeared from her books and I thought that she had at least applied some honesty there, even if she was still selling snake oil and untested "remedies", mostly for fictional conditions such as "liver toxicity". Note – she didn't challenge me by offering evidence that her products worked. She simply said that I couldn't talk about them or her.

When I saw the television advertisements I thought I would check her web site to see if she had backslid into using the degree she doesn't have, and what do I find:

Is that "M.D." I see there for a person who actually holds the degrees MB,BS but has never attended a US medical school (where MD degrees are granted) or done a postgraduate doctorate at an Australian university (which is how you get the letters in Australia)? Why yes it is. Here is the justification:

I'm thinking of registering the trademark "Peter Bowditch PhD". It's only a few hundred dollars to get the letters after my name that way and it can be done in less than a week. Much better than doing what I would have to do to get the real degree. As a bonus I could threaten legal action against anyone who mentioned my name if I didn't like what they said.

And did you notice how I wrote this whole article without mentioning Dr Trademark's trademark anywhere in the text?

Deconstructing not-yet-a-PhD Wilyman (7/7/2012)
In June I wrote an article headed "Almost unimaginable filth", which told how a student at the University of Wollongong had suggested that the parents of a child who died from whooping cough had been profiting from and exploiting their daughter's death. The student's name is Judy Wilyman and she is supposedly doing a PhD, although from everything I've seen she doing little research but simply looking for reasons to oppose vaccinations. She is, of course, much loved by the Australian Vaccination Network and other people who believe that the health of children is less important than their ideological and irrational rejection of vaccines.

Much of the anti-vaccinators' time lately has been devoted to opposing the vaccine against human papilloma virus, the virus responsible for cancer of the cervix (one of the biggest cancer killers for women around the world). If the lies told about the HPV vaccine and its development were to be collected into a fictional novel it would be rejected by publishers for not being as realistic as faster-than-light travel or the conspiracies in Dan Brown's books. Judy Wilyman is often quoted by anti-vaccination liars as an authority on this vaccine, and her PhD candidature is used to add authority to her claims. She has even published a scientific paper on the vaccine, and this is cited at every opportunity.

My friend Dr David Hawkes (who has actually finished his PhD and has the certificate to prove it) decided to have a critical look at Ms Wilyman's work. You can read what he had to say here. I've provided a link to Ms Wilyman's paper so you can see both her work and the criticism side by side. Enjoy.

Judy Wilyman's paper
"The pathogenesis of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in the development of cervical cancer: are HPV vaccines a safe and effective management strategy?"
by Judy Wilyman MSc.
Answer from David Hawkes
What Dr David Hawkes has to say about it.
July 14, 2012

I am chastised (14/7/2012)
I have received an email. It is making me reconsider what I do and say.

Subject: Pathology
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 15:28:45 +1000

How appropriate you call yourself the Proctologist; you're a real arsehole. How strange you should attack Australian Biologics and defend 'Scientific" pathology. I know many GPs who do not trust conventional lab results anymore as they are both too insensitive and inaccurate. If you only knew what a corrupt industry big medico/pharma is you would fall off your perch. Oh well you can always tell an arsehole but you can't tell him much!

Hello Clive,

Perhaps you could reveal the names of these doctors so I can make sure that nobody I care about ever risks their life by going near them.

Thank you for your comments. We appreciate considered criticism here and always treat it with the respect it deserves.

See more by John Cox here

Scum rises to the top again (14/7/2012)
In 2000 a piece of filth named John Benneth was defaming James Randi by accusing him of being a pedophile who solicited young boys for sex. Benneth's problem was that he had failed to fulfill the conditions necessary to win the James Randi $1,000,000 Challenge and Randi had therefore not paid him. In the long tradition of people whose magic powers fail when put to the test, Benneth thought that the correct response was not to admit defeat or try to do better next time but to attack the competition and everyone associated with it. Benneth is still out there throwing abuse at anyone who dares to think that homeopathy is the useless fraud that it is, but as far as I know he hasn't mentioned Randi for years.

Update to this week and the tape that Benneth had claimed as evidence of Randi's perversion in 2000 has resurfaced. And would you like to guess who has revived it? Why, it's our old friend Patrick Timothy Bolen, spokesrectum for cancer quacks, insurance fraudsters and pervert dentists. In his latest email to his "millions of health freedom fighters", Bolen has this to say in his discussion of his disappointment that he isn't the keynote speaker at this year's Amazing Meeting.

July 12th, 2012 – Every year, for several years now, James Randi, he who calls himself "The Amazing Randi," and his James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) puts on a so-called "skeptic" (pseudo-skeptic) event in Las Vegas, where he invites, and gets, a coterie of weirdos slithering into a four-day meeting where they can lick his feet.

This year's event happens July 12th through the 15th.

The event program shows that the meeting has three purposes: (1) recruiting new soldiers, (2) training the underlings to function on the internet, and (3) establishing authoritarian roles.

Certainly it gives a new, unwanted mind-picture of the phrase "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Kind of makes you want to know how strong a soap they use to wash the sheets in the hotel rooms after these entities slide back into the underground.

Who does the event attract? Well, listen, perhaps once again, to the audio tape, here, of James Randi soliciting sex from a young boy, and all will be revealed to you.

But I will be blunt. This whole "skeptic" (pseudo-skeptic) thing is a bought and paid for misinformation campaign making use of society's dregs.

Of course, if Pat was as brave as he pretends to be he would have gone to Las Vegas himself and made his announcement from the stage. I'm sure he would have been welcomed and given the opportunity to tell all the weirdos and slitherers where they are all going wrong.

Patrick Timothy Bolen is a liar. Patrick Timothy Bolen deliberately invents stories to attack people he doesn't like and has no concern for the truth. In fact, he wouldn't recognise the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the face. He has threatened to sue me in the past and I invite him to threaten me again any time he likes. I am absolutely confident that he will not go through with any threat, just as he failed to hand me all the promised legal papers when I visited his post box "office" some years ago. Blowhards never do.

Amusement time: Bolen once asked me for the name of my lawyer so he could serve something or other. I referred him to my in-house counsel, Messrs Farr, Gough & Dye. Like all self-important clowns he didn't get the joke.

I found this on a web site devoted to stealing other people's work. If anyone knows who created it, please tell me so I can attribute it correctly.

Speaking of scum ... (14/7/2012)
A discussion arose this week about vileness ranking for various forms of deception. What is the worst kind of vermin – cancer quacks like Stanislaw Burzynski, people selling bleach enemas to cure autism, "psychics" who pretend to locate dead or missing children, ...?

I was reminded of the last one by an article on the usually reputable Mamamia web site this week. It was about a family whose 20-year-old son disappeared almost five years ago.

"Every night I go to bed wondering how he died. Every night I wonder, was it quick or was it slow?" Faye wonders.

Faye stares into the distance, her voice is a whisper. You can tell she's thinking dark thoughts that no parent should ever have to.

The agony of not knowing what happened to Matthew, is what has brought us to this lonely and overgrown bush track in Kurnell, south of Sydney.

Faye walks close to her husband Mark, who's carrying a shovel in one hand and a pick axe in the other. They hope today is the day they finally find their son's body.

Debbie Malone – a psychic – is up ahead, pushing through the undergrowth towards the putrid stink of mangrove mudflats.

"Matthew showed me he had trees, above him – lantana," Debbie says.

Debbie believes Matthew's body is buried somewhere here. And although she has never met Matthew, she says she speaks to him often.

"When I tune into people, I see things through their eyes. Sometimes I'm the victim and I'll see what happened to them. It's like watching television; I can watch it through the perpetrators' eyes as well."

Debbie hates the term "psychic", preferring to call herself a "spiritual medium".

Like Allison Dubois, from the hit US TV show Medium, the Sutherland mum works with the families of murder victims: searching for new leads and new suspects when formal police investigations go cold.

But unlike detectives, who rely on facts and evidence to solve crimes, Debbie Malone says she works on pure instinct.

I posted the following comment, and then the fun started.

If my child disappeared and a psychic like Debbie Malone turned up at my door and offered to help I would call the police and have her arrested. These people deserve no respect and have never done anything to help anyone. All they offer is false hope, and if they talk to the police the cops are obliged to waste time listening to them.

I have been accused of being insensitive to the grieving parents. I have been told that Debbie Malone doesn't charge any money for this "service". I have been told that she didn't approach the parents, they sought her out. Let's look at these complaints.

I make no apology for pointing out that the parents are wasting their time and their emotions on this fraud. In the history of the world, no psychic has ever located a missing person or helped the police solve a crime. Never. Not once. All these parasites do is offer false hope and distract the police from doing real investigation. Every time one of these fools appears the police have to spend time and resources that would be put to better use elsewhere, filling in paperwork and following the "lead". The police know these leads go nowhere. They know they are wasting their time, but like doctors who are too polite to tell their patients that homeopathy, for example, is ridiculous, the police are generally too polite to tell psychics to get out of the way. After all, one of the "psychics" might be able to tell the cops something about a crime that has never been made public, in which case the police have a suspect right there in the room. I understand that the parents are desperate. That doesn't excuse some clown coming in to exploit that desperation to promote her business.

And that is all it is – promotion. So the "psychic" is doing this one for nothing. (She doesn't actually say that – the quote is "it's important to note that Debbie does not accept payment for her work on cold cases". Of course, if she happens to accidentally stumble on a clue here she might just put her hand out for the $100,000 reward offered by the parents.) Lots of business offer free samples or do some work for little or no payment simply to get their names known. I don't know how much it costs to buy a page of advertising at Mamamia, but Debbie Malone has got hers for nothing. Debbie mightn't "accept payment for her work on cold cases" but she is quite prepared to charge $260 per hour when the meter is running. Do a bit of pro bono work, get your name in the paper and watch those dollars rolling in.

So Debbie didn't approach the parents. Well, I've never been approached by a lawyer or an accountant or a plastic surgeon or a surveyor either, but I've seen lots of advertisements and web sites telling me where I might be able to find such people if I needed one. Debbie has a very fine web site that tells lots of stories about her successes at contacting dead people. She has been on television (in a show which, if anything, demonstrated the total inability of professional psychics to do anything even remotely approaching paranormal) so her name is known. Someone desperate enough to look for a psychic will have no problem finding one, and in this case the parents found Debbie Malone. It could just as easily have been any one of the hundreds of these parasites that advertise on late-night television or in the back pages of popular magazines.

By coincidence I picked up a book today which talks about the "psychic detective" fraud. The book is Investigating The Unexplained by Melvin Harris and was published in 1986. In it the author covers some famous cases where psychics got in the way of police investigations. One notable case was the Yorkshire Ripper, where not single psychic out of the hundreds who contacted police was able to supply any information that led to the discovery or capture of the criminal concerned. It is interesting to note that Harris has identified the origin of the psychic detective scam. It was a book called Crime And The Supernatural and dealt with a case in Dusseldorf in Germany in 1929. Needless to say, no evidence came from any supernatural source despite what that book claimed.

I'll finish with some quotes given in the Harris book. They are from the father of Genette Tate, a Devon schoolgirl who disappeared in 1978. More than 450 "mediums" or "psychics" interfered in this case. Here are three comments from Genette's father, and they apply to all cases where opportunists or the deluded offer assistance where it is neither needed nor useful.

"Many people came to us offering threads of hope. We clutched at them desperately in the early days ... But the promises of the psychics were all lies. They raised false hopes in us. At times we really believed we were on to something. The suggestions and ideas preyed on our minds ... But always, when it came to the crunch, the so-called leads and ideas led absolutely nowhere but into a pit of despair".

"They rode rough-shod over our feelings, which were in a desperate state already. In one week, our emotions and normal grip on life had gone through a wrenching upheaval, and the influence of psychics started to have an unpleasant effect. Even when we didn't want them they were there, on our doorstep, always expecting to be met with an open door".

"We discovered that the work of the psychics was not just ludicrous and laughable. It was sinister and evil. Once we got into that web of deceit – and that is what it was – we found it very hard to struggle free. None of it ever led anywhere except to despair and disappointment, misery and confusion. We had become enslaved to the suggestions of the psychics".

See more Lola here

Nancy! You have been warned! (14/7/2012)
One of the Internet's great kooks is Nancy Luft. Nancy has been warning us all of the dangers of sputniks and the Rich Man's Mafia for many years, and she has that strange quality sometimes possessed by the completely unhinged of being able to form grammatically and semantically correct writing while simultaneously making no sense at all. She used to have a web site which could best be described as "evanescent", in that it would occasionally disappear without explanation and then reappear later at a different place as if nothing had ever happened.

This week Nancy decided to send several emails to her followers. Here is one of them. (I will forgive you if you don't read all the way to the end.)

### HOLD YOUR FIRE, please! ###
Monday, July 9, 2012 4:53 PM

Greetings to you all!

Please, HOLD YOUR FIRE, please! Stooges of Rockefeller's INTERNATIONAL FASCIST Rich Man's Mafia keep telling me that I head a private army of way over half of those over eighty million American gun owners. Well, honestly, I do NOT head them at all. I simply educate them to the very best of my ability so that they knew what I know. I educate to them all to The TRUTH about all things. And I always tell them that I do have, every second of my lifetime of almost seventy years now, The Special Sputnik Forces of The ENEMY Russian Military tracking me with their total mind controlling sputnik lasers, therefore it is always extremely important that everyone always research all that I tell them to verify that what I am telling them is in fact The TRUTH and that The ENEMY is not using me to spread disinformation, lies! It is simply MY CIVIC DUTY to educate as many of my fellow Americans to The TRUTH as I can, because we always must have A COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY INFORMED ELECTORATE because without one we have absolutely no democracy at all in our nation. And I honestly do always try, very hard, to explain everything to MY INTERNET READERS in terms that the average person will be able to comprehend what I am saying to him/her.

Now why do I keep telling all of MY INTERNET READERS to HOLD THEIR FIRE?

Well, we have a huge problem in ridding our nation of that Rockefeller's Rich Man's Mafia. The Sputnik Forces did intentionally create Maoism, Stalin-ism, Rockefeller-ism, that royalty of the middle east, lunatic Saddam Hussein, Crazy Qaddafi, Insane Assad, etc., etc., etc., to intentionally enslave all of mankind under them in order to hide what they were doing with their sputnik lasers. They are all RIGHT WING entities, basically all fascists. The RIGHT WING is when a tyrant, king, tiny few like royalty or a fascist Mafia of the rich, etc., rule. The LEFT WING is when the people rule themselves using a real, honest, constitution democracy ... it is having real, honest, freedom, liberty, and democracy ... it is POWER TO THE PEOPLE. The old fashion card carrying commies, who did believe in our US Constitution, in having real, honest, freedom, liberty, and democracy, whose motto was always ... POWER TO THE PEOPLE ... who used to control all of our American institutions of higher learning, all of our labor unions, much of Hollywood, etc., were LEFT WINGERS. Stalin was a RIGHT WINGER. Lenin called Stalin-ism ... RIGHT WING STATE CAPITALISM ... . The Sputnik Forces intentionally perverted LEFT WING communism in The USSR, by using that infamous ... A DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAN or workers ... , into being RIGHT WING and by using Stalin. Stalin was in fact the richest and most powerful RIGHT WING CZAR to ever rule Russia! The only reason that LEFT WING real commies tend to believe in state ownership, by the way, is that they do realize that anything this earth has a class of rich, they end up stabbing all of the non rich in their backs to the nth degree and make them into their POWERLESS SLAVES. The Rich brainwash, intimidate, terrorize, etc., the non rich in order to control them completely so that The Rich can exploit them to hell to feed their never ending, pure evil greed. So the question is always ... How do you have a functional national economy that does not have any rich people? Well, commies tend to believe that to accomplish that very logical, noble goal in order to keep all non rich forever safe from a rich class grossly abusing them, they need to have some sort of state ownership, or communal ownership, of huge things such as corporations, oil companies, financial institutions, etc., and you can only safely have things that the middle class owns in the hands of private owners. A fun thing to try is simply to ask children to create a working economy that does not have a rich class ... that only has non rich people in it. At times children do create some great concepts on how to accomplish that given goal that we adults, brainwashed into believing in only what exists in our own nations would just never, ever think of at all!

Anyhow, since The Sputnik Forces did intentionally create that lunatic Rockefeller Family and their utterly fascist Rich Man's Mafia and since The Sputnik Forces has been protecting it in order to keep it in power, that does now present a huge problem in getting rid of it. If anyone attempts to get rid of it and The Sputnik Forces is still protecting it in order to keep it in power, in total and complete criminal control of The USA and most of the so-called free world, well, The Sputnik Forces will always work very hard to cause those attempting to get rid of it to fail.

Do you American gun owners care to go to war against our utterly fascist Rich and Ruling Class, PLUS The Sputnik Forces? HELL NO! You will always automatically lose if you do that. And therefore I keep telling you all ...

Please, HOLD YOUR FIRE, please!

The Sputnik Forces have been telling me for many years now, they are waiting for the economy to go to hell more, and then they will brutally butcher the king pins, their loved ones, in that Rockefeller's Rich Man's Mafia, burn up their receivers that they are using to listen in to those thought sending, mind reading, disaster, accident, crime, illness, etc., causing sputnik lasers.

Therefore, I keep telling all American gun owners to simply ... HOLD THEIR FIRE ... please! They absolutely must wait until the economy goes to hell enough, so that The Sputnik Forces cares to get rid of our fascist Rich and Ruling Class, so that they are not at war with The Sputnik Forces and that fascist Rich and Ruling Class. When will that be? I do not know for sure. The economy is now very rapidly completely falling apart both here in The USA and in the entire EU. Perhaps you will notice things in the mass media like a bunch of Rockefellers suddenly ending up dead, etc. We must simply wait and watch. I am rather sure that The Sputnik Forces will let all of our gun owners know when the time is correct.

In order to win, you American gun owners absolutely must have THE FORCE WITH YOU, on your side! Therefore, simply ... HOLD YOUR FIRE ... until the economy goes to hell enough, so that The Sputnik Forces kill those king pins off in that Rockefeller's Rich Man's Mafia, as that will then mean that THE FORCE IS ON YOUR SIDE and then The Sputnik Forces will greatly HELP YOU TO WIN.

It is like with Syria today. Today The Sputnik Forces only supports those FREEDOM FIGHTERS there, the opposition, who care to put real, honest, freedom, liberty, and democracy in place there. And The Sputnik Forces are now telling me that Uncle Joe Putin and his regime are their ... NUMBER ONE ENEMY ...! Uncle Joe Putin and his regime believe it is great for them to have the foreign police of their Uncle Joe Stalin, i.e., any criminally insane mad lunatic who manages to make himself head of state has a right to all of the national sovereign rights of his nation and no nation has any right to remove that criminal thug from power, no matter what atrocities, massacres, horrific crimes, etc., he commits against his own peoples. That bullshit is simply utterly IMMORAL and PURE EVIL! Everyone human being on this earth is their brothers' and sisters' keepers and has a moral duty to make sure that their brothers and sisters all around our entire planet earth are never, ever abused by those who rule their nations. Today, Uncle Joe Putin and his regime have virtually the entire human race greatly hating Russia and all Russians due to Uncle Joe Putin and his regime refusing to do all in their power to immediately remove Atrocity-doing Thug Assad, his corrupt family and his criminal regime from power and replacing them with a temporary government that is committed to putting real, honest, freedom, liberty, and democracy in place in Syria. Oh yes, Uncle Joe Putin and his regime are royally busting their asses to make it utterly impossible for The Sputnik Forces to sell to the entire human race their great peace treaty package deal to put real, honest, freedom, liberty, and democracy into place in ALL nations and keep it there forever ... because Uncle Joe Putin and his regime are PROVING to the entire human race that Russia and Russians do not even believe in any freedom, liberty, and democracy at all with their actions. The ONLY way that The Sputnik Forces can repair the enormously huge damage that Uncle Joe Putin and his regime insist on doing to them is for The Sputnik Forces to use their sputnik lasers and pick off and kill Uncle Joe Putin and his regime, along with all of their families including all of their posterity and make them into examples of what happens to slow learner Russians who refuse to believe in and practice real, honest, freedom, liberty, and democracy and then for The Sputnik Forces to rule them own Russia and fix it.

Oh well, in past emails The Sputnik Forces has total mind controlled to write all kinds of things to prove to Uncle Joe Putin and his regime that REAL HONEST FREEDOM, LIBERTY, AND DEMOCRACY IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT that every human being on this entire planet earth is entitled to have today, etc. Because we are ONE HUMAN RACE, we always have a horrific moral duty, responsibility, to make sure that all members of our ONE HUMAN RACE do always have their human rights respected. Oh well, if Uncle Joe Putin and his regime refuse to act like responsible members of our ONE HUMAN RACE, The Sputnik Forces will fix that, as they will simply use their sputnik lasers to SLICE AND DICE them and their all of loved ones and flush them down toilets so that they can float away with the rest of that shit, feces!

Why does Uncle Joe Putin and his regime keep up their atrocity level, crimes against humanity, Stalinist foreign policy? Oh naturally, they believe that they are providing for their nation's national defense! They think they simply re-create Stalin, Stalin-ism, The USSR, and a coalition of EVIL NATIONS to use against The West, i.e., re-create that old bullshit of The USSR, Inc, vs The West in that old COLD WAR. That is all just utterly insane, needless to say! Why so?

Oh, The Sputnik Forces did intentionally create that COLD WAR and NUKE RACE, as they did intentionally create and protect Maoism, Stalin-ism, Rockefeller-ism, etc., as a TEMPORARY WAR TACTIC in order to hide what they were doing with their sputnik lasers from the time that the radio was invented until there is another GLOBAL GREAT DEPRESSION in which mankind will GO TO THE LEFT IN, like mankind always does during global great depressions. The Sputnik Forces are NOT right wing Stalinists, they are LEFT WING REAL COMMUNISTS who are totally committed to ... POWER TO THE PEOPLE ... to having only real, honest, freedom, liberty, democracy in ALL nations on our entire planet earth ... who only believe in a constitutional democracy with honest free press, with a completely INFORMED ELECTORATE, etc., and in a one person gets one vote and everyone must, by law, vote as it is their civil duty to do so, and there exists the right to vote on national referendums and for the people to directly democratically vote to decide all major issues for themselves, etc. Mankind will not have any more wars over what kind of economy a nation has, as that issue will be always decided by the people voting on national referendums, which means any time that the people care to try a different kind of economy, say go from state ownership to private ownership, or to do the opposite, the people will just vote on a national referendum to do so. That is called ... POWER TO THE PEOPLE ... !

Oh moron Uncle Joe Putin, The Sputnik Forces are not in the process of permanently ending that COLD WAR that they caused to be! Very soon there will be that GLOBAL GREAT DEPRESSION that they have been waiting for. That means that very soon they will brutally butcher those king pins in that Rockefeller's Rich Man's Mafia and burn up their receivers they use to listen in to those total mind controlling sputnik lasers and be put permanently out of business. And that does mean, that very soon if you, Uncle Joe Putin and your regime are acting like super Stalinistic Pigs and have a foreign policy that is only fit for your Uncle Joe Stalin to have, The Sputnik Forces will fix that, as they plan to simply use their sputnik lasers to SLICE AND DICE you, Uncle Joe Putin and your entire regime, along with all of your loved ones and then flush you all down toilets, i.e., make examples of what happens to slow learner Russians who refuse to believe in real, honest, freedom, liberty, and democracy, and then The Sputnik Forces will rule their own Russia themselves and fix it.

Enough of that ... I truly do not care to waste any more of my time, energy, etc., writing about Uncle Joe Putin and his regime at all! At this stage it is all kind of like writing to The DEAD, that is how near they are now to having The Sputnik Forces kill them all with their sputnik lasers ... it is just so utterly depressing to have to write to The DEAD, no joke! And let us face reality here, please, The Sputnik Forces always provide for the national defense of their own Russia simply because they live like parasites off of Russia, ... they get all of the recruits from Russia's military academies, they get all of their funding from Russia, etc., and they, themselves, just cannot survive without their Russia therefore they are FORCED to always defend Russia. Every nation today, just about, except for some African nations and tiny island nations that I never wrote to, do realize that to attack Russia is to declare war against The Sputnik Forces, who must always protect their Russia in order to exist ... therefore no nation is planning on attacking Russia because The Sputnik Forces, without any nukes, without any warning, etc., can use their sputnik lasers to vaporize their entire nation and kill virtually everyone in it in a few minutes time if they dare try to attack Russia. Russia is the one nation that just never ever has to worry about its national defense, as that is always provided by The Sputnik Forces! Russia does not need Syria at all, Russia does not need RED CHINA at all, etc., a fact of life. To correctly provide for the national defense of Russia, all Putin and his regime need to be doing is smiling and saying ... WE LOVE REAL, HONEST, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, AND DEMOCRACY HERE, THERE. AND EVERY WHERE ON OUR PLANET EARTH ... and then have all of their other words and all of those actions, always match that statement! That will greatly help The Sputnik Forces sell their great peace treaty package deal to the entire human race and then we finally will have PEACE all around our entire planet forever!

Oh, how goes it all of you heads of state in The EU? Did my last email upset you all? Me writing about the possibility of ARMED CLASS WARS sweeping through your own nations in the very near future and killing off your entire Rich and Ruling Class, along with ALL Jews? The Rockefeller Family is and always has been extremely global, international. Just LOOK at how many people in The EU and Japan did belong to The Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, and other international organization that family controls! Why are the governments in all democracies doing the utterly unthinkable and completely overthrowing their own democracies by refusing to tell ALL of their own citizens that The Sputnik Forces is attacking with both their sputnik lasers and their ENEMY MADE Rockefeller's INTERNATIONAL FASCIST Rich Man's Mafia? Why are all democracies belonging to those utterly fascist controlled organizations such as The WTO, The IMF, The World Bank, etc.? When it is always utterly IMMORAL for any democracy to ever do any business with, trade with, etc, repressive regimes, as that doing do does greatly help to keep their repressive regimes in power and it does enable those repressive regimes to continue to deny their own peoples their very basic human right to have real, honest, freedom, liberty, and democracy, ... why are all democracies trading with that extremely repressive regime, those Maoists, in Red China? When all of the facts prove, beyond any and all reasonable doubt, that free trade is in fact FASCIST TRADE, because it forces the workers in one nation to bid for factories, jobs, against the workers in all on other nations on this earth and the workers who are willing to work for the smallest SLAVE WAGERS get to win those factories and jobs, and that only makes The Fascist Rich of this earth richer and richer by increasing their profits ... why are all democracy doing that utterly fascist free trade? When fascist free trade is designed to totally and completely destroy all first world nations and to make them all into grossly under developed, i.e., lacking industry, manufacturing, factories, third world, dirt poor Banana Republics and fascist free trade is designed to completely destroy the entire middle class on our entire planet earth, why are all of the governments of all democracies doing that atrocity fascist free trade? Exactly what the hell is wrong with the government of all democracies ... do they all belong to Rockefeller's INTERNATIONAL FASCIST Rich Man's Mafia? Do all of The Rich in all first world nations belong to that Mafia? Are FASCIST criminally censoring the mass media in all democracies to brainwash the peoples in them? Etc.?

Now once WE THE PEOPLE in The USA are soon FREE and we control, we rule our nation, naturally, we plan to make the entire TRUTH PUBLIC! We greatly want that great peace treaty package deal with The Sputnik Forces that will make all of the non rich on our entire planet earth into The WINNERS forever, until the sun goes nova. We are not suicidal crazies who care to be needless at war with The Sputnik Forces, as the only thing that we non rich ever really have is our lives and health, and that of our loved ones ... and we will never, ever risk our lives and the lives of our loved ones needlessly. We The People really do not care at all who has those sputniks, because we are very practical, down to earth folks, therefore we only care about exactly what the hell those sputniks will be used for and not used for, etc. That great peace treaty package deal that The Sputnik Forces is offering does sound just like it was written in Heaven above by God Almighty and like what mankind greatly needs ... therefore we greatly want it.

Now there, exactly what the hell are you heads of state in The EU planning on doing when soon WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE FREE and we rule The USA and we restore our overthrown democracy, US Constitution, and we make the entire TRUTH PUBLIC? Will your own peoples then think that their own Rich and Ruling Class must belong to that INTERNATIONAL FASCIST RICH MAN'S MAFIA and will that cause AN ARMED CLASS WAR in your nations? Hey, I am not an European and I do not know much of anything about The EU, only that which The Mafia here wants us to know such as The EU has too much pure evil socialism and that is destroying The EU, which is a LIE needless to say. Like CHECK THE FACTS, please! Nations that run huge TRADE SURPLUSES always become rich and nations that run huge TRADE DEFICITS always keep growing poorer and poorer ... and the facts prove that is The TRUTH, too. So that insanely huge TRADE DEFICIT that The EU has with RED CHINA is what is making The EU poorer and poorer and The EU will just never, ever stop becoming poorer until you stop trading with that utterly repressive MAOIST REGIME in RED CHINA, that you democracies should never, ever be trading with at all. CHECK THE FACTS, please. My own USA, extremely rapidly, went from being the very richest nation to ever exist on this entire planet earth to being the very poorest nation, that owes more money then any nation ever in the entire history of this earth ... and that was all caused by FASCIST FREE TRADE which did turn our HUGE TRADE SURPLUS into a VERY HUGE TRADE DEFICIT and my own USA cannot stop its forever increasing hellish poverty unless it completely stops doing trade with that utterly repressive regime in RED CHINA that all democracies should never, ever be trading with, doing any business with, etc., at all. My own USA will continue to become poorer and poorer until it completely gets rid of that utterly fascist free trade and globalization.

Perhaps all NATO nations, and maybe all SEATO nations, need to have a SUMMIT in order to discuss very soon becoming so poor that they will not longer even be able to have any defense departments ... as those Maoists in RED CHINA are becoming so rapidly rich, that very soon they shall become THE ONLY SUPER POWER ON THE PLANET EARTH. When President Jackass Obama decided to put our US Navy off the shores of RED CHINA because its never ending insanely huge military buildup is making all the neighboring nations utterly paranoid, I told him to NOT do that and why? Oh, because very soon The USA is going to become so insanely poor that it will be forced to get rid of its entire defense department. Now that does not upset us non rich Americans, because we plan on soon taking back our nation and ruling it and we plan on running and doing that great peace treaty package deal with The Sputnik Forces because they will provide all of our national defense for FREE and that is the only price our nation will soon be able to pay for our national defense, i.e., nothing, because soon our entire economy will be gone and we shall soon become a nation of over three hundred million people who have no economy left. Oh, since The Sputnik Forces are the only real experts in economics, we also plan on begging their kind help to survive that huge economical disaster that will soon hit us and our USA. The Sputnik Forces will soon rule their own Russia because they must make themselves into a legal entity that nations can do treaties with, and that means they will control all of that RUSSIA OIL ... and they keep telling me that they will greatly help us with lots of their Russia OIL if we do that great peace treaty package deal with them. With their expertise in economies, help, we will survive.

As I have stated, I am truly STUPID about The EU and do not know what is really going on inside of The EU at all. ALL mass media here in my own USA is criminally censored by fascist pigs and they never, ever want us to know The TRUTH about anything, a fact of life. I, being a person of extremely high morals, am only asking you heads of state in The EU if any of you think that your nation, or other nations in your EU, will also be having ARMED CLASS WARS to kill of the entire Rich and Ruling Class, along with ALL Jews in them? I simply have no way of knowing if there is any risk of that happening or not.

Well, common sense does tell me what you heads of state in The EU must now do in order to fix The EU. You must completely get rid of that fascist free trade and globalization and return to doing things the way you used to do them, i.e., return to having trade tariffs, quotas, etc., so you protect your own industry, manufacturing, factories, jobs, and standard of living. And I tend to believe that you already have so many nations that are so messed up, economically, that you will need to get rid of The EU and The EURO, also, so that the people in each nation has the maximum degree of political power to control their own demestic economies. Then you can work out brand new trade deals with each other, etc., to help each other. You can then do things like decide which nation will make all of the refrigerators, which nation will make all of the stoves, which nation will make the furnances, which nation will make solar panels, etc., and then trade with each other, so that all nations in The EU will have some factories, jobs, etc., if you care to do that sort of thing.

And what are you in The EU going to do about The Sputnik Forces when WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are soon FREED and we run to do that great peace treaty package deal with The Sputnik Forces? ALL OF THE CAPITAL CITIES OF ALL NATIONS ON THIS EARTH WILL BURN ...


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