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The following article was written by Pamela Rowse RN, the founder of The Kierra Harrison Foundation for Child Safety. I had no hesitation in reproducing it here. Thoughts like these need as wide a distribution as possible.

(Shaken Baby Syndrome is a particular concern at The Millenium Project. See the story about murderer Alan Yurko and you will see why.)


Since 1975 when Dr. McCaffey first published on the syndrome identified at "Shaken Baby Shaken Whiplash Syndrome" a legion of defense attorneys in this nation have attempted to find Medical Expert Witnesses that will testify to some OTHER cause for the devastating injuries that we find in the infants and toddlers stricken by this brutal form of child abuse.


We should first just refresh on the injuries that are seen and how those injuries could occur. You must remember that the constellation of injuries seen are present in spite of either no or minimal external signs of injury. The presenting clinical affect is immediate change in the child's neurological status. Generally, the child will become totally unconscious and unresponsive immediately following the event. This will quickly proceed to slowed or absent respiration.

When examined by a physician they will be found to have 1) Sub-dural hemorrhages diffuse over the brain surface. 2) In 75% of the cases there will be retinal hemorrhages in the back of the eyes. 3) Axonal shearing (found on autopsy only) will be present. 4) Massive cerebral or brain swelling will be occurring. This is in response to the bleeding. There may be fractures in the skull or ribs, which are the most commonly noted. But fractures have also been found in the arms and legs which generally indicates other abuse has also occurred.


So many OTHER excuses have been used, such as falls from short distances, CPR in the field, shaking to revive attack by another child, pressures from ventilator support, and even the family pet. But none has been as ludicrous as the most recent attack by the defense that "Vaccine Reactions" resulted in the injuries presented.

When I heard about the first case in court with this defense I started to laugh. It was obvious that they were confusing the forest for the trees. Look at the scenario, Q: When are babies most likely to be shaken? A: When they are crying and fussy. Q: When are babies most like to be crying and fussy? A: When they have had their immunizations. This seemed to be a very direct correlation for me. It wasn't the immunization that caused the SDH, RH, Cerebral was the shaking to get them to quiet down. But, soon I would learn that not everyone, particularly attorneys think in normal process.


There are documented reactions to vaccinations. Actually we have all seen them, even the sore red and swollen arm or leg where the injection was given is a reaction but totally expected. Also the low-grade temperature that some times occurs is not an uncommon reaction. Pediatricians have been given guidelines for immunizations. The CDC states that if there is question of the child's immunity status being compromised such as with a cold or the flu, ear infection or other childhood illness, then that vaccination should be postponed until such time as the child is well.

The National Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (V.A.E.R.S.) has been tracking reported reactions since 1997. This is a scientifically driven organization of physicians that specialize in "epidemiology" and monitor not only reactions but assist the CDC in monitoring the much needed decline and irradication of dangerous childhood diseases such as diphtheria, smallpox, pertussis (whooping cough), and measles. During their monitoring that have reported approximately a 0.01% of what have been labeled "severe or critical reactions" to vaccinations. These cases presented with seizures, cerebral edema, and in a very smaller case group death.

However, here is the crux. These children who have presented in this category have a significantly different sequelae than our shaken babies. Reactions to vaccines severe enough to cause brain swelling are going to take several days to actually cause concern. As the brain begins to swell from the endotoxins that are forming the child will become progressively critically ill. Extremely high temperatures will present and increasing lethargy. These children will appear so extremely ill that they would have been taken to their pediatrician long before the ultimate "unconscious unresponsive event" ensued.

Continued production of the endotoxins can ultimately lead to coagulopathies, which will cause bleeding in the brain, but the swelling will present first. In our shaken babies, the exact opposite is the case. The bleeding results in the swelling and immediate loss of consciousness. In none of the documented cases reported to VAERS did I find bleeding in any form. Seizures presenting first resolved and unless there was another complication with hypoxia (lack of oxygen) there was no permanent brain damage.

In the cases where they have attempted to claim vaccines caused the SBS injuries they have had a difficult time explaining the fractures and the other symptoms that accompany a fatal or near fatal shaking. And yet, because our system would choose to not believe that anyone could commit such a heinous crime against a child, they will grasp at the unreal to hold on to their net of safety.

The article written by Dr. David Chadwick and Rob Parrish, DTP Vaccination or SBS? The Role of Irresponsible Medical Expert Testimony in Creating a False Causal Connection is excellent in outlining the implausibility of this type of defense. This whole issue boils down to..."Babies get shaken when they cry and they cry when they get their shots"...cause and simple as that.

We need to educate the public, which encompasses the "jury pools", that vaccines don't kill babies.... Shaking kills babies...and if you shake a baby you should always pay the consequences.


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If anyone is interested in receiving copies of the above articles, please email Pam Rowse at . Indicate which article you are interested in and she will provide you with a PDF file.


Pamela Rowse is noted in her field and works tirelessly to end Shaken Baby Syndrome. You can read the story here of her grandchild Kierra, who while in the care of a child care worker died of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Ms Rowse has made it her life's work to dispel myths about SBS and also to end abuses in the Child Care Industry.


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