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Reverse Speech – Voices From The Unconscious

This site was given an Encouragement Award in the 2005 Millenium Awards.

The award citation read:

I haven't heard much lately about David Oates and his theory that everything we say has a hidden meaning encoded in the sounds if we were to hear them in reverse. I have always been a bit suspicious of this because I often have difficulty in figuring out how to say things forward without having to add a different meaning and work out what it will all sound like backwards before I say it forwards. I wonder if Latin died out because the verbs are at the ends of the sentences and it was just too difficult for the speakers of the language to work out the backwards part while rearranging the thought order for forward talk. In fact, now that I think about it further this is obviously what happened. Res ipsa loquitor.

My apple-cheeked old grandmother always told me to not be backwards in coming forward, so I have given Mr Oates an Encouragement Award to show him that the world needs to hear more about his findings, after all, as it says on the site: "David has been compared to Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Nicola Tesla and his work described as being of Nobel calibre with far reaching ramifications is such fields as law and psychology", and we wouldn't want those ramifications to go to waste.


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