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Raw Meaty Bones

Raw Meaty Bones was given an Encouragement Award in the 2001 Millenium Awards. The award was announced in the following words:

It was once my great misfortune to be seated opposite veterinarian Tom Lonsdale at a dinner for small business managers and owners. As we enjoyed a delightful Chinese banquet we were amused and entertained by graphic descriptions of the various and varied consistencies of dog excrement. We were told about sticky droppings and chalky-white droppings and how the result could be influenced by the dog's diet and how evil the pet food manufacturers were and how we could tell which of our neighbours were feeding their animals properly by just walking around looking at the evidence. We were all glad that the colour of the chardonnay wine did not lead to a discussion of other dog effluents. This site used to be an uproarious rant against pet food canners, veterinarians' associations and other such conspirators but now just seems to be a pale imitation and we have to buy the book to get the good stuff. So, Tom, get the site back focussing on the "Bones and Raw Food" issue. Let's all BARF together again.

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