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QXCI – Tomorrow's medicine... TODAY!
(A link check done on January 15, 2004, showed the URL was being redirected to a page on a server in Hungary. The entire contents of that page was "Karbantartas alatt, kis turelmet kerunk!". But it's back now.)
QXCI – The Ultimate Website of Elite QXCI Information, Service, & Support
And this site has lost all consciousness PB January 2019

In January 2001, I wrote an item for the Quintessence of the Loon site which had some gentle fun at the expense of a Dr William Nelson and a machine he had invented called the "Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface", which appeared to be some sort of mind-reading device.

The Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface System added 18 January 2001
This site talks about a machine made by Dr William Nelson. I think his version of "Stardust" is fabulous, but I am really pleased to see that Willie has finished his education and is settling down to his new career. I see from the picture that he hasn't completely abandoned all his old fans (or even the young ones) and has included a bonus CD with every one of his new magic $10,000 mind-reading machines. Willie's background in the music business was really useful. This machine deals with feedback and it has lots of channels, just like a studio mixer or the CB radio in the bus. It also does "miasma analysis" and I can tell you that when I was a roadie I often felt a bit miasmic the morning after a late show and a conversation with Mr Beam and Mr Daniels. I remember having a long conversation with Messieurs Mot and Chandon once. That was the night we opened for the Eagles and the paymaster got the bags of money mixed up.

To the bank again
Just can't wait to get to the bank again
The life I love is makin' money from my friends
And I can't wait to get to the bank again
To the bank again
With the proceeds of my mind machine
Ten thousand bucks that you may never see again,
And I can't wait to get to the bank again.

It even won Loon of the Month.

Loon of the Month just had to be Dr Willie Nelson. I am really pleased that he is successful in his new career and I just love the word "Xrroid". It sounds like one of those cars we used to drive back in the late 60s and early 70s. You know the ones – engine capacity was measured in cubic feet and brake linings in square millimetres. I can see the advertising slogan: "The Ford Xrroid GrunTer – her mother will hate you". But I digress ...

I hope Willie can record my new song with Enrique Iglesias' father:

For all the loons I knew before
Who wandered clueless through my door
I'm glad you're never wrong
I dedicate this song
To all the loons I knew before

Dr Nelson's site later became unreachable, and I thought no more of it. Someone was thinking of it, though, and I received this email:

From: "QXCI – Global Quantum Quest"
Subject: Dr. William Nelson's Website
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 18:03:21 -0700

Sorry – saw your ridiculous site and thought I would correct you on one of your unfounded lies. QX Ltd. is still healing lives and moving forward strong – Dr. William Nelson's company website is located at – not to mention our website that provides a variety of support and options (including unrivaled Toll Free training support) to those who own the QXCI. I do not see how you can ASSume that this is some "get-rich-quick" scheme. You obviously have no idea how many unpaid hours we have put forth to provide excellent training and support on a device that has proven itself to me time and time again.

In addition, you obviously have quite a few personal emotional issues going on (don't need the QX to see that now do we! haha) that contribute to your "emotional outlet" of such a negative website, so I will leave you to it without further adieu....... you do look quite ridiculous and uninformed so I suppose Kharma is taking care of that! ; )

Have fun spending all of your energy on such negative hobbies – I'm assured you will!


<name redacted>

I have deleted the name of the person who wrote this email, as she now says that she has no official position with the the organisation which owns what she calls "our website" (despite being named on the site with a fancy title) and is getting into trouble. She also made some other claims about the site which are inconsistent with reality. Nothing she said did anything to change my opinion of the QXCI machine or the people who make and sell it, but I have removed her name anyway. This should not be seen as any type of precedent for people who want to complain about stuff in The Millenium Project. In this case, the name of the complainer is irrelevant as the real issue is the fraud of the QXCI machine itself.
PB 17 August, 2002

Sometimes it pays to keep quiet. Because of the writer's lack of both politeness and a sense of humour I decided to take a closer look at the QXCI machine and its proponents, and I found that it was something which more properly belonged in The Millenium Project rather than in Quintessence of the Loon. The latter site is about things which are weird or funny, but the QXCI machine is just another case of health fraud. Of course, it is dressed up as some sort of science, but anyone who buys one has wasted their money (and is expected to waste more for training, support and software upgrades) and the "patients" that it is ultimately used on are defrauded because the machine simply cannot do what it is supposed to do.

The disclaimer on the writer's site says:

DISCLAIMER: The QXCI system is to be used as a Biofeedback Multimedia System. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The device does not diagnose anyone. Only a Licensed Practitioner can diagnose a patient. This system is callibrated to measure the fine and subtle electrical and subspace reactions to a group of biological and medical substances. The sensitivity is set so fine as to pick up the earliest sign of disease and distress. Thus the results might (may) be below the client recognition. The readings should be evaluated by trained staff.
No claims are made of the system or results.

Franz Anton MesmerTranslated into English, this disclaimer says that the machine does nothing, it does it using forces and energies unknown to science, it does it so well that it might detect things which are not there, and you need to pay someone to tell you what it is doing. Even though the thing doesn't diagnose anything, it is a reasonable assumption that the operator can use the output from the machine to recommend future courses of action, probably involving some medication (sold by the operator) or more sessions with the magic machine (with a fee each time). It is quackery of the kind that Benjamin Franklin and Antoine Lavoisier found when they looked at the magnetic treatments of Franz Mesmer back in the 18th century, where you have a magic device that detects the subtle forces within a person, forces so subtle that they continue to exist even if the machine is turned off without the operator's knowledge, but which only seem to be able to cure people who truly believe in the effect. It is a snake oil still, dressed up with an operator in a white coat and attached to a computer to make it look real and legitimate

There are two classes of victims of this fraud. The first is the group of people who buy the machines. Some of these people will buy with the clear intent of perpetuating a fraud, but the majority probably buy with the expectation that they are getting something with therapeutic value that they can use to help people. They may eventually have doubts, but there is a thing called cognitive dissonance which causes us all to rationalise bad actions and decisions and these people may come to believe the myth because to do otherwise would be emotionally painful. The second group of victims consists of the patients who pay for the useless readings from these machines and the useless treatments that are suggested. Most of these patients will only lose money, but some may be diverted from real medical treatment for real conditions, and some may be frightened and distressed by being told of diseases which are "below the client recognition", a quackery term for "things you don't have to worry about".

The real victim of frauds like this is common sense. When nonsense is legitimised by dressing it up in the clothes of science, the value and meaning of science and knowledge is diminished. These people don't just steal money. They steal our faith in knowing how the universe works.

You can read some more information about "Dr" Nelson and the QXCI machine here.

Someone was very unhappy about my comments about the QXCI fraud, quite understandably as they admit to being an active participant in the scam. Of course, the complainer has no credibility as the message came through an anonymous mail service (one which hides the IP address of the sender). It is ironic that this person claims some sort of moral superiority but does not have the honesty to speak without wearing a mask.

From: "Sara" <>
Subject: Piece of SHIT!
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 22:25:45 -0500

YOU ARE SUCH A PIECE OF SHIT! I can't believe you would use this webpage to exploit a legal company who has obviously nothing to do with what you posted here. I have no idea what you are talking about as I visited the site you speak of and even searched the search engines and it seems like you are absolutely disillusioned. The only thing you prove are your own malicious lies!!!!!!! As an MD, QXCI Practitioner, and moral human being I found this disgusting display of pathetic self-righteousness (your webpage) sickening. You must be a 'Quackwatch' wanna-be. What a loser you are! If you think this is the end of what I have entered your life for, think again. YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH YOUR BULLSHIT!

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 14:13:44 -0800
From: Beth Tate
Subject: you fail here by referring Quack Watch

Please do more homework with regard to the QXCI machine. Using Quackwatch as your source is pathetic.

I am not a "believer" of the QXCI, on the face of it I must say it sounds surfing the net trying to find legit critques...your site does nothing more than add to the bullshit.

Beth Tate

I did not use Quackwatch as my source. I simply noted that someone else had something to say about this fraud. I knew it was a scam as soon as I saw it and I only found out that Quackwatch mentioned it afterwards. All that is required to evaluate this machine is to look around you and observe a universe with rules.

If you are looking for "legit critiques" and expect to find scientific evidence for this thing doing anything except move money between wallets then you will be disappointed.

But Beth was not happy:

From: "B. Tate"
Subject: QXCI.html
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 08:13:31 -0800


Not being a believer of the machine, I found the google search I did today brought up my name connected to some fairly unpleasant emails by other folks.

Can you please take off my name as it associates me with this product? Please see last emails.


Your original email made it quite clear that you are not associated with the QXCI scam. It did, however, accuse me of parroting Quackwatch and spreading bullshit. These are reasons enough for reproducing it here. It stays.


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