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Mary Daly and Feminist Nonsense (a tautology)

December, 2004

When I did a link check on this site in December 2004 I found that what seemed to be the last web site calling for the reinstatement of Mary Daly had finally disappeared. Mary Daly is the author of a series of ludicrous books with even more ludicrous titles, like Beyond God the Father, Gyn/Ecology, Pure Lust and Outercourse: The Be-Dazzling Voyage. She was also a lecturer at Boston College. During a twenty-five year teaching career, she banned men from her classes. I spent a lot of time around radical feminists when I was at university, and the best guess I can come up with as to why Daly banned men is that in her opinion the women in her classes were so intellectually incompetent that they could not be placed in an environment where any ideas could be challenged. She was treating women as if they were fools. Like all radical feminists she hates women, possibly even more than she hates men.

I am not suggesting that men are smarter than women, but my experience with the feminists strongly indicated that they are themselves intellectual midgets and that they think their students are just as handicapped. A wonderful example of this was the practice at my university of academic staff making available, through a place called "The Womyn's Room", copies of previously submitted and marked assignments (written by males!!). These were provided to give the poor little dears some "guidance" as to what was expected if they wanted good marks. Put another way, lecturers were encouraging women to cheat by copying the work of others and to submit it as their own. Imagine how it must feel to be told that you are so dumb that you need to steal other people's work to succeed. If you don't think that the lecturers were as dumb as rocks themselves, consider that I was once told that biological classification (which she incorrectly called "gender") was a social construction and that what men and women did in adult life was completely and exclusively determined by the toys that they had been given as children. Holding my face as straight as I could, I asked the lecturer whether this meant that men would be able to have babies if they were given dolls to play with when they were little. She gave me a puzzled look and said that she would have to think about it before giving me a definitive answer. No, I am not making this up!

Did I mention that another service offered by some lecturers was to provide coaching in lesbianism for those students who had not yet decided that this was an essential lifestyle choice? Now I want you to imagine how long a male academic would last if he started offering to take girl students home for the weekend for some sex education. About as long as he would last if he encouraged plagiarism, I suppose.

Boston College finally got sick of Daly stealing her salary by not doing everything that she was paid to do, and told her to open up her classes to all comers. She couldn't bring herself to do this so she declared that she was taking "paid leave of absence". (She told one interviewer that she hated even having to say the word "man" and was going to refuse the interview because the magazine had once published a photograph of the Dalai Lama!) The College then quite rightly took the view that she was now refusing to do anything at all for her salary, so they accepted her retirement. Hysteria then broke out in Feminist World. Apparently it was a major attack on all women that one woman should be asked to do what she had contracted and was paid to do. My goodness, the College was treating her in just the same way that it would treat a man who refused to come to work. That could not be right! Women were supposed to be treated in just the same way as men. Oops! As the last "Save Mary" site has now died, it looks like the College has been able to get over the events of 1999 and can now use its limited funds to pay someone who is prepared to teach and might even have something worthwhile to teach.

You may think that I am being harsh on Mary Daly by suggesting that what she was teaching may not have been intellectually challenging or worthwhile. My view is that she would have been incapable of teaching anything intellectually challenging as that would have required her to possess an intellect. Here are some quotes from this stupid, stupid bigoted woman. The only question which remains is how she managed to fool her employer for twenty-five minutes, let alone twenty-five years.

From the book Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism.

The idiot's opinion of the Apollo space program:
While overtly promoting the oppressive ideal of the nuclear family, this space spectacular subliminally appealed to erotic fantasies allegedly taboo in heterosexist society

The idiot's opinion about the contraceptive pill:
It is also of obvious significance that other lethal purifying medicine is working to ensure an even earlier extinction of women. Now that the model of female moral purity has been converted into pure sexual availability, the Purifiers have produced The Pill. This is known to increase risks of ...[long list of claims] ... Premenopausal Pill-popping thus prepares the way for premature death, the ultimate purification.

(Note on the above: One of the feminists loons that I was forced to associate with told me that using only female subjects in clinical trials of contraceptive pills was an example of how the patriarchy treated women as disposable, worthless objects. My questions about the usefulness of including men in trials designed to test the disruption of embryo attachment to the endometrium were brushed aside as examples of patriarchal ignorance.)

The idiot talking about goodness only knows what:
Males do indeed deeply identify with "unwanted fetal tissue," for they sense as their own condition the role of controller, possessor, inhabitor of women. Draining female energy, they feel "fetal." Since this perpetual fetal state is fatal to the Self of the eternal mother (Hostess), males fear women's recognition of this real condition, which would render them infinitely "unwanted." For this attraction/need of males for female energy, seen for what it is, is necrophilia -- not in the sense of love for actual corpses, but of love for those victimized into a state of living death

More gibberish with no identifiable meaning:
Male hatred of women expressed in such fetishized forms hides the deeper dimensions of envy, which remain unacknowledged. Thus we hear one male say of another's "project" or invention, "That's his baby." We also hear men describe the books, papers, articles of other men as "pregnant" with meaning. Such deceptive expressions provide clues to the deeper levels of deception. They suggest that the procreative power which is really envied do in fact belong primarily to the realm of mind / spirit / creativity. Yet this envy is not necessarily a desire to be creative, but rather to draw -- like fetuses -- upon another's (the mother's) energy as a source. Thus men who identify as mothers (that is, supermothers controlling biological mothers) are really protecting their fetal selves. They wish to be the fetuses/astronauts and the supermothers/ground commanders, but not the biological vessels/spaceships which they relegate to the role of controlled containers, and later discard as trash

From Outercourse: The Be-Dazzling Voyage

The idiot goes into space, presumably without an Apollo rocket:
My Voyage into The Fourth Spiral Galaxy of 'Outercourse' brought me to the point of Dis-covering yet an Other Galaxy. As a consequence of my arrival in an Expanding Now/Present, the Way Opened for me to Leap into an Expanding Here/Presence. Moving more deeply into the Background Realms, I was ready to begin Spiraling into The Fifth Spiral Galaxy

The idiot talks drivel:
Dreadful, Deadless Women are the ones who have never stopped trying and who have continued to Hope. Our Hope is vigorous and active, and it is sustained and continually inspired by the Outrageous Courage of our Sisters/Foresisters who are ever more intensely Present to us, beckoning and Daring us to move further into The Fifth Spiral Galaxy. They are Calling us to continue our work of Metapatriarchal Metamorphosis Here and Now. This will require a New/Archaic Awakening

I can't go on. I've seen more sensible and more literate stuff on toilet walls. Just think – this woman held down a teaching position for twenty-five years. You can only wonder how many students would have been turned away from the study of reality because they thought that this sort of bilge had meaning.

(Footnote: Mary Daly will not be celebrating Christmas, as she says that the story of the conception and birth of Jesus is a celebration of rape and incest and is used by society to show its approval of these activities. In her own words: "The Immaculate Conception is the ultimate depiction of (pre-natal) woman-battering, a mythic model of incestuous assault". She is seriously mad. It would help if she knew what the words "Immaculate Conception" really apply to (hint – it isn't the conception of Jesus), but that would require her to read books with big words in them.)


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