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Highly Commended 2003Comment and Opinion

Macquarie University – Department of Health & Chiropractic

This site was Highly Commended in the 2003 Millenium Awards. You can click here to see why this quackery site disappoints me more than most.

The award citation read:

Macquarie University has certain historical qualities which distinguish it from other universities in Australia. It was the first to introduce the US style Grade Point Average as a means of assessing student's progress through their studies and to determine qualifications for undertaking advanced study. It was the first to encourage a broad interdisciplinary content in undergraduate course construction. It had the first graduate school of management in Australia. It has even awarded me a couple of pieces of paper to hang on the wall.

Unfortunately, it also has the distinction of being the first real university in the world to officially include chiropractic education as part of the curriculum. If chiropractic was studied in the psychology department as an example of a delusional belief system or taught in the business school as an example of how to market a useless product I would have no objection, but alas it is taught as though it is real medicine with real science behind it.


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