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Highly Commended Award 2000Comment and Opinion


This piece of moronicity seems to have disappeared from the web, but thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can see it in all its psychotic glory here.

This site was highly commended in the 2000 Millenium Project Awards. The award was announced in the following words:\

This site originally had the strange title of "JAVASCRIPT FREE VERSION for Dr. Stephen Barrett , M.D.", which hardly describes the contents. It is now called "M.D.s , ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE , IATROGENIC DISEASE , MALPRACTICE AND MORE". It belongs to a chiropractor who doesn't want to be called "chiropractor" because he really wants to be a doctor. Why he would want to be a real doctor is a mystery because he seems to think that they spend all their time killing patients. I suppose that he knows that chiropractors aren't medical practitioners and he feels envious of people who have the education, skills and knowledge to treat diseases and make people well. Then again, maybe he doesn't want to be a doctor but is just ashamed of being called "chiropractor" because of the standard of education it indicates.

The site originally came to my attention because of its weird title, and at that stage it was not part of the "" domain. When Dr Baker got his own domain name, I left the original link rather than linking to the home page because I liked the content and style so much. If you went to Dr Baker's home page you used to get told:

Now, here are some words to think about!!!

If you go there now, you see:

If you click on the link to the copyright notice you get a page which is almost as funny as the popup which used to appear. Unfortunately, that seems to be all you can get because the site is now a Private Site, complete with underlining, and the wonderful diatribe about doctors has disappeared. When you went to that page in the past, the following piece of comedy used to appear:

The whole thing was too good to lose, so I have grabbed the Wayback Machine's version and you can see it here. If "Dr" Baker wants to object, he should click on the button below for an educated opinion about him.

Dr Baker doesn't like The Millenium Project, but it seems he will not extend to me the same rights that he claims for himself. He sent the following email to the ISP who hosts the site.

There was no baker on that pilgrimage to Canterbury (although there was a miller and a cook), so Geoffrey Chaucer had the parson say:
"Ypocrite is he that hideth to shewe hym swich as he is, and sheweth hym swich as he noght is".

From: "Dr. John Raymond Baker,D.C."
To: <>
Subject: One of the web sites associated with your company may be a legal liability
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 17:29:25 -0500

There is a website called "RatBags.Com" which, from the registration info, apparently has its pages hosted on your server.

Someone with the email address of has put up several pages which appear to be making libelous and defamatory statements against a variety of health care providers and companies. Since your company provides the vehicle for these pages to be viewed on the world wide web, I believe you should be made aware of this possible liability.

A sampe web page is found at :

The title he gives this page is "The Millenium Project – Medical Frauds 201 to 300 ". There are other pages on this site which appear to make defamatory and libelous statements about a number of licensed, and lawfully practicing health care providers here in the United States. I believe there are around 500 sites which are listed on this "Medical Fraud" listing, and no proof there is anything fraudulent about any pages listed that I am aware of.

There is offensive, and perhaps outright deception being fostered by some of the statements found on various pages on this site.

I believe, that if vicarious liability exists here, you, as the hosting company, need to be made aware of some of the things which are being presented on this web site, and that you should have the ability to give serious consideration as to whether you wish to continue hosting these pages.

The information about the registration of this web site is as follows :

Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
Bowditch, Peter (PB9371) peterb@GEBESSE.COM.AU
Gebesse Holdings Pty Ltd
6 Caprera Road
Northmead, NSW 2152
+61299999999 (FAX) +61299999999
Technical Contact:
Jason, McPherson (MJ2006) JASON@NETAUS.NET.AU
P.O.Box 41
+61 2 98903099 (FAX) +61 2 98903147

Record last updated on 02-Apr-2001.
Record expires on 04-Mar-2003.
Record created on 04-Mar-1999.
Database last updated on 13-Apr-2002 08:15:00 EDT.

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