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Gasatomic fuel saving device

This site was highly commended in the 2000 Millenium Project Awards. The award was announced in the following words:

One idea that won't seem to go away is that there are powerful forces combining to preserve their profits and make us all pay more for things. As the most expensive machine most of us will ever own is a car, it is no surprise that magic methods of making cars cheaper to run and more powerful have been turning up ever since Gottlieb Daimler fitted the first engine to a cart. Here is the Gasatomic fuel saving device which is guaranteed to reduce fuel consumption and make our cars less polluting. NASA probably use it on the space shuttle to reduce the fuel load. I have one question, though. If these things are so good, why are they not banned in Formula One racing and, as they are not banned, why don't the F1 teams use them. Ferrari must be stupid and have more money than sense.


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