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Gary Null's Natural Living (Now Gary's Vitamin Closet)

This site was Highly Commended in the 2010 Millenium Awards. The award citation read:

There's something charming about a peddler of supplements nearly poisoning himself with a massive overdose of his own products. This would be enough by itself to win an award, but Gary made sure by not only continuing to sell the faulty products even while they were almost killing him but simultaneously running a story on the front page of his site with the headline "Overdose Death Rate Surges, Legal Drugs Are Mostly To Blame". That's right, folks – while selling supplements with massively incorrect amounts of active ingredient he had the hide to criticise real medicine. Chutzpah like that should not go unrewarded.

Dear Mr Null,

Congratulations. Your web site was Highly Commended in the 2010 Millenium Awards presented by The Millenium Project. The judges felt that the award was a suitable recognition of the way you managed to overdose yourself on vitamins because your own products were poorly manufactured while simultaneously attacking real medicine for its mistakes.

[see above]

Please feel free to publicise your award and display the award logo on your web site. If you wish to collect the physical prize (a tube of haemorrhoid cream and a wire brush applicator) you can do so at your own expense, but please give me sufficient notice so that I can organise the location for the public application of the cream and the accompanying media coverage.

You can see the other award winners at

Null: A quantity of no importance (8/5/2010)
Schadenfreude is made specially delicious when the object of the feeling is someone as disgusting as quackery salesman Gary Null. The wonderful story this week is that Null, who makes a living promoting megavitamins, is suing the manufacturer of one of his vitamin pills because they caused Null to overdose on Vitamin D3. Apparently the pills contained a gigadose rather than a megadose and poor Gary was exposed to the reality of "The dose makes the poison". In true quack fashion, when he started to suffer side effects he took even more of the pills, and it seems that he was a very lucky man because he finally decided to talk to a real doctor who knew something about medicine before he actually died from the reaction. Also in true quack fashion, Null's web site continued to offer the pills for sale even as Gary was reaching for lawyers.

The video below is all over the 'net, so I thought I would help out by having a copy in my own YouTube account. It confirms something that sensible people have known for some time, which is that Null has a remarkably appropriate name. "Null" means empty or without value, and the word certainly describes Gary's morality, conscience, medical qualifications, professional affiliations and ability to tell the truth. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to his bank account.

Reader John Nielsen has suggested that Gary Null should get a special award for the irony of having to sue a vitamin manufacturer for putting too much vitamin into vitamin pills. It's too late for the 2009 Millenium Awards, but I think I will add an Irony and Schadenfreude category to future award presentations. Gary Null has almost guaranteed that he will win for this year but we can always hope that someone else commits an even greater stupidity.

Oh, and here is the headline on the leading story on Null's web site at the time this was written:

Add hypocrisy to the list of Null's achievements. The man overdoses on his own products and then has the hide to criticise real medicine. Perhaps Gary is trying for an Anus Maximus Award.

Idiots reject the Null hypothesis (15/5/2010)
I have upset some fans of snake oil salesman Gary Null by what I said last week about how the fool had almost poisoned himself by taking his own advice and vitamins. Here are some of the comments posted to YouTube about my copy of a video showing what a crook Gary Null is. Somehow I don't think that any of them are going to make me change my opinion of the clown.

From fmogiba:
fact, zero people died from natural supplements, but american medicine kills over 700,000 people a year

From rawisin:
How many QUALIFIED And LICENSE doctors kill millions of people! ----LOTS

How many people has GARY NULL Killed in the last 35 years!------ NONE

I rest my case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From dannymans888 (posted twice for some unknown reason):
A surgeon who admitted killing a patient during an operation walked free from the Old Bailey yesterday after a judge gave him a suspended prison sentence.

Steven Walker, 47, admitted the manslaughter of Dorothy McPhee. The 71-year-old patient bled to death during a liver operation at Blackpool Victoria Hospital in 1995.

From freqazoidiac:
I can't wait until you are in the same room as him for an argument, instead of your closed minded statements that are full of quack that you induce upon others. You lack, you quack you are the duck. Too bad you don't have the spine to go on his ongoing offer to ANYBODY for an argument. You will burn due to your lack of any real effort to find truth. I find a hole in EVERY statment you say. I could argue but you'll just edit me. So until that day, pack your bags, your job is over.

I'm particularly impressed by the last one, although I might understand it better if it was written in English.

Court supports the Null hypothesis (22/5/2010)
The Null Hypothesis in alternative medicine is that there is no difference between Gary Null and an idiot. Evidence supporting the hypothesis is widespread and more can be found on almost a daily basis. A recent example was Null's court case against the FDA last year, where he tried to sue the agency because health care workers might be forced to take their jobs seriously and be vaccinated against swine flu. In a remarkable example of judicial alacrity, the court threw the case out exactly one month after it was filed.

This is just another example of how quacks resort to the courts when they don't have any science. You can read some more about this deceptive and cowardly practice here.


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