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Encouragement Award  2015Comment and Opinion

Diaper Free Baby

This site was awarded an Encouragement Award in the 2015 Millenium Awards. The citation read:

I'm not sure how much encouragement someone needs if they are not discouraged by an infant urinating and defecating all over the place. I suppose it's like the way people coo over the not-housetrained puppy they got for Christmas. Just follow it around with a few paper towels and one of those squirty bottles you get from the pet shop until it learns to go outside. Or, in the case of a child, learns to climb up onto the toilet and use toilet paper afterwards. (Elimination communication believers do use toilet paper, don't they? Doesn't it inhibit communication?) Do little boys have to be taught to leave the lid up or is it innate?

Perfect for cleaning up after toddlers. Or your pet.


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