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Cancer 100 Challenge

Nobel nominations for 2021 closed on January 31, 2021
Only to go until nominations close for the 2022 Nobel Prizes.

Number of days since the challenge was first made on May 6, 2000:
Number of cancer "curers" who have produced any evidence of their successes:0

There are lots of people out there who claim to have cured cancer in patients. Some of the people making these claims are medical doctors who have records showing the detection and identification of the disease, the course of treatment (or treatments) taken, the results of those treatments, and long-term follow-up of the patients documenting the absence of the disease after several years. This is called "medicine" and is a form of science. A lot of other people claim to have cured cancer using unconventional means. Many of these people claim to have discovered or invented chemical preparations, machines, diets and other means of curing cancer. When challenged for evidence of their claims, they generally respond that scientists don't understand what they are doing, or that the drug companies want to suppress their ideas, or some other specious excuse about why they can't say how their cure works. Well, I'm going to make it easy for them by simply asking them to prove the effectiveness of what they do. The method is not important, only the results, and effectiveness is quite easy to assess.

I live near a large hospital which treats a lot of people with cancer. With a bit of effort and the right pieces of paper, I could get case histories of 100 patients which showed that:

  1. A life-threatening form of cancer had been diagnosed (by scientific means, not just by looking or asking questions) before treatment started.
  2. The patient had undergone some form of treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, combination)
  3. The patient was alive and free of that cancer 5 years after the treatment had finished.

Now, I want alternative cancer curers to provide me with the same, paying particular attention to points 1 and 3. I don't want to hear about people who didn't have cancer after the treatment unless it can be proved that they had it before, and I don't want to hear about people who had conventional medical treatment as well as "alternative", and I don't want to hear about people who died 6 months after coming back broke from Tijuana, and I don't want to hear about how many hard bits there were in their stools after they were zapped, and I don't want to hear about how this isn't a way to prove the cure claims.

Simple, isn't it? 100 people who actually had cancer, then got treated by an alternative medicine practitioner (with no conventional treatment, of course), then were alive without that cancer 5 years later.

I can't offer any monetary award for this, but a Nobel Prize is waiting out there. I promise to do everything I can to arrange the paperwork to support the nomination and to do anything else I can to assist the successful curer to make that December trip to Stockholm to shake hands with the King of Sweden.


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