Quintessence of the Loon

What is this "Quintessence"?

Retired. Gone but not forgotten.

From December 1998 to February 2004 this site chronicled strangeness on the web. A collection of issues made it difficult to keep up the regular updates, and in any case there is only so much weirdness that can be laughed at before it becomes a bit repetitive. The collection remained here as an archive of madness, but as it became obvious that it would never be updated and many of the links were now very dead indeed the whole site was mothballed in 2020. The email collection has been preserved and you can find the correspondence here.

I thank all the visitors who came and enjoyed the site over the years. The work continues, but with a different emphasis, at The Millenium Project. Selections of quintessential kookiness will be extracted from the archives and published there occasionally to remind us all of the fun.

Last updated April 07, 2020
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