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"Living is easy with eyes closed, Misunderstanding all you see"

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This site was launched in January 2003 as a companion to The Millenium Project site. People kept asking me to give some pointers to sites which I could recommend as an antidote to the hate, the lies and the nonsense in the sites listed at The Millenium Project. The Green Light is a collection of sites which I believe give reliable information and which can be used as references or to find counter-arguments. I don't necessarily agree with everything in these sites (just as I don't necessarily disagree with the content of all sites listed in The Millenium Project), but I believe they offer a better picture of reality than the collected badness at the other place. The list of  sites here will be added to and updated regularly. Suggestions for additional sites are always welcome.

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The set of categories for listing sites parallels those used in The Millenium Project. For more information about the categories, please click here.


Book of the Week

Chiropractic the greatest hoax of the Century? Chiropractic the greatest hoax of the Century? by L. A. Chotkowski. I don't know that I agree that chiroquactory was the greatest hoax of the 20th century (a couple of political -isms fooled a lot of people), but it certainly is right up there in hoaxland if you are talking about medical care. While medicine transformed itself through scientific advances this form of witchcraft stayed mired in ancient vitalism, with its pretend doctors, its nonsense about 'vertebral subluxations' and its denial of facts known to every schoolchild.

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