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The original Hulda Clark page

Hulda Clark

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November 3, 2000 - Clark sues me (and a mailing list and some domain names)
Click here to read about this outbreak of insanity

People ask me why I don't like not-a-medical-doctor Hulda Clark and why I call her a quack. The title of her book  should give a clue (nobody has "the cure for all cancers"), but the contents of that book reveal someone so detached from reality that it is hard to believe that anyone could take her seriously.

The problem is that Clark and her ilk prey on desperate people who believe (often correctly) that they are dying. The nonsense in this book might sound reasonable to someone with no knowledge of science or how scientists go about their business, but the stuff here is simply not true. Thousands of autopsies have been done on people who have died of cancer, yet the supposedly-ubiquitous human intestinal flukes have never been observed. Either all the pathologists in the world are lying and are part of some great conspiracy to hide the truth or Clark doesn't know what she is prattling on about.

Editorial October 6, 1999
Renowned cancer quack and unlicensed pretend medical doctor Dr Hulda Clark, who was listed here back in April 1999, was arrested in September and spent some time in the slammer where she couldn't hurt anyone for a while. Unfortunately, she is now out on bail. For people who say there is never any good news in the papers, you can read some here. You can follow the story on Dr Terry Polevoy's excellent Healthwatcher site.

The case against not-a-medical-Dr Clark was dismissed, not because she was found not to have been practising medicine without a licence, but because of the length of time since the alleged offence. Her supporters immediately started saying that the court had vindicated her by dismissing the charges, and at the same time claimed that they would have preferred the court to actually proceed to hear the charges so that she could be vindicated. Such sophistry is typical of quack medicine promoters. At any time, her legal team could have withdrawn their motion to dismiss the charges and let the case go to trial, yet they chose not to do this.

I will even sell you copies of not-a-medical-Dr Clark's execrable books. Commission received from the sale of these books will be used to support the fight against quackery.

Emetic and Laxative of the Week (25/6/2000)
Feeling clogged up inside? Here's just the medicine you need to get you going. It's a song about not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark by Murray Soehn.

Well, good-bye profits
She's taken our livelihood away
She's gonna come down on the FDA

And what do we tell them
The TV and papers will never give up
Looking for answers, my friends

Damn the road to recovery
Listen to me the doctor's found it all

She's got the solutions, a new revolution
Medicine will not be the same

On the road to recovery
You know what this means, our industry is dead

Can't we slide this underground, where it wont be found?
She's going the wrong way down a one way street
And it's rush hour

On the road to recovery
Listen to me, the doctor's found it all

Cure or no cure-if we go down, then they all go down
She’s on the road...

Copyright © 2000 MoodMaster

Supporters of Dr Hulda Clark have been threatening people with lawsuits for saying nasty things about her. The following was sent to an Australian doctor. Please note the formal mode of address used to send a threat to someone the writer does not know. Also note the word "lible", which suggests that no lawyers were used in the preparation of this letter.

From:          "Tim Bolen"
To:            "Peter Xxxxx"
Subject:       Lible

Dear Pete:

Could we get your address for legal service? I know how eager you are to put your views forward. My recommendation to the Clark team is that we let you defend your statements in Superior Court in San Diego, CA, Dr. Clark's place of business.

Couldn't have given your network any more warning than I did.

Hurry please. I've been waiting just for you...

Tim Bolen

Entering into the spirit of the occasion, I sent the following light-hearted suggestion:

From:          Peter Bowditch
To:            "Tim Bolen"
Subject:       RE: Lible <sic>
Date sent:     Mon, 15 Nov 1999 09:42:40 +1100

Dear Mr Bolen,

Dr Peter Xxxxx has passed on to me your communication to him. You may like to consider a reverse class action (one claimant, multiple defendants) against all Australians called "Peter" who have ever had anything bad to say about not-Dr Clark. My own contribution can be found at where I announce the good news of her arrest and my subsequent disappointment at her release on bail. I know of at least two other Peters who think not-Dr Clark is a quack.

My personal details are:


Correspondence should be sent to the above address, but replies will most probably come from my solicitor, who works for the firm Farr, Gough and Dye. Look for that name on any further correspondence relating to this matter.

Yours etc
Peter Bowditch

To which I received the squelching reply:

From:          Tim Bolen
Subject:       RE: Lible <sic>
To:            Peter Bowditch <>


My thoughts on this were:

I can only assume that this means that he has no intention of taking any legal action against anybody and is just blowing smoke and trying to frighten the gullible. Put another way, threats of legal action from Tim Bolen have about as much chance of coming true as Hulda Clark has of curing anyone's cancer. Which is none.

Follow-up: Mr Bolen may have given up on me, but he hasn't given up completely. Someone made an offer on a mailing list to appear in court for the Australian "Peters" and save us the trip to San Diego. Mr Bolen followed a web link in the lady's email signature and contacted her supervisor, demanding that she be disciplined for harassing not-a-medical-Dr Clark in work time. Mr Bolen might like to track down where I work and get my boss to threaten me too.

(More correspondence from Tim Bolen can be found at Hulda Clark Supporters: In Their Own Words and the Tim O'Ranter page.)

Here's some more evidence of Clark's character:

Strange bedfellows? Perhaps not (13/3/2004)
The lies told by bigots are sometimes surprising. Not that they are lies, of course, because bigotry implies a disdain for truth, but because of how imaginative they are. One of the weirdest pieces of anti-More Nazi rubbishSemitism is the notion that the Jews conspired with Hitler to conduct World War II. Apparently this was done as part of an ongoing, centuries-old war of the Jews against the rest of the world and they thought that Hitler was on their side because he was against everyone else. The deaths of the Holocaust were probably just "collateral damage", I suppose, although it would not surprise me to find out that people who would believe this madness would also deny the reality of the Holocaust anyway.

One outlet for this insanity is a book called Adolf Hitler - Begründer Israels by Hennecke Kardel. This book was banned in Germany for some time under the laws there which prohibit promotion of Nazi thoughts, but it is available in English translation as Adolf Hitler- Founder of Israel. That such a book would be made available is again no surprise, and I would never support any move to ban it or restrict its sale. I would not find it surprising to see that it was being published by the presses which put out the racist nonsense of David Irving and Ernst Zundel and which specialise in this sort of thing. I would not expect that a book like this would be in the catalogue of any reputable publishing house. In fact, I found that the publishing house which puts it out is anything but reputable, but the really surprising thing is that almost all of the other titles in the catalogue relate to health in some way, although at the extreme quacky end of the health spectrum. (There are couple of autobiographical books about the horrors of a girl growing up in an undeveloped country.) By now you should be able to guess that this execrable book is published by New Century Press, owned by the Queen of the Quacks, not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark. Clark's own books are filled with lies, but they are her lies, not someone else's. I wonder what motivation, other than money, would compel her to add a racist, anti-Semitic title to the list of books she publishes. I can only assume that she agrees with and approves of its content. If so, she has achieved the almost-impossible and fallen even further in my esteem.

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