The Nancy Quest

Danger. Nancy thoughts inside.Where's Nancy? The question is on everyone's lips. The Internet's greatest kook, Nancy Ann Luft, has disappeared again. Not only does she not appear to have a web site at present, but she has been absent from her usual Usenet haunts. The world needs Nancy to maintain the vigilance against the sputniks which are attacking our brains and our volcanoes. Manufacturers of tinfoil anti-alien-ray helmets have been laying off staff, shady three-letter organisations have been operating without oversight, psychiatrists have played enough golf and can't get their handicaps any lower, and owners of kook-list web sites are despondent.

The word is out - find Nancy. Please report any sightings to the appropriate authorities. That means me. We all need her back.

All is not lost. Someone has published The Collected Works of Nancy. You can see this university of the mind here.

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