Quintessence of the Loon

The Special Editions

Occasionally, something takes my fancy (or I get a bee in my bonnet, as my apple-cheeked old grandmother used to say) and I spend more time than I should looking at a particular kind of loonity. The result is sometimes a Quintessence Special. Here they are.

The Danger of Knowing for Sure

This is an essay on skepticism written following the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and civilisation on September 11, 2001.

Play, Pay and Pray - a look at the outer limits of religion.

Usually I leave religion alone. What people believe is their business. But sometimes I just have to take notice.

Out-of-Body Experiences

Someone challenged some people to provide some evidence of astral travel. I had a look myself, and even did some travelling.

Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

The staff here needed a day off, so we all went to join the woowoos at the Sydney Mind, Body, Spirit Festival. An excellent time was had by all. The food was at the tofu end of the vegetarian spectrum. I am a carnivore. Enough said.

They Laughed at Galileo, Too!

Where would we be and what would we know without scientists? Here are some examples of people who think outside the square, resist the current paradigm, refuse to be constrained by orthodoxy, and generally behave like mad scientists.


Each June, in honour of one of the greatest loons of all time, Earl Gordon Curley, this site is devoted to conspiracists and conspiracy theories. There is no shortage.

The Earl Gordon Curley Memorial Echelon Page

To make it easier to remember Earl he is memorialised by the definitive list of the words that governments look for while spying on the citizenry.

The Crackers Quackers

There are people around who claim to have an alternative medicine. One wonders why there is no alternative aeronautical engineering or alternative surveying, but I digress ... In a long tradition going right back to 1999, October at Quintessence of the Loon pays attention to those "who think the moon howls back at them".

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