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Pentagonal spaceshipsPentagon Space Aliens added November 28, 2003
Conventional wisdom has it that spaceships come from space. That is why they are called "spaceships". It now seems that that wisdom may be faulty and that spaceships really come from Earth, put there by shady government departments with the truth of their origin hidden so that the populace does not find out about the suppressed technology. So the aliens aren't really aliens at all but come from here and the government covers this up by telling us that there are no aliens and that they don't come from anywhere else which is how we know that they don't come from anywhere else and really come from here except that the government always lies so they must come from somewhere else if the government says that they don't but in this case the government is not lying because they don't come from somewhere else but the government denies they come from here too. Is that clear? I note that this site says that the CIA and Yahoo! are lovers. Maybe this is a coverup as well because if they wanted lovers they could get some Russian wimmin.

Egyptians getting their ankhs yanked.Tehuti added November 28, 2003
There are various competing theories about where people came from. One theory says that we are all descended from an African hominid species and that the descendents of this creature spread out across the world. Another theory says that humanoids evolved in several different places and the various species mingled over the ages to produce the variation that we see in the single human species today. Another very compelling theory, which needs much expensive research, is that we are all descended from eight individuals who bumped a boat into a mountain in Turkey about 4,000 years ago. All of these theories are about the origins of the human animal, but what sets us apart from the other animals is that we have the ability to preserve knowledge and pass it on from generation to generation. Too little has been done to study the genesis of knowledge, but now it seems that this deficiency is being addressed and it looks like all knowledge started in Egypt when the people there were black-skinned and invented everything that ever needed to be invented. Of course, this knowledge has been stolen and attributed to Greeks (who were also black-skinned, I have been told), Romans, Chinese and other ancient races. It is time that the truth was told.

Is Deuterium Oxide Killing Us? added November 28, 2003

Have you run out of things to worry about? Here's another one.

Look at that energy coming from the Rock!!!The Integratron added November 28, 2003
I like a building with soul. I especially like buildings that are positioned on the Earth's surface so that their sacred geometry accords with patterns established by such important objects as the Great Pyramid. Just being on a straight line between the Pyramid and some other place is powerful enough, but when a Rock is added to make a triangle the power is increased so the fact that the Integraton is not only aligned with the Pyramid but is also aligned with Giant Rock makes it almost inevitable that the building will have special energy characteristics. It is no coincidence that a rock lies at one corner of the children's game "Rock, paper, scissors". Australia was very lucky to be able to create a new country out of an enormous island, and the founding fathers were prescient enough to ensure that the state capitals were all positioned so that any two of them lie at two corners of a triangle with Ayers Rock at the third corner. It's eerie when you think about it.

It ascended, and then fell back and broke.Are you prepared if the Illuminati stages a fake rapture of the true Christian Church? added November 28, 2003
This is really scary stuff. How would you feel if you thought that the Rapture had come and you were on your way to Heaven and then you found out that it was only a fake Rapture and you had ascended out of the sunroof of your car for nothing, leaving the car to crash into a group of unsaved children at a school crossing. Now you not only have no car but you have to explain to a lot of irate parents that the Illuminati had tricked you. Things might not be too bad if it was a Christian school, because some of the children and even some parents might have been ascended above the carnage before they too found out the truth of what was going on. Then again, things might be real bad if the local cops and the people at your car insurance company are unsaved heathens who tell you that there is no box marked "Rapture" for them to tick on the excuse form.

A very sacred looking pictureThe Sacred Language of Light added November 7, 2003
There is an old saying: "Many hands make light work". If you have ever wondered where this saying came from or what it means, wonder no more. Actually, you should wonder, but in another sense, because it truly is wonderful how the language of light relates to the hand dance. Of course, this is not just any old language of light but a sacred one, steeped in Maori history. I believe that Captain James Cook mentioned the special light and language of New Zealand in his journals, but I could be mistaken. It's not just any old hand dance either and definitely should not be confused with the hand jive, although Barry Gibb did tell me once when we were putting down some tracks together that he was strongly influenced by New Zealand tradition when he rearranged the song "Born to Hand Jive" for the film Grease. Apparently this was because he got his first big break as a performer on a television show hosted by Brian Henderson, who was born in New Zealand. Isn't it amazing how everything in the world is connected to everything else?

The great CD player at Angor WatMusicAcupuncture - Listen your way to health added November 7, 2003
There seems to be an inconsistency here. Back in the olden days, records were played using needles, so a combination of music and acupuncture was quite normal. In fact, my old home town had a famous emporium run by an old Chinese man which combined a record shop, Chinese restaurant, music store, traditional Chinese apothecary, coffee shop, post office, hardware store and native plant nursery. (It was a small town.) The owner, Wun Hung Lo, was a wizard with the acupuncture needles and we all used to say he could heal everything except a broken heart. He was also an expert guitar mechanic and dabbled in chiropractic as well. (I will always remember him saying to me once "Rickenbacker, crackenbacker, all same to me".) He had a daughter named "Wun Lu Sau", but I digress ...

Things are different now, and records are played by lasers or some such modern invention. I must point out that when I tested these acupuncture CDs I noticed that the feng shui disk had to be placed just right in the player or it would not start.

Don't forget to all hold hands during the Harmonic Concordance on Saturday night.

How would Jesus vote?Christocracy added November 7, 2003
Politicians are a worrying breed. You never quite know what you are going to get until you get it, election promises are written in special ink which fades to nothing seven minutes after the declaration of the results, there are always rumours of what they get up to with the parliamentary or senatorial or congressional staff, conflicts of interest are everywhere, and when they finally retire they write autohagiograpies of abysmal quality which generate millions of dollars in advances and royalties. How refreshing it is then to come across a potential politician who makes it quite clear what it is he is for, God, and what he is against - everything else. There won't be any cigars or hanky-panky when this candidate gets into the White House, the bar will be dry and there will be no coarse entertainment at diplomatic receptions.

Loon of the Month

It is fruit bat season, so my nights are filled with the screeching of these flying cats as they come to nibble on the gum tree flowers. The jacarandas are in bloom, so my paths, driveway and lawn are covered by a carpet of purple flowers. There is no purple under the gum tree, just red and green feathered carcasses and the occasional dead bat which looked a bit parrot-like in the dark. This month's winner had to be the koalas.
Don't be fooled by the cute appearance.The Koala Bear Asleep in the Gum Tree added November 7, 2003
There is a large gum tree in front of my house. As the tourist brochures suggest, it is infested with koalas just like every other gum tree in Australia. They sit there, balefully glaring at anyone who approaches too closely, acting superior to all the other animals, and only moving quickly when they need to catch a rosella parrot and beat it to death. Nobody knows why they hate parrots so much. Of course, they have a right to feel superior, coming as they did from another planet. The advice they give us is worth listening to, as well, because "the dark forces have pushed earth and the human species into vibratory bandwidths in which perception is so narrowed that good and evil and right and wrong have become the foundation from which humanity operates". It is good that we know this. Two things still worry me, though. The first is the seemingly irrational hatred of parrots, because, as it is taught, "One has karma for acting in a particular way together; if this manner of acting includes violence of one towards another, then both are responsible as each carry the karma". The other thing is that I was always taught that koalas are not bears. I suppose I will have to accept that I was told wrong, now that I have heard it from the marsupial's mouth.

Prophecy : A Strange New World added November 7, 2003

Strange, indeed, as it seems that this site did not predict that it would not be updated. Perhaps it only predicts events in past years.

Who really dunnitThe Roman Piso Homepage added November 7, 2003
The truth has been hidden for too long. People need to know the truth about who really wrote the New Testament. To be honest, I had never heard of the Roman Pisos until I came across this site, and I, like millions of others, was unaware that the books had not been written by Saint Paul and some apostles. The truth came as a shock to me and shook the foundations of my faith. How could we have been deceived for so long? Why were we deceived? I was particularly intrigued to find that my favourite book in the Bible, Revelation, was not written by Saint John the Divine, nor was it written by Julius Calpurnius Piso. The true author has been revealed and it was Julius Calpurnius Piso. A different one.

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