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A self-referential metatoasterThe Cyber Toaster Museum added October 17, 2003
Could there be a better way to start the day than to wake up to the smell of toast? Well, there probably could be but there are some things which are better left unsaid in a family web site, so we will just have to talk about the toast. "Toast" is one of those useful words which can have many meanings. Everyone knows about the singed bread which so enhances the breakfast table, dripping with butter and honey or marmalade. Then there is the strange material which is delivered in paper bags to motel rooms, looking something like real toast but actually made from some sort of cold plastic foam. Another form of toast is made by drinking champagne and wishing newly-married couples a long and happy future. Champagne for breakfast is good, although you can't butter it. The word can also be used as a term of endearment. Just the other day I rang my wife to say that I would be home very late from the webface and she told me "You're toast!".

If I only had time ...Allan's TIME (Time Interval Metrology Enterprise) added October 17, 2003
I like a good acronym, and what could be a better acronym for someone who has solved the last question in physics than TIME? It's right up there with GUT for Grand United Theory and TOE for Theory of Everything, and both of these are apparently subsumed into David Allan's new theory of gravity. I am particularly impressed by Allan's discovery of diallel lines which emanate radially from all bodies and carry gravity at more than the speed of light. Further research has shown that one of these lines coming from the centre of the Earth was passing directly through my bathroom scales, thus adding 12 kilograms to my weight when it is recorded on those scales. To get around this problem, I bolted the scales to the wall and I weigh myself by pressing with my shoulder. My diet has been showing great results since then. But I digress ... The diallel lines not only carry gravity but also information, although we have to be wary because "just as the internet is not discriminating in what sort of information is passed through its lines, likewise, the demonic elements also convey their messages of deception via diallel lines".

Angle-Grinder Man added October 17, 2003

Come on, admit it. You have all wanted to do this.


In October 2002 I mentioned some historians who have shown that King Arthur went to America in addition to his other trips to look for the Grail. The site owners responded on their site, and you can read the comment here.

Someone with some silly ideas decided to set me straight some time ago. He earns a lot of money. He has returned with a backhoe to dig a deeper hole for himself. You can read the sorry saga here.


Unpatriotic soldiers employed by the gubmntWe Are At WAR added October 17, 2003
Smokescreens have been a featured tactic in battles for a very long time. In this case the smokescreen isn't a fog of black smoke but a vacuum of information, suppressing the real truth about the war being carried out on American soil between the forces of good and evil. The evil reported on this site happened while Bill Clinton was President and we know how fond he was of cigars, although there are rumours that not all of his cigars were used to create smoke. He was an expert, however, on covering things up. The press may have concentrated on the times that he uncovered things which are normally kept covered, but that was just part of the spin and smokescreen to hide the awful truth of the civil war raging across the country. With Hawaii and California already in enemy hands it is more important than ever to resist the invasion from the east.

We must break loose from the chains of tyranny

Clothing with dietary supplements a big hit added October 17, 2003

Save time. Wear breakfast.

The man, with those whom he has vanquishedHuman Devolution added October 17, 2003
Darwin got it wrong. Wallace got it wrong. Genesis got it wrong. Cremo got it right. We have not evolved but are in fact going the other way. My worry is that this process might be an actual reversal of what we have believed for so long to be going on. Does this mean that in 4.5 billion years we will have devolved to some sort of simple single-celled organism? If you have another point of view, does it mean that in 4000 years there will be an enormous drought, followed 2000 years later by the population being reduced to only two people living naked in a garden? Michael Cremo must be taken seriously, because his previous book about history was featured on a television show hosted by Charlton Heston. More than that, the book was rubbished by Richard Leakey, and what would he know about history. Charlton Heston was history. I have seen the films.

The battle with satan is never over.TESTAMENT - A New Consciousness Bible added October 3, 2003
The old Bible has been around for a long time. Like any publication, it needs to be kept up to date to reflect changes in the world and the environment. Some would say that it needs to evolve, although others would not want that word to be used lest small children be reminded of Darwinism and other works of Satan. This is more an adjunct to the Bible rather than a revision, as it adds information about "poltergeists, aliens, bigfoot, synchronicity, angels, prophecies, reincarnation, psychic abilities, the Oneness of all spirit, Pop culture, Christ consciousness and events pertaining to what is sometimes referred to as the second coming". As most of these issues are ignored in the average Bible it is good to have this companion volume to fill in the gaps. My only complaint is that it is not written in the English of 1611 and I have to readjust my brain as I alternate my reading material.

Dog collars a miscreant deadbeat.Dog the Bounty Hunter added October 3, 2003
There are people who owe me money, and what I want is a leg-breaker to go around and explain the concepts of "invoice" and "payment". Dog looks like just the sort of person I need to get those chequebooks and credit cards humming, and it is good to know that he can sense the sort of danger that could come from the vicious real estate agents, financial advisors and salespersons who make up my clientele. As Dog says, he 'has mastered the new art of Neruological Visual Profiling or N.V.P. The criminal or Predator puts off a certain ore about themselves. By using N.V.P Dog can predict the “Danger” before it happens'. I realise that spelling is a low priority at thug school (Dog has the essential credential - he has spent time in prison for murder) so I will excuse his mistaken use of "ore" for "aura" (the spell checker would have missed it too), but I am very interested in the use of NVP to pick up the auras of bad guys. I can see how this would be very useful in the war against terrorism. You wouldn't want the bad guys to know too much about it, though, which is why the CIA and the FBI are keeping it so secret that even Google doesn't know anything about it. Even if it is spelled "neurological".

Albino Bowler added October 3, 2003

Go ahead, offend a minority.

Home!Exposing the Clandestine/ET Agenda to Control Human Consciousness added October 3, 2003
I often feel that my consciousness is being controlled. As an example, I received a letter from the taxation people last week reminding me of obligations outside my consciousness, complete with an implied threat of control. I have a new mobile phone which does things that my old appliance did not do. It does these things next to my head, or sometimes next to delicate parts of my anatomy when I have it clipped to my belt. It brings into my consciousness people I have never heard of and people I never want to hear from again (like taxation officials). My wife constantly reminds me of things of which I am supposed to be aware but which do not seem to be recorded in my consciousness. All of this is a mere bagatelle, however, when compared to the effect on our consciousnesses attributable to aliens, ETs and other entities and the way they influence military, intelligence and government departments.

I just thought - the tax office is a government department ...

Loon of the Month

There is another party at Cana at the end of the first Jesus tour. For the second time, the booze runs out and Jesus is called on to turn water into something useful. Someone mentions to one of the Apostles that there is this great record label called "Motown" which specialises in music called "gospel" and "soul". Someone asks how to find the Motown office. The rest is history.
The crucifixion - in Michigan.Christ in North America? added October 3, 2003
Galilee was a very small place in 30AD, and it was very easy to get around and preach to everyone. Today's great preachers, like Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson, rely on television to expand their reach, but this technology was not available to Jesus. If He wanted to preach to people who had not yet heard His message, He had to go there Himself. Once He had spoken to everyone at home, it is only natural that He would then set out on a world tour. As the Romans owned most of the world around His place and the Chinese were too hard to get to, He did what modern-day musical groups do when they want to perform to new, bigger audiences - He set of for America. All of this is incontrovertible, of course, because there is much evidence as shown on this site. The real question, however, is why it seems that He only visited Michigan. Sure, it's a nice place with lots of huge lakes around it and who couldn't love a place with a city called "Kalamazoo", but there must be more. Sandals are quite comfortable to walk in, and He only had to go around the lake to Chicago and He could have been in California in no time at all. There's this road that winds from Chicago to LA, only two thousand miles all the way ...

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