Quintessence of the Loon


The first palindromic year for 11 years. We have to wait 110 years for the next one. Enjoy it while you can.

  • January 2002
    It was all about shaping - body shaping, baby shaping, mind shaping, future shaping, wax shaping.
  • February 2002
    Astronomy, physics, gravity (both for and against), geometry, history. Add some treachery and a toe puppet and it's just like being back in school.
  • March 2002
    Lots of travelling, some special machines, and a new idea for decorating your house. Tasteful decoration, you might say.
  • April 2002
    You could be transformed or transhumanised or deimplanted or introduced to God. Or you could just sit on a photocopier eating a banana, press the green button and see your future.
  • May 2002
    Fear, excitement, animals that want to remain hidden, people that want to be animals, exploration, invocation, memory limitation and haemorrhoid rectification. What a month!
  • June 2002
    Conspiracies. Churches. AIDS. Spies. Popes. UFOs. And the rest. The Illuminati, don't forget the Illuminati. Or Bill Gates. (Same thing, really.)
  • July 2002
    There was football. There was architecture. There was education. There was religion. There was a balloon. And a wobble. Don't forget the wobble.
  • August 2002
    The twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of the King, two threats of legal action, one letter from a lawyer. It was a busy month.
  • September 2002
    Why you shouldn't own cats, why you shouldn't eat cats, why you should be careful what you think around cats, cats on the ark, cats on Venus, and why having several wifes can lead to cattiness. Lots more.
  • October 2002
    Lots of religion. Lots of rock. Paisley. What a mixture.
  • November 2002
    Reminders of the past, reminders of the future, freezing, faces, fish and physicists.
  • December 2002
    Anomalous planets, anomalous mud baths, anomalous history. Perfectly normal and unanomalous Christmas presents.

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