Quintessence of the Loon


Pedants declared this to be the first year of the new millennium. Loons went about their business with scant regard for what anyone thought about the calendar.

  • January 2001
    Travel, cooking, music, face-pulling and conversation. Could you ask for anything more?
  • February 2001
    Back-to-school month - books, music, theories, research, numbers, medicine. And a recipe warning.
  • March 2001
    Where is your soul now, where has it been, where is it going? Have you been kind to animals? If you haven't, remember that some of them are very smart. Perhaps you need to emigrate to another planet (or dimension).
  • April 2001
    Religion. Science. Prophecies. Hell. Pyramids. And murder. Something for everybody.
  • May 2001
    Fish, sheep, horses, chickens. Hopping, skipping and standing still. No, I can't tell you any more - you have to see for yourself.
  • June 2001
    With solutions for world government, overpopulation and naughty children mixed with planetary exploration and science, not to mention software, it would be hard to go to June and not be disappointed. Add the fact that it was also Conspiracy Month and you will have to lie down afterwards.
  • July 2001
    Kirti threw a party and invited LlaŽl, The Keely band was there and began to wail, C'mon everybody with your mullet hair, If you can't dance with Ashtar use a wooden chair. Thank you very much.
  • August 2001
    It was real science month in August, with the soft sciences of psychology, sociology and anthropology meeting up with the hard sciences of alchemy, homeopathy and alien studies. There is also a dead man here. And a dead buffalo. The buffalo died a natural death.
  • September 2001
    There was a special combined issue of Quintessence of the Loon and The Millenium Project inspired by the attack on civilisation. You can read it here. Despite the events of September 11, loonity carried on as usual.
  • October 2001
    People who see things at a distance, people who see you at a distance, girls who are seen but are not real, ships that are real but are not seen, a Messiah who might have been seen. And a huge three-footed wealth toad! Wow!
  • November 2001
    There were ghosts, dolphins, angels and a Messiah. But there were pumpkins, too.
  • December 2001
    The year ended well with lots of research, some music and many gift suggestions that will be just as handy for birthdays and weddings as they were for Christmas.

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