Quintessence of the Loon


Y2K! The year when the world was going to end. It didn't end. Neither did loonity.

  • January 2000
    Y2K has come and gone and we are still here. Also still here are politics, compassion, physics, strange activities on farms and someone who belongs on a funny farm.
  • February 2000
    Biology, music, physics, languages, politics, religion. You can get a complete education right here without ever leaving your mouse pad.
  • March 2000
    Religion, science, philosophy, hygiene. Lots of Popes. Nietzsche (or was it Hegel?) talked about "synthesis and antithesis". Here at Quintessence of the Loon we give you omnithesis.
  • April 2000
    Subdued, energised, lizardised, and fertilised, we still found time to remember great actors and nurses. No, I can't be any clearer than that. You will have to look for yourself.
  • May 2000
    The gamut of human history is covered, from the birth of civilisation to our place in the cosmic neighbourhood. On the way we rediscover physics, mathematics, agriculture, medicine and clouds. Where will the future take us - will we discover the true nature of time or will we blow ourselves up?
  • June 2000
    Earl Gordon Curley Memorial Conspiracy Month. If everybody who was out to get anybody got everybody they were out to get there would be nobody left to keep score. Is that clear?
  • July 2000
    History catches up with us and influences what we do today and in the future. It is even better if we can use the past to design the future. Or to design chairs.
  • August 2000
    Self-medication, film criticism, books, history, money matters, dress sense, travel advice. It's like one of those lifestyle shows on television, but much more realistic.
  • September 2000
    Playing games, playing backwards, playing with animals, playing at literary criticism, playing with people's minds. And more. Shakespeare was never more prophetic that when he said (or had Hamlet say): "How now! A rat? Dead, for a ducat, dead!".
  • October 2000
    It would be good to get well and stay well. It would be even gooder to get weller and stay weller. The Crackers Quackers will lead you to medical treatments you could only dream about. Dream? Did I say "dream"? Is there a verb "to nightmare"?
  • November 2000
    Strange new ways of science, communications with the person within you and with people on the stars, the boundlessness of knowledge. And vicious postmen. Everyone can learn from this
  • December 2000
    It's appropriate at the end of the millennium to look forward to the future. Not that you can look in any other direction to the future, but you know what I mean. Here we have challenges, ideas and techniques that should ensure that we aren't sitting here a thousand years from now saying "where has the time gone"?

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