Quintessence of the Loon


The first full year and the surface was barely scratched.

  • January 1999
    The true meaning of the Cheops pyramid, how milk is poisoning everyone, food supplies for the post-millennium crash and feminist animal rights. The year is yet young and a high standard is being set.
  • February 1999
    Someone with lots of answers to lots of questions, someone with just one answer to just one question, people with answers to questions you had never thought of asking, and people with an answer you don't want to think about.
  • March 1999
    All about "void" this month - voids in the great pyramid, people who have to avoid airport metal detectors, someone with a void where his brain was, a place to avoid if possible, and a lady telling us what we must avoid.
  • April 1999
    The French Connection. A French scientist, a murder in France, cleanliness for your French poodle and a new use for an old French invention. Oh, what the heck! Here's where you can get some French letters.
  • May 1999
    All about minds - someone who knows the power of a mind, someone who knows where the power comes from, someone who knows how to mind your mind, and someone who forgot where his mind was.
  • June 1999
    Conspiracy month, in memory of the failed psychic Earl Gordon Curley, who departed us in June 1998 without predicting his own demise. Almost everyone is a member of one of the conspiracies here, so if you are not then they are really out to get you.
  • July 1999
    This was mystery and befuddlement month. Follow all this stuff and you will have a clean planet, an electric cat, pretty pictures and a glassy stare. And clean insides.
  • August 1999
    Balls. Boats. Backwardness. Biological activity. Bountiful energy. Blackouts. You just had to be there.
  • September 1999
    September was devoted to the arts, but revealed the aesthetic side of science. There was music, painting, God's sculpture in the skies, and great literature.
  • October 1999
    October was Crackers Quackers month and featured some of the madder alternative medicine sites. Colour is important, whether it is shining on you, flashing on a watch, or seen through a microscope. One of the sites even mentions a real scientist.
  • November 1999
    Last chance for the Y2Kooks before the end of the world. This is a collection of mad people, weird thinkers, survivalists, sensible gurus, experts, sages and seers. I leave it up to you to figure out which is which - they all look the same to me.
  • December 1999
    A fine ending for the year. An eclectic collection of art, astronomy, philosophy, physics and imagination which provided a fitting conclusion to the last odd-numbered year until 2001.

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